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Due to the strict law, you are not able to play different region DVD on your computer. Every DVD player (that includes the one in your computer) is sold being able to play only discs with the same region as the country it was sold in. That includes Macs too, sort of. On a new Mac, the DVD drive is automatically locked to the DVD region code that is first used. From then on, this can only be changed four more times.

You pretty much have two choices — either find the DVD region code that you'll be using the most and set it to that one (since the four times are going to be used up sooner or later) — or "flash" your drive to make the DVD player in different regions, which goes with the risk of destroying the drive. Below are tips to play different region DVD on Mac (macOS sierra, EL Capitan, Yosemite and Mavericks included).

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Simple Steps to Play Different Region DVDs on Mac OS X (EL Capitan included)

Step 1

When you insert a DVD with a different region with the one of your drive, you get the dialog pop up as image shown.

open different region dvd

Step 2

If you click cancel at this point, the DVD will be ejected, so Cntl + Click on the DVD Player icon, hold down the Option/Alt key and then click Force Quit (you can set DVD player not to open when a DVD is inserted in System Preferences).

play different region dvd

Step 3

Download and install VLC and open it, then select File > Open Disc.

Click on the Disc tab -> click on DVD -> select the device -> click OK (usually this is selected by default). The DVD will now play, and your region code will remain intact.

play different region dvd on mac


But the dialogue pop-up isn't showing - what do I do?
Michelle Davenport
I need to play different region DVDs on my Mac and I just saw the post here. I have to try to check this. Thanks for sharing.
I don''t usually post on these sites, but I''ve got to say that this is the most ridiculous law ever invented. I bought some videos from Japan on eBay once and they didn''t play! How frustrating. Thanks for giving us a voice of sanity in the chaos. Really appreciate it.
Very good article. Very many thanks. Phew!
No. An all-region disc does not require a key from the player, so playing one does not set your drive to "region 0" or "all region" and does not use up a region change.
Hello, what can be done if I had already used the other four time? Now, my DVD driver is locked on zone 2 and I would like to get it back to zone 1. Thanks by advance.
You're right, some DVDs use the latest encryption to prevent others from ripping or playing. If you have Aimersoft DVD Ripper, use it to convert DVD to MOV format then you can play MOV files with DVD Player app.
Thank you for your reply. Before I do that...are you sure it isn't just because those videos are 'encrypted' or 'protected'? Turns out it's not just the USA videos. Also, when I tried to 'rip' them (with Aimersoft DVD) the encrypted or protected ones wouldn't rip. (Which makes sense.) Annoying though...I just want to watch a DVD and my iMac computer's DVD player has run out of 'region changes'. The less popular videos will rip...and they'll also play on VLC.
No , it doesn't work (unless I'm wrong!), i.e. it still won't play in VLC when the DVD is 'protected' (so that it can't be 'ripped').
In that case, I suggest you to convert the DVD file to a playable standard format, say, MP4, which can be supported by many devices or players. Here you can refer to the following tutorial on how to make a DVD watchable:

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