Window Movie Maker is considered the best latest option because it's a software program that creates and edits movies apart from playing them. It also has great features such as transition, effects, titles/credits, timeline narration, audio track and Auto Movie. The only drawback is that Windows Movie Maker only supports a few video formats. For instance, if the torrent movies are in MP4, MKV, TS, MOV, QuickTime you will not be in a position to add them to Windows Movie Maker. However, you can achieve your goal if you convert torrent movies to WMV which is supported by Windows Movie Maker.

Best Solution to Play a Torrent File in Window Movie Maker

windows movie maker torrent

This iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate will help you convert torrents that come in MP4,TS,MKV,MOV, 3GP,AVI and much more into a WMV format. We choose iSkysoft Video Converter because its platform works easily and faster compared to other torrent video converters. It's the straightforward software that will enable you to load files easily to Window Movie Maker without straining.

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Step-by-step guide for converting torrent file to Supported format with iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

You are welcome to follow the step-by-step guide to convert your torrent files to formats that are compatible with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1. Add Files

Click on the "Add Files" button to find the torrent movie that you need to convert and add it to the program.

Step 2. Edit or Create (Optional)

It's an optional step that allows you to edit torrent movies. You are allowed to customize your torrent videos as you desire. You can edit or even create your own videos according to your needs and desires.

Step 3. Select Output Profile

As earlier said, WMV format works excellent with Windows Movie Maker. Go ahead and select WMV as the output format. This will ensure that you play a torrent file in windows movie maker in a very simple way.

Step 4. Convert

After you have completed the settings, proceed and click on the "Start" button to convert Torrent movies to WMV. This will initiate the program of converting. Once the torrents are converted, you can easily transfer or add them to Windows Movie Maker for further editing and watch your own movies.

Tips 1: What is Torrent?

Torrents are just one way of getting files spread from one PC to another. Something beautiful about this kind of technology is that instead of the files being on a server where there are limited connections, the torrents try to break the files into pieces which are shared from all the computers. So why go for torrent files and videos and yet there are several downloading options? Torrent is more efficient since so many connections can be made at once making it the most efficient way of sharing files and watching videos on your computer with others.

Tips 2: What File Format Suits Torrent?

You will need a torrent application in order to play your torrents. Some of the popular ones include UTorrent, BitTorrent and Azureus torrent. This file format will help you to connect to other people with the files you are looking for. These formats are protocols that enable efficient software distribution and peer-to-peer sharing of very huge files. Thanks to the windows Movie Maker, you can now watch movies and TV shows very easily after downloading your torrents videos. Additionally, it enables you to enjoy sharing downloaded portions of a torrent videos and files that other users have not yet fully downloaded.

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