File recovery is an expensive business because of the presence of technological glitches that make it impossible for a person to safeguard their key documents, photos, and other data. Nonetheless, it provides little comfort to those, even with good backup schedules, who suddenly find themselves in a stomach-churning feeling of data loss. As soon as you detect data loss, you simply stop using the affected partition immediately. Fortunately, you do have an excellent opportunity to retrieve back the lost data without using an expensive purchase or making a trip to an expensive recovery specialist. The article discusses in detail about five of the best free file recovery Mac tools.

Top 5 Free File Recovery Software for Mac

mac free any data recovery

1# Mac Free Any Data Recovery

Mac Free Any Data Recovery is a sample recovery tool designed to retrieve lost or corrupted data from a Mac. The free recovery comes with 20 credits, which enables an individual to try to recover files from their computer. The software guarantees fast, safe and total recovery without destroying the original content. Apart from retrieving data from the Mac, the application is also capable of recovering data from external storage devices, USB sticks, external hard drives, smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 players, MP4 players, iPods, and so on. The software provides the ability for a beginner to carry out an analysis of corrupted partition in order to retrieve content with ease. The scan engines and algorithm help the individual to initiate a thorough analysis of the drive at faster speeds.


  • Simplistic design of the layout
  • An efficient and speedy quick scan operation
  • Flawlessly recovers data from external hardware


  • It lacks help and support needed for beginners using a recovery tool
Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

2# Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is free data recovery software for Mac, which is capable of recovering unlimited data without paying a single penny. The software supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFS and other file formats. The recovery software is capable of retrieving deleted Mac OS files from mountable media such as an internal hard disk, external hard disk, USB drives, memory cards, smartphones, iPods, and other media devices. It uses powerful data recovery engines, which makes it easy for it to perform a broader scan of an instrument. The graphical user interface presents an easy outlook for a novice to initiate scan and recovery process with ease.


  • Highly efficient
  • Consumes less space during installation
  • Powerful recovery engines when extracting as much data as possible
  • Clear interface without any clutter


  • The application does not have a preview window, which allows a user to look at the content before selecting a particular file for recovery
M3 Free Mac Data Recovery

3# M3 Free Mac Data Recovery

M3 Free Mac Data Recovery is a data recovery application for Mac users. It gives the opportunity for individuals to retrieve data safely and at faster speeds. The recovery tool is capable of recovering photos, videos, documents, e-mails, and other data on a Mac system. Users also receive the opportunity to retrieve information from the trash bin, content from formatted drive, content lost due to virus attack, corrupted archives due to a system crash or unexpected power failure, and other unknown reasons. It also provides support to external hard disks, USB sticks, iPods, flash cards, SD cards, digital camera, MMC card, memory stick, memory card, and MP3/MP4 player.


  • Powerful search engine helps in the retrieving deleted and lost content
  • Search options provided help speed up the scanning process


  • Does not give any information about the 2gb limit under it finishes a scan
  • Users will have to shell out $ 40 to unlock the important features of the application

4# TestDisk

TestDisk from CG security is a freeware that is a simple yet powerful tool for analyzing and recovering disk partitions. The application is also capable of recovering data from Xbox and Mac partitions. The program handles most memory types, including CompactFlash, USB Drives, Smart Media, MMC, optical disk drives, and hard disks. Although the appearance and operation are simple, users require a thorough knowledge of a data recovery tool to implement the scanning and recovering technology successfully. The tool is capable of analyzing disks and partitions within the Mac system to extract content from formatted and corrupted drives based on their geometry and file structure. The on-screen instructions provided allow any individual to initiate the analysis of the desk and recover as much content as possible.


  • Works exactly as stated by the developer
  • The search engine retrieves maximum content
  • The faster algorithm helps in speeding up the scanning process


  • Absence of help and instruction guide
  • Operation will be difficult for a novice

5# PhotoRec

PhotoRec from CG Security is a free utility tool that is capable of retrieving data from formatted, corrupted, or deleted partitions from the Mac system. An unusual characteristic of the software is its ability not to write anything to memory directory during the recovery process. It offers easy to use command prompt that helps an individual to retrieve deleted content with ease. The program has everything that a beginner wishes of a recovery tool - a walk through every step, selection of drive and partition, selecting options, features, and the list of recoverable data. In general, the program automatically highlights the best option based on the input from the user. All the user requires is clicking the enter key to allow the program to analyze the selected disk and retrieval as much content as possible.


  • Powerful low-level disk repair and recovery system
  • Powerful search engines to retrieve as much data as possible
  • Scan technology incorporated in the software performs the action at a faster speed


  • Absence of graphical user interface makes it difficult for a beginner to dwell with the layout of the software

Data recovery is no longer an expensive task. The free utilities as explained above for Mac users provides an excellent opportunity to retrieve as much content as possible from a damaged or corrupted partition of the hard disk.

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