Compared to the other phone brands like Nokia, many prefer to use smart phones like Sony because of its latest, popular and wonderful features. But changing from phone to phone could be a little troublesome. You are going to need to transfer all of the data from your Nokia to Sony. The data on your phone, for sure, is kind of precious. Naturally, moving data like contact numbers, important text messages or SMS, memories in photos, videos, music from phone to phone would require much effort, but with the help of Phone Transfer, you can be hassle-free in no time!

MobileTrans for Mac ( or MobileTrans for Windows) is a phone data transfer tool which is proven excellent in transferring text messages, SMS, photos, videos, music and other phone data from one phone to another in the easiest way. It is the finest with its one click phone to phone transfer between different kinds of phone brands such as iPhone, Android and many more Smart phones. This Nokia to Sony transfer tool also has a backup and restore ability that enables to keep your data files in your phone secured and protected.

nokia to sony transfer 

Steps to Transfer Data from Nokia to Sony

Here is a step by step guide on how to transfer data from Nokia to Sony in one click using the finest features of Phone Transfer:

Step1. Download, Install and Launch Phone Transfer Tool

First off, you need to download the Phone Transfer. Click "Free Dowload ". A dialog box will appear, click "Save File" then wait. Another dialog box will appear, click "Run". A mini window will show up, click "Install" then wait. Click "Start now" to open the main window of the phone transfer.

Step2. Connect your Nokia and Sony phone to the computer

On the main window, select the "Phone to Phone Transfer mode". You will be asked to connect both of your Nokia and Sony phone. Connect both of your phone via USB or cable then wait for the PC to detect it.

Step3. Transfer Data from Nokia to Sony

Select the content files you desire to copy by clicking and checking each. Click "Start Copy". Wait patiently for the data transfer to be done. Make sure to keep both of the devices connected.

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