Top 5 Video to GIF Converter Online

Trying to find an online video to GIF converter to convert videos to animated GIF images? Check out the top 5 software to convert video to GIF online.
Elva updated on 2021-11-26 14:55:15

It is pretty much easy to convert different JPEG, PNG or other images into one amazing GIF image. You can also make GIF images from videos because GIF images are the animated form of an image and a silent version of the videos. Converting Video to GIF image isn’t a simple task, you will need to install different complicated programs on your desktop computer to convert the video files to the GIF image. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of websites offer a free video to GIF conversion without any problem. Although these website doesn’t have options to change the speed or framerate of the GIF images but still they are one of the quickest way to convert simple videos to the GIF images. Here’s our sneak peek of best online tools to convert videos to the GIF images. These video tools will work on any device with the internet, so, they are the best solution for some devices with the cloud based operating system such as Google Chrome books.

#1. dr.fone – the best software to convert Videos to GIF images

Although online video convert provides a great way of converting the images but there are certain limitations with most of these online services. The basic limitations is the internet connection, if you don’t have an internet connection, you will not be able to use these software. Moreover, only 1-2 software provide different options to adjust the GIF images.

Instead of these online services, dr.fone is a perfect and a great desktop application available for both Windows PC and Mac OS X that will convert any type of the video into GIF image. You don’t need to have the internet connection to convert the video and the best part is that you don’t have to upload the private videos. In other words, it is a great tool from the security point of view. The GIF maker feature is located in the Toolkit of the dr.fone and it provides most useful and perfect options for output GIF images. You can change the output size of the GIF image, frame rate of the image and can also change the start and end time to cut the GIF image from the video. Last but not the least feature of the dr.fone is that it will work with any video format.

#2. Animated GIF Maker by Imgflip

Top in the list is an amazing service provided by one of the most famous image hosting website, Imgflip. One feature which differentiates this tool from remaining services is that you can also convert the YouTube videos to the GIF images. Simply paste the address of the YouTube and it will automatically convert it to the GIF image. Moreover, it provides many options to change the frame rate, speed, and size of the video, but these options are only available for the pro version.

make gif from video online
  • Easy to use
  • Different options to convert videos to GIF images
  • Download or easily share the image with the URL
  • Most of the options are available for the Pro users
  • To Claim an image, requires sign up
  • Add watermark on every image that you create
  • Only work with the Mp4 Videos

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#3. Video to GIF by Makeagif

Makeagif is actually a dream world for a GIF lover, with thousands of GIF images on the website, it allows you to create GIF images in very simple steps. Upload the photo, set timing for your Image, loop and ratings for your GIF image and hit the convert button to start the conversion process. Once the GIF image is created, you can either download it or share with your friends on different social networking websites.

online gif maker from video
  • Make GIF from YouTube videos, local video or a video recorded with web cam on your computer
  • Many options to share GIF images with your friends
  • Easiest user-interface
  • Creates GIF image with three clicks
  • Cons:
    • Adds watermark to every GIF image
    • Will automatically share it with people, not safe to create personal GIF images
    • No Pro version to remove watermark from GIF image

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    #4. EzGif

    EzGif is the most versatile online service which provides many unwanted options to create the GIF image. This is only suitable for those users who know about video editing and doesn’t have any problem to go through the long complex processes. After conversion, you can even crop the GIF image, resize it or change the speed of GIF image.

    convert video to gif online
    • Provides many options to make a GIF
    • Basic image editing features for the GIF images
    • Doesn’t include the Signup or the Watermarks on the Image
    • No option to share the image on social media

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    #5. Video to GIF by Imgur

    This last option is only useful for those users who want to create GIF images from the online video sharing websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Simply copy the link of the video from any website and select the start and end time. The only option that you can use is the addition of the text on a video in Video to GIF by Imgur.

    video to gif converter online
    • Share the GIF image with one of the largest image sharing library on the internet
    • Easy option to add text on your GIF images
    • No option to upload videos from your computer
    • No option to edit audio or video settings of the GIF image
    • Can’t change the framerate or anything else of the video

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