Here Are the 10 Most Popular Christmas Playlists

Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:33

You are in for a treat, as the 10 most popular Christmas music playlists we have put together is the only compilation you need to have a wonderful and joyous Christmas. Just browse through the list. Find what you're looking for to boost your festive season.

1. Modern Winter Music | Christmas Songs | 2016

We start off with the best new Christmas music playlist for the year. Faydii compiles a list of modern Christmas songs with updates. The new compilation is all you need to enjoy some great Christmas songs this season. Choose from a host of performing artists like Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. The playlist has 31 songs you can download and share with your family and friends.

2. Christmas Songs by Mariah Carey | Best Christmas songs 2016

A total of 17 Christmas songs sung by Maria Carey is a must in your music folder. She sings popular hits including Silent Night and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The popular artist is known for her brilliant performances. She has sung a sequence of Christmas songs with great passion and enthusiasm. You are in for a treat as you go through the songs, one by one, fully enthralled by her great voice and renditions.

3. Best Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs 2015 - 2016 Playlist (Instrumental)

Christmas carols are a must in every home bringing good cheer, Sense of joy and happiness extend throughout the season, through Christmas, and into the New Year. Singing Bell has assembled the best Christmas instrumentals for 2015. Instrumentals are especially interesting to people who listen to Christmas music throughout the year. The set has new instrumentals for you to enjoy.

4. Merry Christmas - The 50 Most Beautiful Christmas Songs

Songwriters and performers have had some of their biggest hits released during Christmas season. It would take quite a while to go through an endless list of hits through the ages. The 50 most beautiful Christmas songs list has performers like Harry Belafonte Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald. Get hold of some great hits like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. AllLegendsOfMusic has taken great pains in meticulously gathering fantastic Christmas songs.

5. Disco Christmas Dance Party Songs

A massive list of dance party songs for Christmas is exactly what you need, as you prepare for a great season ahead. Hempelchamp has put together an exhaustive list of disco medleys covering some of the greatest hits of yesteryears as well as modern compositions to satisfy every need. You'll have a gala time going through some 200 videos in the playlist with frequent updates. Compile your own playlist with Christmas bands like Mistletoe Disco Band and Santa's Angels offering many options.

6. New Wave Christmas

New performers keep enthralling audiences during Christmas. New wave songs and music have many followers. The thirteen videos uploaded by Dabearx are interesting choices, if you love to hear artists offer versions of some the greatest hits released during Christmas. Kristy MacColl and Los Lobos are some performers on the list, and videos are uploaded by several individuals. Check it out. You are likely to find some real gems in there.

7. Top Christmas Songs of All Time

Save yourself some trouble and latch on to the top Christmas songs of all time. You have singers like Bing Cosby and Slade take you through different eras. Hold on to your seats. The Tom Boukis compilation is a blend of top Christmas songs including Wonderful Christmastime sung by Paul McCartney with the Wings and Last Christmas by Wham. There are 17 numbers to choose from. You’re bound to say Thank God It’s Christmas, which by the way is also included.

8. Best Christmas Carols Playlist

Once you're finished with the instrumentals, it's time to download some of the best Christmas carols. The list may not surprise you with the inclusion of Silent Night, but there are some real gems in there like Good King Wenceslas and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen with a full choir in performance backed by the church organ. There are enough carols in there to keep you happy for a while.

9. Merry Christmas Remix - Best Songs of Christmas 2016 - Last Christmas 2016 Remix

Remixes add flavor to modern music. Why forgo the chance to download some of the best Christmas songs of 2016 as a continuous stream of remixed music. You're opting for instrumentals, but the best songs are covered. You'll be grooving in no time to foot-tapping dance music. Expect a few non-familiar tunes, but they're all music to the ear. Remixes are assembled by Music Video Channel.

10. Christmas Carols for Children with Lyrics | Christmas Songs for Kids with Lyrics Christmas 2015

You just can't leave children out when it comes to Christmas. Christmas carols for children with lyrics are exactly what they need to remind them of how much fun Christmas songs can bring. SurpriseEggsChannel has used video to display lyrics. Children can watch and learn in quick time. You can then download all these Christmas carols and play them back to children through their own special playlist.

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