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With the new iPhone 5, it’s likely for you to record some stunning HD video files in 1080p wherever you go. Though iPhone 5 has a storage capacity up to 64 GB, it’s possible for you to back up these iPhone 5 HD recorded video to your Mac in case of iPhone crash or something else. The problem is how, how to sync iPhone 5 HD video to Mac or iTunes for backup.

Don’t worry, this tutorial is all about the guide about how to back up HD video recorded on your iPhone 5 to Mac step by step.

The native sync tool offered by Apple is, of course, iTunes, but without backup function. Which means you are unable to sync your HD video recorded by the iPhone 5 back to iTunes or Mac, you need a third-party application. There are some apps of this kind, say, to enable you back up your iPhone 5 HD video files. To finish the task quickly and easily, iTransfer for Mac here is used. This software is good at transferring between iOS devices including iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iTunes/Mac.

 sync HD video to iTunes

Step 1. Run iTransfer Mac and connect your iPhone 5 to Mac

Download the iTransfer for Mac and then plug your iPhone to Mac, then you will see the main interface of the iTransfer like the image below. Your device information will be shown in the main interface.

Step 2. Back up HD video from iPhone 5 to Mac

Click “Videos” on the top menus and you will find the HD videos recorded by your iPhone. Now select the videos and click the "Export" button to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac. This is for back-upping your iPhone 5 HD videos to iTunes or Mac. You can use the same method to transfer music, photos and other media files from your iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s to Mac/iTunes library.

That's all. Extremely easy, isn't it? Enjoy yourself!

Video Tutorial: Sync HD Recorded Video on iPhone 5 Back to iTunes/Mac

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