The Best iPhone File Manager You Should Know

An iPhone file manager is a must if you want to take control of your mobile life. iSkysoft TunesOver is the best iPhone file manager you should know.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:42

iPhone File manager is a software for PC or Mac which is used to manage all kinds of files transfer between iPhone and PC. Natively, in order to transfer anything between iPhone and PC or Mac, you will need iTunes, but iTunes has certain limitations and doesn’t work smoothly. For example: you can transfer music from PC to iPhone using iTunes but you can’t export music from iPhone to PC using iTunes. If you are using iCloud account, you won’t be even able to transfer photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes. On the other hand, you can’t transfer photos from iPhone to PC via iTunes and with the new iTunes there have been several issues with the Playlists. Moreover, everything on iTunes works with the mechanism of sync which can create certain issues, for example: if you delete any music file on iPhone, when you connect the iPhone with iTunes and hit the Sync button, it will automatically transfer again to your iPhone unless you delete it from the iTunes Library on your PC.

iphone file manager

So, to overcome these kinds of issues or fix such problems, what you need is a third party file manager for your Mac or PC to transfer files between iPhone and PC. There are many iPhone file managers or media managers are available on the internet but most of them are either very costly or aren’t trust worthy. One of the most popular, trust worthy and easy to use file manager or media manager is dr.fone. It is available for both Mac and Windows and works like a charm without any hassle or trouble. Moreover, dr.fone for Mac (or dr.fone) is fully compatible with latest iOS software from iOS 5 to iOS 11 and works with approximately every iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. dr.fone is a complete file manager for your iPhone, you can easily transfer any kind of media file from your PC to iPhone or iPhone to PC without with problem of Synchronization. Here are some main features of dr.fone:

Part 1. Main Features for dr.fone

Copying Media from iPhone to computer:

One of the main and distinguished features of dr.fone is that, you can export any kind of music, videos, Playlists, TV shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks and even Voice memos from your iPhone to PC. So, if you have lost all music on your PC or have bought a new PC but couldn’t transfer music from the old PC, you can transfer it using dr.fone. The best part about dr.fone is that you can’t only export music to a folder on your PC but you can also directly transfer it to the iTunes Library on your PC.

iPod touch songs to Mac

Transfer Media from computer to iPhone:

One of the main features of dr.fone is that it will let you transfer any kind of media from your PC to iPhone, you can transfer Music, videos, TV shows, iTunes U and even the Audiobook. You can’t only transfer the music from PC to iPhone but you can manage all music present on your iPhone right from the dr.fone Manager.

iPod touch songs to Mac

Create Playlists and easily manage them right from dr.fone instead of iTunes:

Creating a playlist on iPhone or iTunes is not an easy feat but with dr.fone you can’t only make playlists on your iPhone. Another renowned feature of dr.fone is that you can easily transfer the Genius Playlist from iPhone to PC which is not possible on iTunes. You can even add more tracks to any Playlist and edit it as well.

iPod touch songs to Mac

Easily manage photos using dr.fone

Unlike iTunes, it will show all albums on dr.fone, you can’t only manage the existing albums, but you can also make new albums. Transferring the photos from iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone is also pretty much easy using the dr.fone. The best part about this file manager is that you don’t need to disable the iCloud, it works perfect even the iCloud is enabled.

iPod touch songs to Mac

Part 2. How to usedr.fone?

Using dr.fone is as easy as it seems, download and install the latest version of dr.fone from the links given above. Connect your iPhone with PC using USB cable and fire up the dr.fone.

How to transfer media from iPhone to computer?

From the main menu of iPhone, you can easily transfer media from your iPhone to PC using the options given. You can either select transfer media to iTunes or transfer it to PC.

1. Click on the icon and it will start the process to transfer media from your iPhone to iTunes Library. Click on “Start” to start the process.

2. In the next step, it will scan your iPhone with all the media files on it.

3. Once the scan is completed, click on “Copy to iTunes” to copy media from iPhone to iTunes.

4. After finishing the transfer, a message will be shown indicating the successful transfer.

iphone file transfer 

How to transfer Media from one iPhone to another iPhone?

For transferring media from one iPhone to another iPhone, Click on To iDevice. It will automatically start the process of transferring media from one iPhone to other iPhone.

How to copy media from computer to iPhone?

To copy media from PC to iPhone, from the main screen, Click on “Media” in the left tab and it will show all media present on your iPhone.

Click on “Add” at the top corner to transfer media from PC to iPhone. Moreover, if you transfer the video file via this method, dr.fone will automatically convert it to optimize it for your iPhone.

Similarly, you can add the Playlist by clicking on Playlist or add photos after Click on “photos” on the left menu.

iphone file transfer 

How to create and manage Playlists using dr.fone?

Creating a playlist is pretty much easy, from the main screen, Click on the “Playlists”. It will show all the playlist on iPhone. Click on “Add” button to add a new playlist.

After creating a Playlist, Open it and Click on “Add Item” to add new music on the current playlist.

You can also delete a Playlist, by selecting a Playlist and Clicking on “Delete” button at top. A dialogue will be shown depicting the confirmation of delete.

Moreover, A Playlist can also be exported to either iTunes Library or PC.

iphone file transfer 

How to manage photos using dr.fone?

From the main screen of dr.fone, Click on the “Photos” from the left panel, here you will see all the photos and albums present on your iPhone.

Just like Playlists, select an Album and you will have different options to perform such as “Delete” and Export it to PC or iTunes Library.

To create a new album, double tap on Mac or right click on Windows PC in the main screen of Albums.

Open the newly made album and Click on “Add” button at top to add new photos to the Album.

iphone file transfer 

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