Which Are the Best Meme Accounts on Twitter?

Looking for Twitter memes accounts to find some funny Twitter memes? Fortunately, We here listed 15 best meme pages on Twitter and tips on how to make a meme for Twitter.
Elva updated on 2021-11-22 15:48:18

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and also a great space for sharing memes. Humor ad sarcasm is the best way to express an opinion in a very effective manner on social media, which is why memes are very popular on Twitter. Many people nowadays use memes to prove a point or give an opinion less defensively.

Many skilled people create amazing memes and upload them to their social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These memes are enjoyed by people of all age groups and some of these accounts have a huge fan following on Twitter.

But, do you know which is the best Twitter meme account?

Fortunately, we have listed the 15 most popular Twitter meme pages in this article for you, and tips on how to make a funny meme for Twitter.

Now, let's get started.

The 10 Best Meme Accounts on Twitter You Should Know

Twitter is a platform where all sorts of things are discussed and shared. Expressing ideas in the form of humor has been a trend in social Media lie twitter for a few years.

Some of the funniest meme pages on Twitter include Medieval Reactions, Someecards, Wendy’s, etc. and these pages have a huge number of followers due to its funny meme content. Let us have a look at some of the Twitter accounts that deliver the funniest memes to people .

#1. Someecards - 1.9 Million Followers

twitter memes

Someecards is the Twitter account of a famous ecards site. It posts memes on happenings on daily life. This account has about 1. 9 million followers and follows a special patter of posting memes in square boxes.

#2. Matthew Inman - 644K Followers

twitter memes accounts

Matthew Inman is a famous web designer who creates funny comics and posts them on his website. He is famous as Oatmeal on Twitter and the web. His hilarious comics and memes are enjoyed by people of all age groups.

#3. Shit Girls Say - 1.5 Million Followers

funny twitter memes

With 1.5 million global followers, Shit Girls Say is the place where you’ll only find funny videos. This account focuses on the random shit talks and gossips girls have with each other. All these are edited to funny memes and enjoyed by many people. This account has a fan following of about 1.5 million people.

#4. First World Pains - 11.9K Followers

best meme accounts on twitter

First World Pains is dedicated to careless people and posts more about epic fails and very awkward situations people put themselves in. the funny reactions of people are also focused on memes. The memes and videos are very hilarious and this account has about 11.9 k followers.

#5. Medieval Reactions - 39.9K Followers

best meme pages on twitter

Medieval Reactions have about 39.9K followers. This account tries to connect the present-day problems and stories to the paintings in the medieval time and the memes resulting are pretty funny and amazing.

#6. Death Star PR - 321.1K Followers

best twitter meme accounts

It is a meme account that posts contents related to star wars. Death Star PR talks about the daily problems encountered by people and offers unique solutions in the Jedi way. Along with it, several star wars tweets are also available in this account.

#7. Offensive Memes - 414.6K Followers

best twitter meme pages

Offensive Memes claim to be an 18+ meme account that posts humorous and at the same time offensive memes related to political activities, politicians, cultures, school life, etc. There is no issue this meme page does not target and people who get easily offended can find this page hard to digest.

#8. Wendy's - 3.7 Million Followers

best meme twitter accounts

Wendy's is a burger joint with a humorous Twitter account. People follow it to see epic and hilarious roasts done by them to people who trash talk. You can also see humorous rivalries with other restaurants, memes related to food, etc.

#9. Netflix US - 8.2 Million Followers

twitter meme account

Netflix US is an amazing twitter account that posts on everyday life as well as create memes from different movies. Most of the memes are relatable to the daily routines of the people which is why this page has a lot of fan following.

#10. So Sad Today - 971.1K Followers

best twitter meme account

As the name implies, So Sad Today is a twitter account that posts funny memes on behalf of sad depressed women. The memes in this account are funny and are about the women complaining about their daily problems and relationships.

Top 5 Anime Meme Accounts on Twitter

Some people enjoy anime meme accounts on Twitter. These accounts have a huge fan following and are a great deal of time pass for many people. Let us have a look at the top fire anima meme accounts on Twitter

#1. KVin - 34.4K Followers

best anime meme twitter accounts

KVin is a pretty interesting anime meme account that displays more esoteric news about anime. If you like anime, you must not miss him.

#2. Anime News Network - 721K Followers

anime memes

Anime News Network is the official Twitter account of the Internet's most trusted anime news source. This feed includes news and interest headlines. The anime news network is a Twitter account that includes Memes and news about interesting animes. This account also includes features and animated terms of different series

#3. Anime memes @Anime Meme Daily - 241K Followers

anime memes account on twitter

Anime memes is a twitter account that posts anime memes about people who like to watch tv series and the struggles they face to complete them. Here, you can find many childhood memories about TV anime series.

#4. Animemes - 206K Followers

best anime memes pages on twitter

Animemes focuses on the daily problems of people in life and work and expresses them in the form of funny animes. The combination of animes with memes attracts a lot of people to this account.

#5. Just Anime Memes - 10K Followers

twitter anime meme account

Just Anime Memes is a very young twitter account, but this does not mean that his pictures are unpopular. The anime memes posted on this account are very interesting, which also attracts a large number of young people to follow.

Tips on How to Make a Funny Meme for Twitter

Sharing a funny meme is one thing, but being the creator of a meme being shared is a different level feeling. Meme making is very simple if you have attractive content in your mind. Applications like Filmora video editor helps to create amazing memes in image, video or gif formats.

Filmora Video Editor - The Best Meme Generator on Desktop

Filmora is one of the best video editing application which is widely used by people all over the world. Its editing features allow us to create attractive memes in any format without the need for a tutorial. Some of the features of Filmora that makes it a good meme maker are:

Bonus: If you want to know more about best meme makers in 2020, you can clic the link before to get the one best suits for you.

best meme maker

Filmora Video Editor

  • Easy to use and stylish interface
  • A wide selection of fonts, titles, transitions, and 1000+ effects
  • Capability to create memes in image, video and gif formats
  • Direct export to social media platforms
  • Fast meme creation is simple 3or 4 steps

How to Make the Funniest Meme using Filmora

Creating Twitter memes using the Filmora Video Editor is very easy, whether it be an image, gif, or video. Once you have an attractive content for the meme all you have to do is open the Filmora application and start working on it.

Here we will show you how a video meme can be created using Filmora, for Twitter.

Step 1: First of all, open the Filmora application. Before importing, create a new project by tapping on New Project and select the required aspect ratio. Now import/record a video to create the meme.

launch video for creating meme

Step 2: Drag the video you have imported to the timeline. Add captions or titles to the video. You can place the texts anywhere on the video.

add text to the meme

Step 3: Insert a piece of background music to your meme video if required. This can be done by dragging the music file to the timeline. You also have a variety of options to edit the music bit by bit.

Step 4: Select the format you wish to save the meme and upload it to Twitter.

export and save the new created meme

Note: Creating a meme in image and gif formats can also be done by following the above steps. But in the end, make sure that you choose an apt format to save the meme.


Twitter is one of the social media where memes are shared as a humorous way of communicating with people. A list of the funniest meme accounts which has a huge number of followers and provides quality content have been listed above.

Creating a meme is an easy task, especially with applications like Filmora. Creating funny and attractive memes and sharing them on social media is one of the best ways to increase the fan following for your account. Please leave your valuable feedback in the comment box below and do let us know about more amazing meme accounts on Twitter. Thank you.

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