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By Elva | Jan 10,2018 20:45 pm

To make a perfect video of anything, the most important thing is the perfect video recording device. Using the Camcorder, one can record the videos in the highest quality and perfect frames per second. There are plenty of Camcorders available in the market, but while purchasing the perfect Camcorder to meet your requirements, you will need to take account of certain things. Here is our sneak peak on top 5 best Camcorders which can be used to record the videos.

Part 1. Best 5 Camcorders to Record Slow Motion Videos

1. Panasonic HC-V770 HD

slow motion camcorder

The top is line is one of the perfect solutions to record the high definition videos in the slow motion mode. It will record the videos in 1080 p mode which and offers 20X zoom. The most prominent features include a 3.0” display of the camcorder, Built-in Wi-Fi to connect with the other handheld and Smartphone devices and the perfect noise cancellation feature. This model comes with a wind protection shield on the mic which will reduce the noise 2/3 times as compared to the normal Camcorders. The built-in Wi-Fi feature can also be used to take Picture-in-Picture mode videos, and you can shoot two videos at the same time from this camcorder and your iPhone. Another amazing thing about this camcorder is that it can record the videos perfectly even in the low-light mode such as night mode. Moreover, it is highly portable and comes with the USB charging port, if you think, the recording will take more time, you can directly connect the Camcorder with the power and it will work without battery.

• Price: $597.99

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2. Cannon Vixia HFR62

camcorder slow motion

The ultra-portable camcorder can record high quality video with 1080 p and 60 FPS, with a touch screen of 3.0”. It is very light as compared to the Panasonic HC-V770 HD and also comes with the cheap price. It has also included the Wi-Fi to connect with the other smartphones. The distinguished features include two memory card slots and massive battery timing which will let you record videos up to 2.7 hours. Moreover, it includes the other basic camcorder features such as Face detection, video filters, Android and iPhone application support and different audio settings. Although it doesn’t offer as much features as compared to other camcorders but with the sleek price and size, it is the best option which you don’t want to miss.

• Price: $399

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3. Panasonic HC-W570 HD

best slow motion camcorder

From recording HD videos to basic filters, it provides All-in-one solution for the Camcorders, the sleek design and best hardware combination will let you record the videos depending upon the situation from slow motion videos to Hyper-lapse high quality, you can record anything using this amazing device. It also has the Wi-Fi feature which will let you wirelessly connect the Camcorder using application on smartphone and you can record videos simultaneously on both devices.

• Price: $279

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4. Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33

camcorder with slow motion

Are you looking for a professional level 4K HD video recording camcorder with cheap price and amazing quality? It has the best quality to record videos in low light (in-door mode), as far as the hardware of the camera is concerned, the recording from the mic is stunning with noise cancellation ability and it also offers dual recording mode to record two videos at a time.

• Price: $948

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5. Sony HDR-CX240

slow motion camcorders

Although it doesn’t have the touch screen or on-screen controls, but still it manages to provide an amazing quality video at 60 frames per second and video can be recorded in 1080p. With this price tag, this amazing thing also provides the dual video recording, basic recording features such as noise cancellation for audio and video and USB charging. Moreover, it provides basic level editing features.

• Price: $164.49 Only

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Part 2. Most Effective Slow Motion Video Editing Software

camcorders with slow motion

Once you have recorded the videos, you will need a high end video editor to edit those videos. There are plenty of software available on the internet but one of them are either too complex or too heavy to work on entry level desktop or laptops. Filmora Video Editor for Mac provides video editing from basic level to the ultimate professional level. Apart from the basic editing features, it also has a library to add text or music to the videos. You can crop, trim, split videos and apply filters from vast library of filters which come pre-installed in the software. If you have mistakenly record a video in normal mode, you can also convert it in a slow motion mode.

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