Top 5 Best Windows Phone Data Transfer for Free Download

Here are the top 5 best Windows Phone data transfer tools allowing you to transfer date from and to Windows Phone easily.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:52:04

There are several occasions when you would wish to transfer data from your Windows phone to other devices. Several applications for file transfer are available for Windows Phone that would enable the transferring of data to and from a Windows device proficiently. These apps not just aid in transferring data from a cell phone to another, but also help in transferring data between a PC and a windows device as well. Each app has something or the other unique to offer in comparison to the other data transfer app. Users can select app based on their requirements. Few apps offer reliability and few offer high speed data transfer. Here are the top 5 best Windows Phone data transfer apps:

1. SHAREit-Connect and Transfer

Developed by Lenovo, SHAREit is the fastest file transfer platform for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This app enables replication of contacts, Videos, apps, music, MMS and SMS messages in just a click.

  • It lets the users to share the files 200 times the Bluetooth speed.
  • No internet, data usage or USB is required in order to make use of the application.
  • SHAREit enables in file transfer from one cell phone to another and is the most convenient app to transfer files across various mobile platforms.
  • The key feature of this device is that it enables file transfer between mobile devices and PC.
  • This app is available for Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and iOS.

2. Xender: File Sharing and Transfering

Xender can help in transferring any data from the cell phone to the computer or laptop with the aid of its new Connect PC mode feature. Xender allows transfer between android and iOS apart from the transfer of content across the same platforms.

  • Anything can be transferred with this app including music, videos, pictures, applications and documents from one device to another.
  • The best thing about the device is that is supports Mac, Chromebook and PC.
  • This app is basically available for Android platforms. However, the desktop version of this app can be used for PC and Mac.
  • Common files can be transferred easily without any hassles.

3. AirDroid

This is one of the most common apps used for file transfer between a Windows Phone and a computer that are connected to the same WiFi network.

  • It supports various apps and responds to all the notifications from the computer directly.
  • Easy transfer of file from the PC to Android devices and vice versa is possible with the aid of this app.
  • The notifications can be checked from the computer as well.
  • AirDroid aids in transfer from and to Mac devices.

4. Zapya

This file transfer app is quite interesting which is available for iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone and for Android Devices. It allows in transferring data including videos, music, photos and other kinds of files for the platforms mentioned above.

  • 128 times the Bluetooth speed.
  • High speed transfer across various platforms.
  • Sharing of music, apps, photos, PDF, videos and other files types are offered by Zapya.
  • PC to cell phone device transfer and vice versa.
  • No data network or WiFi connection is needed to run this application.

5. iSkysoft Phone Transfer

MobileTrans for Windows is an easy file transfer solution for videos, photos, text messages, call history, contacts, apps and calendar between Android, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, BlackBerry and iOS 11. This can be performed in just one click. Whether you upgrade your phone or switch to a new phone, you can make use of this mobile transfer tool to safely transfer your data across devices running on various platforms. Full scale transfer of email address, contacts, company names, job title, album info, lyrics, camera roll, playlist, photo album and photo stream can be done with the aid of this app. ( MobileTrans for Mac is also available.) The key features of this app are:

  • The data transferred with the aid of this app is same as the original content even after the transfer.
  • This app serves as a backup tool for saving the phone data.
  • This app lets in restoration of phone data from the content saved on iCloud, Blackberry backup and iTunes.
  • This app supports over 3,500 phone models and various networks.
  • Data backup can easily be done on a PC and then can be restored on other devices.
  • iTune playlists can be transferred to iPad, Android phone, iPod touch and to Symbian Phone. The backup of playlists can be done on Windows phone as well.
  • Quick data restoration can be done with the aid of this app which supports transfer to and from various platforms.

Choose the Windows phone transfer app that best suits your requirements. There are plenty of apps for data transfer process available. Each app has something or the other unique feature to offer to the users. Few apps offer quicker transfer and few apps aid in file transfer across various mobile platforms and PC without the aid of any connectivity. Many apps even allow for data restoration from cloud storage. The app best suiting the data transfer requirement can be chosen to complete the data transfer process without any hassles.

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