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Top 4 Video Editors to Add Love Elements to Video for Valentine’s Day

Top 4 Video Editors to Add Love Elements to Video for Valentine’s Day

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Mar 16,2018 • Filed to: Holiday • Proven solutions

One of the biggest holiday of the year is coming next month and you must be well prepared for that. Yes, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day when people don’t only share love but also exchange gifts, cards and romantic dinners. Most of the people love to try the new ways of greetings Valentine’s Day and there is no deny in the face that sharing a beautiful Valentine’s Day is one of them. However, one of the biggest difficulties in making Valentine’s Day videos is that you will have to be a professional video editor to add the amazing effects to your videos. Well, don’t worry. Filmora has covered you in that area. You don’t have to be a professional video editor to make the videos or add effects on them, everything can be done within seconds with just one click.

Part 1. Top 4 Best Video Editor to Add Effects to Valentine Videos

#1. Filmora Video Editor - The Best Video Editor to Make Valentine Videos

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) has gained a lot of popularity. It provides all the basic video editing tools. Apart from these, it has a wide range of special effects available to add special effects to Valentine Videos, some of which are predefined for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. You will know why Filmora stands as one of the best video editing tools in the market after reading its following features.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • The tool allows numerous basic editing options such as: splitting, merging, and cutting, cropping, and rotating.
  • It has a broad range of special effects available as well. These include filters, titles, transitions, overlays, motion graphics, and sound effects.
  • It also provides more advanced video editing tools such as Picture in Picture, Green Screen, Mosaic, Face-off, etc.
  • New features and effects being added continuously through regular updates.

#2. iMOVIE - Make Valentine Videos

iMovie is Apple’s flagship video editing program used for creating, editing, and enhancing videos. This software was originally released in 1999 and ever since 2003, it has been a part of all new Macs. The tool enables easy and quick video editing with some powerful options available for controlling transitions and adding captions.

Web Address:


  • A fantastic set of pre-made movie themes is available with their unique transition effects.
  • Freeware for all Mac computers.
  • Neat interface that is easy to understand and use for simple tasks.


  • Exclusively for MAC, which means there is no support for other operating systems (such as Windows). Video format and file format limitations (not all of them are supported).
video editor for Valentine with effects

#3. AVIDEMUX - Make Valentine Videos

Avidemux is yet another free software that allows video editing with a lot of options. It enables simple cutting, encoding, and filtering tasks to be carried out easily. Through Avidemux, you can schedule tasks to be done automatically by using job queues, projects, and powerful scripting capabilities of the software. The tool also supports the various video formats available.

Web Address:


  • Supports numerous file types.
  • Available for different platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD.
  • Automatic task scheduling.
  • Available for free.


  • The poor interface makes the software hard to use.
  • Though it supports almost all video formats, frames may drop in some of them.
video editor for Valentine with effects

#4. VOILABITS VIDEO EDITOR - Make Valentine Videos

This video editor by Voilabits receives good reputation and publicity from Mac users. It is highly regarded as one of the best tools available for Mac OS for video editing. It can turn your homemade videos into polished, high-quality professional films. You can easily trim, merge, and split videos. You can add a variety of effects and transitions to your videos quickly and customize them according to your requirement. For Valentine’s Day, this software has several atmospheres available through which you can add the Valentine’s effect to any video.

Web Address:


  • Fun and easy to use tool with numerous pre-set special effects and audios available.
  • Nice and clean interface – perfect for beginners.


  • Lacks functionality and features for professional use.
  • A bit on the higher price side.
  • Support for only MAC OS (no other operating system supported).
video editor for Valentine with effects

Part 2. How to Make Valentine' Day Videos and Add Effects

Step-by-step guide to add love elments to your Valentine's Day videos using Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac).

Here’s how you can add effects to your Valentine’s Day videos using Filmora Video Editor.

Step 1. Get the latest version of Filmora Video Editor by clicking the Download button below. Follow the simple steps to install it on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2. Import the videos from your computer to the Filmora Video editor, Click on the Import button in the top bar and select the videos that you want to edit. You can also import the images and sound clips to incorporate to Valentine’s Day video. Once the videos are in the library, move them to the editing area Filmora. You can use the drag and drop method to that.

Step 3. Click the Motion Elements icon above the timeline to select the love element graphic you like to add to your video. Drag and drop it to timeline PIP area. After then, double-click it on timeline to set up the movement trail for the love motion graphic.

Step 4. There are some songs for love in the music library. Yu can click the Music icon above the timeline and choose the song. Drag and drop it to timeline, trim it to match with your video.

Step 5. There are almost 100 text available for you to add to your Valentine video. Click the T icon to display all the text template. Choose the one you need, drag and drop to timeline. Double-click it in timeline to edit the color, font, size and movement trail.

Step 6. If you want your video to be special, one killer skill is to apply filters or overlays, which can change your video to another classic style you might never expected.

Step 7. Click the Export button to export your video to almost any popular format you like. Of course, you can sign in with your account information to share on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. It depends on you.

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