How can I transfer my music from iTunes to Android phone?

When I planned to switch to the android platform it never occurred to me. What I would do to my most precious music and movie collection on iTunes. It posed a big problem for me how can I transfer my music from iTunes to Android phone. The technological segregation of iPhones and android phones has always been a barrier to transfer movie from iTunes to android.When you pocketed that iPhone, you may not have given it a thought that someday you would want to know how to transfer music/movie from iTunes to android. Here we are going tell you that how to transfer music from iTunes to android without losing any data.

Best software that guides you on how to transfer music from iTunes to android

Low quality to high quality tools we have tried them all but my favorite software for how to transfer music from iTunes to android is the dr.fone for Mac (dr.fone for Windows). It is a complete phone manager making your switch to android very smooth. It helps you Transfer Movie from iTunes to android, Photos, Contacts & SMS between any iOS and Android devices. Your search would end here if you were looking for a phone manager that crosses the technological bottle neck of data transfer in iOS and android devices. It has been optimized to provide you a compatibly format to transfer music from iTunes to android devices.

  • Single Click Transfer: The transfer of your music or movie files is done swiftly with a single click cross system transfer.
  • Platform Compatibility: The software has both mac and windows versions. Making it a two way transfer tool. So even if you plan to switch back to your iOS you don’t have to look for another tool.
  • Rebuild feature: The software can rebuild your crashed itunes library.
  • Quick paced transfer: A very fast software for the quality transfer of music/movie files.
  • Reliability: The trial version is free and software mother company ensures you money back guarantee if it is not able to resolve any technical issues.

Guide to transfer music from iTunes to Android:

As mentioned earlier the User interface is very user friendly. To transfer of music from iTunes to android you just need to follow very easy steps after installing. There are two version (Windows and mac) available we will use windows version here for example.

Step 1: Install the free trial version of the dr.fone software and run the .exe. When the interface is up it prompts you to connect your iOS or android device. Now connect android mobile with computer by using USB cable. Click on “Transfer iTunes media to Device” from the main interface of transfer movie from iTunes to android software.

transfer contacts from itunes to android

Step 2: Once you connect your android device it shows you all the folders. It will have automatically checked all the folders. Uncheck the folders you don’t want to copy. Check “Music” or “Movies” from the list of content.

transfer from itunes to android

Step 3: Now just click on the transfer and it will neglect the duplicates and copy only the non-repeated music file. Once transfer music or movies from iTunes to Android is completed just click on “ok” button to finish the process. Your selected iTunes media files will be available now on your android device. Now let's try!

transfer from itunes to android phones

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