Twitch Name Generator: Tips for Making a Cool Name for Twitch Account

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What should my twitch name be?

How do you come up with a good twitch name?

Answer: Use Twitch name generators to make a good name for Twitch!

Twitch is a video streaming platform that was started in the year 2011. By the end of 2013, twitch had about 45 million visitors which then have been steadily increasing till the current year. In 2018 twitch had around 15 million daily views and 2.2 million broadcasters.

When opening the twitch platform, the name of the broadcasters is the first impression that attracts the viewers into viewing their videos. In order to gain popularity and money through twitch, the number of view of each video is the main factor. So if you are planning to stream in twitch, it is very important that you come up with a cool and “pro’ish” name for your twitch account.

5 Tips for Choosing a Good Name for Twitch

Creating an appealing name that will stay in the minds of the audience is the first step in being a famous twitch streamer. The name creates an impression of what type of gamer you are and a unique name will help you stand out among a large number of twitch broadcasters. A study also reveals that the cooler the name, the better the chances are to be liked by people.

So, let's check how to make a cool Twitch name before we start streaming.

1. Keep it Short/Simple

A short and simple name is always attractive and easy to remember. It also helps the viewers to easily communicate about you and with you. It also makes it easier for the viewers to search for you and your videos.

2. Be Personal and Creative

If you are not getting a cool name for Twitch, try creating a name connecting with your personal things, rather than creating a variation of an already existing twitch name. You can connect it with your pent name, favorite car, hobbies etc. Also, take the help of a dictionary if needed.

3. Make Sure It's Original

Once you have come up with a Twitch name, make sure that it hasn’t been used by any other broadcasters in twitch or related online platforms. Being unique is very important if you wish to conquer heights.

4. Combine Words

You can combine two different words to make your username sound cool. A combination of two different words into one has a better chance of being unique and is hard to slip off from the tongue.

5. Avoid Using Numeric Symbols

Try your best not to use numeric symbols in the name. Numeric symbols are hard to remember and diminish the sense of "originality". Even if you are using numbers make sure that you use them in a way which is attractive and easy to remember

10 Best Twitch Name Generators for Gamers to Get a Cool Name

For some people choosing an appealing and cool name for their Twitch account can be difficult. Also, with a very large number of online streamers on Twitch, it can be very hard to find a unique name.

In such cases, there is no need to worry. Nowadays there are a lot of online names generators available on the internet, which can help you come up with a perfect name. You can give in the requirements like, keyword, word count etc. and these tools will provide you with a big list of names from which you can choose your unique twitch id.

We will be listing some of the best name generating tools in case you couldn’t come up with a name on your own.

#1: The Cool Name Generator

best twitch names

As the name indicates, the Cool Name Generator is one of the coolest platforms on the internet where you can generate unique names for your Twitch account. This tool helps you to decide on a name with the help of your ideas and creativity.


  • Cool platform and amazing interface
  • Different names for males and females
  • Takes personal tastes into consideration to create a name that matches the real-life personality of the gamer

#2: Name Generator

best twitch name ideas

Name Generator is one of the popular tools among twitch users for name generation. It comes up with results by matching up with your first and last name, and with some numbers of your choice.


  • Helps to create attractive names which catch the eye of the viewers
  • Create unique names with the help of your name and favorite numbers
  • Customizable results – can add humor to the name

#3: Online Game Generator

best twitch name generator

Online Game Generator is a name generating platform most preferred by the youngest generation of gamers. It helps to create fresh and organic names for your twitch account by slightly altering the spelling of the user’s real name.


  • Alters the spelling of the user’s name to come up with unique results
  • Provides limitless choices of names to choose from
  • Has a directory search method which allows personalization of names from different categories

#4: GeneratorMix

best twitch name ever

GeneratorMix is an interesting website that allows you to generate a lot of stuff, including cool usernames for Twitch. It asks a variety of questions and provides options to choose from, before arriving at a list of names for you.


  • Provides an interesting set of names based on random choices made by the user
  • Free sign in and fast results

#5: Nickfinder

good name for twitch

Nickfinder is a website that generates stylish nicknames and usernames for twitch and other applications. It is also one of the popular font generating websites used in designing.


  • More than 1000,000 names available
  • Can add preferences as well as randomly select any name
  • Sorted into categories for both boys and girls

#6: Jimpix

random twitch name generator

Jimpix is a good Twitch name generator that helps you to come up with a cool name for Twitch by mixing all your favorite words. It also allows you to choose the category from which you want your name to be created


  • Takes account the user's favorite words to come up with cool name options
  • Allows you to choose a category
  • Creates a large number of personalized names from the words given

#7: Spin-XO

good twitch name generator

Spin-XO is a very popular and user-friendly website which can be used to generate appealing usernames for Twitch. It takes into account some of your activities and favourite words to generate the names. You can either generate names using the exact words or go for rhyming words.


  • Takes your name, hobbies and numbers into the calculation to generate a list of names
  • Delivers 50 different names to choose as your Twitch username
  • A simple interface and fast results

#8: Ngenerators

youtube and twitch name generator

Ngenerators is name generating website with a variety of categories of names to choose from. The names generated are unique and stylish.


  • Generate single as well as double word names
  • Wide varieties of name options to choose from
  • Easy name generation

#9: Cool Generator

cool twitch name generator

Cool Generator is one of the simplest twitch name generators which can help you create a name by typing in any keyword. You can also select the word length of the names to be generated.


  • Two click name generation within seconds
  • Will combine the keyword with matching but unique words, to come up with a unique list of names
  • More than 50 names to choose from

#10: Rum and Monkey

creative twitch name generator

Rum and Monkey is a creative twitch name generator that assists the users to come up with unique names for their Twitch account. It allows you to personalize the search results depending on the name, date of birth, gender, numbers and much more details.


  • Humorous names and 100 plus categories to choose from
  • Free sign up into the website


Creating a good name for Twitch account is the first and important step in being a famous online Twitch broadcaster. You can either create a name on your own or depend on a name generating tool available on the internet to come up with a cool and unique name. A unique name will always be remembered by the viewers and will help them to notice the streaming videos posted by you on the social media platforms. So make sure that you spend enough time and thought in choosing a name.

Please leave your feedback about the cool Twitch name generator we have listed for you. Also, let us know if you have better options in the comment box below. Your opinion matters a lot to us! Thank you.

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