Does Premiere Pro support adding title to video?

Yes, Premiere Pro has good support for adding titles to video which you should get the best out of. This is enabled by the titler feature which is a flexible tool for creating titles as well as credits. It has panels that you can manipulate easily without affecting the performance of titler in any way. The good thing with this tool is that loading multiple titles at the same time is possible. If you want to see a specific title, you can make searches using its name.

Part 1: How to Make a Title on Video Using Premiere Pro

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This video editing software program is timeline-based which the funniest part is. It has an intuitive interface that will make it easy to browse for videos. This is one of the few programs that have support for high resolution editing. Whether it is high or low resolution, your video will be edited in a professional way and quality retained intact once you choose to use this program. It has after effects and Photoshop among its key features.

Step 1. Go to "file" from the menu bar and then click "new" followed by "title".

Step 2. From that point, select a new title to add and ensure file type has been duly chosen on the project panel.

Step 3. Make sure you have chosen a new name for your title before clicking on the "ok" button.

Step 4. You will have the flexibility of customizing the title using the tools for shape and text available.

Step 5. Once through, close down the titler and changes will be saved automatically to create the new title.

Part 2: Quick Solution to Add Titles to Videos - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

How to Add Text to Video with Filmora Video Editor for Mac

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Step-by-step Guide to Add Titles to YouTube Video with Filmora Video Editor for Mac:

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