OS X Yosemite Possible Problems Frustrate Mac Users

Ivan Cook updated on 2022-05-05 10:34:15

Since the Mac OS X Yosemite Preview version released, many Mac users can't wait to upgrade their system to the new Yosemite. While this new Mac OS X Yosemite might come with some possible problems that frustrate Mac users. Read on before you upgrade to OS X Yosemite.

1 Dark Mode & Looks

Yosemite offers the Dark Mode option that changes the outlook of menu bar and Dock from the white appearance to translucent black material. While some of the users found the Dark Mode option quite appealing, a large part of the Mac users found the looks bland and unappealing. Users found the option being quite primitive with the toggle on or off by a check box feature in the System Preferences. Moreover, changing the system settings in Dark Mode is not exposed in normal API.

The review of the users towards Mac Yosemite's 'Dark Mode' option is pretty bad. They literally termed it as one of the terrible screen display feature. The users did not find the display fonts appropriate and the display setting by 'Dark Mode' option is unattractive on the 'non-Retina' display. The users feel that the sophisticated Mac display if replaced with the latest Mac Yosemite OS X makes the appearance more complicated and plain that looks like an amateur drawing rather than the renowned Apple Mac desktop.

Yosemite possible problems

2 Bugs & Issues

Many of the Mac users have been getting the message of "This Code has already been redeemed" before downloading the Yosemite. This has turned out to be a large-scale error and frustrate the users. The error appears in the App Store while redeeming the Yosemite Beta Code. There have been many bug issues when working with the Apple's new OS X with the users and this is one of them.

The bugs include poor management of dual iTunes accounts, crashes in Activity Monitor, making and receiving calls with the FaceTime app, and unreliable WiFi connections. Some users also face problems with safari as it crashes the moment one opens it. Apps like Final Cut Pro X, Aperture, iMovie and many more Apple apps seems like are not compatible with the new OS X and crash any moment. Many of the users also face the problem in the storage section of "About my Mac", where they are unable to view the original disk space and the folder shows a file created by the name of 'Others' that is created on its own without the knowledge of the user.

Yosemite possible problems

3 Gmail and Mail Bug Problems

Many users have been complaining about the Gmail and Mail sync bug problems. The Gmail and mail bug is the most common one that is experienced by the frustrated Mac users. First, there is the problem of synchronizing Gmail and Mail app with the new Yosemite OS X. If by chance it synchronizes with your Mac, then the apps might slow down or crash the moment you open them. No new emails or messages are displayed in the app while it is open.

Many users found that when they were scrolling the mail app, it randomly quit scrolling and they had to reopen the Mail app to enable the scrolling yet again. The most frustrating bug in the Gmail app is when the users try to delete a message in the mail, not after long it reappears unexpectedly. The message disappears for only a temporary short time. If you choose to work with some other random mail app, then the bug makes sure that the app uses default and random Gmail settings, which is irritating for the users.

Yosemite possible problems

4 Notes Crashes

The users have been facing the problem of Mavericks Note crashes in the Yosemite OS X. The Notes app does not sync many Microsoft Exchange Account of the users, nor does it sync from the Mac to Exchange Server, and also neither from the Exchange server to the Mac. The app might come up and show in the display settings of the Mac, but the users were unable to type anything and the app ignored all the Keyboard input but the mouse input worked fine with the Yosemite OS X.

The app also freezes after the users launch it after the update. The user complained about this particular app being crashed repeatedly even after a fix has been submitted to Apple. If the app is synced with the help of a Wi-Fi connection, then too nothing updates after the sync and which is clearly a trouble for the users. If a note is due before the current date or the date, you have mentioned in it and you study it, then the users will not be able to find an updated study schedule.

Yosemite possible problems

5 iPhoto App Bug

If you are planning to install Yosemite OS X, then you have to update your iPhoto to 9.5.1 version to work with the latest Mac operating system. However, still after the update too many people have been experiencing quite a lot of issues and bugs with the iPhoto app. Even after the use of updated iPhoto app, many users have been unable to edit their images. The users did subsequently many refreshed attempts, but still the images go distorted, unclear and do not provide any chance of editing them.

Many a times a black screen appears when you enter the edit mode of iPhoto app in Yosemite that stops the users from editing the photos. The iPhoto app also crashes down immediately after the users open it in Yosemite OS X. In addition, the images that are shared on social networking sites are shared in reduced sizes. The elements and options in the app also do not display properly in Yosemite OS X.

Yosemite possible problems

How to Recover Lost Data on Mac OS X Yosemite

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