Finally, it’s Christmas again, the time for people to get together to share their happiness. There are many different ways to keep the good memories with your family members and friends. You can take photos, record videos, write or play some beautiful songs to others. All these things will join to form a perfect memory for a person, yes, joining different photos, videos and Christmas songs to make one beautiful and perfect video. In the following, I’m going to introduce you how to make a video with Christmas photos and songs.

A perfect Christmas videos should have beautiful elements, filters, amazing transitions, and Christmas photos and last but not the least, it should have a beautiful Christmas song such as Jingle bells. A perfect present to give someone close is the memories which will not cost you a single dime but will have the perfect emotions which no gift in the world can buy. In order to join different photos and songs into one video, you will need a perfect video editor which covers all these areas in a great way. Here, I suggest you try Filmora Video Editor.

Filmora Video Editor doesn’t only join the photos but will also add songs to your videos. The interface of this software is developed in such a great way that even the new users will not have to go to the deep tutorials to understand it. Most of the tools and options in Filmora are present right on the screen and are one simple click away. It provides a wide range of options to import the media, you can import the photos, videos and music from the computer, a folder, iTunes, Facebook and even from the Instagram. There are tons of beautiful transitions available in the software to join these Christmas photos. The developers have also included the split screen feature which will let users to add on the same screen in a stylish way. Apart from these feature, you can either import the songs from a folder on computer or iTunes or can use the already present songs in the music library of Filmora. Most of the songs come pre-downloaded in the software, however, the rest can be downloaded with one simple click.

Apart from these amazing features, it also has great motion graphics which are specifically related with the Christmas and can be added with just one click. Christmas motion graphics include the Santa Clause’s socks, beard, Christmas trees, bells and much more. You can set these elements in motion without a single problem. Once you have joined all these Christmas photos and songs to from one perfect video, you can easily export it from the software with one click. You can either export the videos in an appropriate format or can upload them directly on the Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo or can burn them on DVD.

Make a Christmas Video with Christmas Photos and Songs via Filmora Video Editor

Step 1: Get the latest version of the Filmora Video Editor or update the previous version to the latest version. The latest version includes beautiful Christmas motion elements, effects, and Christmas songs. After installation click on Full Featured Version which will show all the options on the screen.

Import photos and songs to Filmora Video Editor

Step 2. Click on Import button to Import all the Christmas photos, songs and videos to the Filmora, you can import the photos from a mobile phone, folder, Facebook, Instagram and even flicker. Select the files that you want to and click on Load to import the files.

Edit photos and songs

Step 3.

Now, move the images one by one to the timeline of Filmora, simply drag and drop the image to the work station. You can also select different images and click on the little “+” button to move them to the editing area as shown in the screenshot below.

create videos with Christmas songs and photos

Step 4. Once you have the photos in the editing area, you can move them to the right or left side. Beautiful transitions can be added between the images by clicking on the Transitions icon and selecting a transition. Now, move this transition between two images.

create videos with Christmas songs and photos

Step 5. Once the Christmas photos are in line, you can add Christmas songs to them, import the music from iTunes library and simply drag it to the editing area. You can also click on the music icon to unveil the music library of the Filmora, double click on a track to preview the track. Now, click on the “+” button to add the track to your videos.

make videos with Christmas songs and photos

Step 6: This step is for those users who want to add split screen effect (adding two photos in one screen). Click on Split screen, select a style for your photos and add different photos in different regions. There will be a drop 1 zone, drop 2 zone and drop 3 zone depending upon the style that you selected. Select the photos and click on OK to apply the split screen effect.

make videos with Christmas songs and photos

Step 7: This is the last step to export the perfect video from Filmora, Click on Export button and here you can select the output format from a list of given formats. The best part is that you can select a device and filmora will automatically set particular settings for that device. Moreover, you can also upload your videos directly to the YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook with one simple click from the export options.

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