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Top 5 Apps to Control iPad with iPhone

By Adam Cash |

There are several advantages that are linked to controlling one iDevice with another. It is always done as the remote connection makes it possible. On the other hand it is also to be noted that the tricks which the iDevice users want to establish are the ones which lead to the invention of new products and services. In this tutorial the top 5 apps that can be used to control iPad with iPhone will be introduced. These apps also make sure that the user needs not to look for other ideas.

Top 5 Apps to Control iPad with iPhone

pod link

1. Pod Link

With the awesome features embedded this app is one of the best ones. Controlling iPad with iPhone has never been as easy as it is with this app. It is easy to install and therefore provides the results that are required by the users. To access iPad from iPhone this program is the best of all.


  • The overall usage of the app is simple to understand. The user needs no tech hand to get the work done.
  • The app is also in line with the requirements of the modern technologies. It means that it is already upgraded to work in a fine manner.


  • The rating of the app shows that it is unpopular. It is all due to the slow running of it.
  • The overall interface of the app needs an upgrade as it looks outlandish.

tango remote with up next queue

2. Tango Remote with Up Next Queue

It is yet another app that can be used to control iPad music using the iPhone with ease. This app is too simple to use and therefore it is one of the ways that can be used to get the work done easily. It also has the option to remotely transfer the music.


  • The app is amazingly fast and reliable which means that it is awesome to use.
  • The overall usage of the app also comes in form of tutorial making it further easier.


  • The app at times drops connection which takes a lot of time for building up.
  • This app is also known to stick at times making it the worst choices of all times.

spot queue

3. Spotqueue

Apart from remote control app this one has a lot to offer. The list of the features is so long that it is not possible to mention them here all at once. It also has built in terminologies that cannot be found elsewhere to control iPad with iPhone easily.


  • The usage of the app is too simple as it has a GUI embedded into it.
  • The app can also be used as a complete music management tool for iOS devices.


  • This program is not reliable as it is known to crash during the work that is being done.
  • The app at times does not establish connection leading to wastage of time overall.

team viewer

4. Team Viewer

Within the apps that are mentioned this one has a considerable rating. It also means that the user has rated this app high over others. The app is not at all difficult and therefore majority of users ensure that this one is used to get the work done easily.


  • The established network of the app allows the users to remotely perform functions easily.
  • The command and control is awesome as it requires a password to get the connection done.


  • The app is known to perform file transfer slowly. It means that the user needs to wait and just wait.
  • The usage of the app is also not at all simple as novice user needs a helping hand.

keynote for iOS

5. Keynote for iOS

Keynote is an app that can also be used for presentation. The fact of the matter is that it has been developed for the same. It also means that the user can transfer the presentations and control them remotely with click of a button.


  • It is one of the apps that can be used for fast file transfer using secured protocols.
  • The personal data is 100% safe when it is transferred using this app.


  • The app is known to be buggy such as connection dropouts. This makes this app a simple zilch.
  • It is also an app that has rating not very high. The overall user dissatisfaction does not make it a sound choice.

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