iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes? Get the Solution Now!

iPhone 6s won't sync with iTunes on Mac, PC or over Wi-Fi? Find the solution here and fix it in less than 5 minutes.
Brian Fisher updated on 2022-12-22 15:53:07

Do you find that your iPhone does not syncing with iTunes? Here are some potential iTunes sync problems and what you can do about it, to fix them on your own. If you don't want to use the bulky iTunes to sync with your Apple device or you still can't solve the not syncing issue, the best option is try dr.fone. It's the best tool to help you put songs, video, photos and more to iPhone, iPad and iPod. Besides, it allows to copy any songs and playlists directly back to iTunes Library on your computer intelligently. While doing this, it compares the songs on your device and these in your iTunes, filtering out the duplicate songs.

Part 1: iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes on Mac

Chances are high that in the very near future you will not need iTunes at all to transfer your files between your iPhone and Mac. However, till that happens you have no other choice but to use iTunes and in case it does not sync with your Mac, it is a problem which you have to see through. Here are a few steps that you can take which may help you. Please note that you need the latest version of iTunes for this.

1. You can simply close iTunes and try syncing your device and Mac manually. Relaunch the app and hit sync. If you’re lucky, this might just work out. Sometimes the sync process might be working but no files get transferred to the iOS device. In that case there are 2 things which you may do:

a. Go to the summary tab, enable Manually manage music and videos if it’s not. In case it is already checked, toggle it off and then on again. Then try manual sync.

b. Look under each tab "Music" "TV Shows" and see if each of their sync options are enabled. In case they are not, check each box and then try syncing again.

2. Reauthorize. In case the sync option is unavailable (this is when the sync option is greyed) then you need to reauthorize your Mac with Apple.

3. Sometimes, merely restarting the iPhone might help. Hold down the power button and forcibly turn it off. Then turn it on again in the conventional manner. You can also hold down the power button and home button simultaneously, this will get your device to restart.

4. Restart the Mac. Sometimes a daemon might malfunction and create problems. In such situations, restarting your computer might help.

5. Try other methods such as syncing through WiFi or USB.

Part 2: iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes on PC

This often happens with people who use an iPhone with a non Mac PC. Many users are used to issues and have probably discovered remedies to each problem by trial and error. Downloading iTunes does not help if you are not able to use it on your PC. Your iPhone is supposed to sync with your iTunes account when you connect it to iTunes on your PC, but sometimes things do not work out the way you would like. As a guideline, you may go ahead with the following troubleshooting methods in case you cannot sync your beloved iPhone with iTunes.

1. Try restarting iTunes as mentioned above.

2. Try restarting your phone bu holding down the home button and power button.

3. Try restarting the PC.

4. Try syncing through WiFi or USB.

5. Try toggling off and on the sync music or sync TV shows option in each of the respective tabs.

6. Sometimes, the USB port you’re using mught have just gone bad. In that case, try a new USB. However, this is valid only if the PC fails to recognise your device altogether. It’s pretty rare though if you’re using original Apple cables.

7. Reset and restore the iPhone. This should be your last option. You will lose all the data on your device. You will be resetting your phone to factory settings and start as if its a new phone. Only advantage is that you have iCloud backup.

Part 3: iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Are you facing a problem where your iPhone doesn’t sync with iTunes over the WiFi? The reason for this can be various, from faulty WiFi systems to something other going wrong. In case your iPhone won’t sync through WiFi there are certain set steps that probably hold the key to your problem.

1. If you want to sync it through WiFi only, try checking the “Sync over WiFi” option under the “Summary” tab. If it is already on, then toggle it off and then on again. This should help in most cases.

2. Check if the iPhone and the computer are connected to the same network. They will not be able to transfer files between themselves if they’re not in the same network.

3. Use USB wire to connect your iPhone to your computer.

4. Maybe the WiFi network you are connected to is malfunctioning. In that case it is a wiser option to either switch over to another wireless network or use the USB cable.

5. Restart the iPhone as mentioned before.

6. Restart the computer.

7. Reset and Restore the iPhone. This will set it back to factory settings and you will need to set up the WiFi network on the iPhone from scratch.

Part 4: Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone Syncing with iTunes

If you're a new Apple user, you probably do not know a lot about syncing, and are at a risk of losing all your data. It often happens for many new Apple users that they sync their device and all the information on their device gets replaced by new files. The problem has plagued many people ever since the introduction of the very first iPod shuffle.

1. First step should be to turn off auto sync. It is a much better idea to manually transfer files to your iPhone rather than sync it automatically.

2. Even if you have auto sync enabled, ever auto sync your device with two separate computers. Every time you auto sync with one of them, the previous data gets replaced with the data from this computers iTunes library.

3. Even if you do have auto sync on, do it on devices which have the same account. So that all the information across all the devices stays the same. In such a scenario, all the devices are synced with each other.

4. Always keep your iTunes software up to date.

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