VOB Splitter: How to Split VOB Files without Re-encoding

Elva updated on 2021-08-30 11:42:51

Video editors split VOB videos into multiple clips to either extract specific scenes or upload them to the internet. Splitting very long videos is a complicated task more so when you also have to re-encode the files. Re-encoding is not only time consuming but also lowers the quality of the output file.

The goal as a video editor is to maintain the original quality of a video. Therefore re-encoding is the last option in mind. Unfortunately, not many VOB splitters that can split VOB videos with zero quality loss, fast and with great precision.

The Best VOB Splitter - Filmora Video Editor

Splitting VOB files does not have to be difficult. With the easy to use Filmora Video Editor, you can split VOB files into two or more parts with fast speed. The quality of the output file is as good as the source file. Besides VOB, the splitter supports many other popular formats such as WMA, MPG, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3, M2TS, and MKV. Another unique feature of this VOB splitter is that it allows you to save all new files at a time.

How to Split VOB Video

Step 1: Install and launch the program

To split VOB video, you must first open the program. If you do not have the program, download it which is easy. And then install the video splitter. You can follow the installation wizard instructions to install the program. After that, launch the program and click the “Full Feature Mode”.

Step 2: Import VOB files to the program

Once you successfully install and launch the program, click “Import” in the media pane to load your VOB video. Alternatively, you can drag the VOB files from the storage location to the media pane. The corresponding VOB file will show in the media pane of this program.

Step 3: Split VOB files

Next, drag the VOB video from the media pane to the Timeline pane on the bottom side of the interface. The file will be displayed as a thumbnail in the playback pane. If dragging is problematic, bring the cursor to the center of video in the media pane, a prompt “Add project” will appear. Click the video, and the file will automatically appear on the timeline. Click on the video to highlight it. Slowly move the slider across the timeline to where you want to separate video. Click the “Scissor” icon to split the selected clip. This VOB splitter allows you to split the video as many times as you want. You just need to repeat the step. You can also preview the VOB video on the playback pane to ensure splitting was accurate. To save the edits, click “Save” on the playback menu bar.

Step 4: Export the video file

After removing the unwanted parts from the video, you can click ‘Export’ on the menu bar to activate the Output window. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Create video’. With the provided options, you can transfer video to a device, save to the local folder, upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or burn to DVD. Select the most appropriate option, specify the output settings and click ‘Export’ at the bottom right hand of the window.

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