Videos stored in MTS format are extremely common these days and constitute a large part of any digital video collection. However, the problem with this format is that it requires specific media players for playing it and most may find this to be extremely restrictive. If you have some MTS videos that record your child's or life-mate's landmark moments stored on your Mac/Windows, you probably want to burn these MTS files to DVD for playing on any DVD player or sharing the DVD copy of your latest videos with your family and friends.

In this guide, we will introduce you to an easy-to-use way to burn MTS to DVD on Mac/Windows with DVD creator for Mac/Windows:

Burn MTS/M2TS Files to DVD Mac OS X/Windows

Please read the following guide to learn how to burn MTS/M2TS to DVD on Mac/Windows

I had problem to find a software that work with MTS, but burning MTS to DVD with this converter was very easy, and I saved a lot of time. I could recommend it
Richard Gilmour
I need to burn MTS file to DVD, and I did it, with this nice tool, nad it work with Mac, is not easy to find nice Mac software. You really helped me. Thanks
Bruce S Wells
The best MTS to DVD converter, its really excellent and very simple. I converted my MTS files very fast nad they have very good quality. Thumbs up!

What people say about our software

DVD Creator for Mac

When I update my Mac to 10.11, my DVD burning tool stop working. I spend long time to find an alternative way to burn DVD. This app help me a lot...

- Henis

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