Top 5 Video Chat Apps between Android and iPhone (iPhone 6S)

Here are top 5 video chat app for Android and iPhone (iPhone 6S). Choose any one to video chat Android to iPhone anytime you want.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-08-24 20:27:34

The advent of the internet as well as apps from iStore and Google Play has changed the way we use our phone. You can video chat Android to iPhone at any time. The world is truly within everyone’s reach when you can video conference someone from a different time zone or from the other side of the globe real time. There is a wide variety of options, all you need is to choose the right application for you. Sifting your option may be easier than you thought. Accessibility, popularity, convenience and simplicity of the application will be your major considerations. It has to be user friendly and easy. Talking should not feel like a chore, so it is important to choose an app that does not need rocket science technical skills. Of course, it has to be free for download. No need to shell out any cash for you to enjoy an easy, breezy video chat experience, right? Here are our top picks for the top 5 video chat app that are available both for Android and iPhone (iPhone 6S) users.


You really cannot ignore 700 million users that trust Skype. It can be a great Android to iPhone video chat app. There are a lot of cool features that this app has to offer, from the most basic instant messaging to a more complex VoIP, but the reason why Skype still leads the way when it comes to video chat apps is the fact that it is a familiar brand. It has been around even before smartphones became a mainstream commodity. The fact that it has adjusted to the needs of its consumer is comforting. It was easy to use way back when the desktop is the main tech item around, and it has evolved without losing its familiar and friendly features.


If you are fond of Facebook (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) ooVoo will enable video chat Android to iPhone for you. No need to search for your friends’ contact information, the app can automatically link your Facebook contacts. How cool is that? Video and instant messaging would cost you nada for ooVoo users, but you do need to pay a certain amount if you contact non ooVoo numbers. You can chat with up to 12 friends with ooVoo. If you want to be on the loop on what is going on with your friends or if you are the type who would be social media-vocal, then we are sure you will love their quick status updates.


This Android to iPhone video chat app also exemplifies what users like; it’s friendly, easy and uncomplicated. Viber has a wide array of cool emojis and emoticons that range from the simplest smiley to a lot of hilarious selections that can be addicting both for the receiver and the sender. No fuss, you can easily locate what to press in making a video chat or when sending a picture. Although this app is for free and allows you to video chat for free, standard rates apply when you viber out, meaning call mobile or landline numbers not registered to Viber.

Google Hangouts.

Google has a knack of leaving no stone unturned so to speak. So they have created an app that makes it possible to video chat and conference. If you are a Google+ user, this feature is readily available for you. What makes this cool is because it is from Google, you can still send messages or video calls regardless if you are using your phone, laptop or tablet. It allows video conferencing to up to 10 users so it really lives up to its name. You and your friends can hang out without you leaving the confines of your own room. Emojis and emoticons are also there to add some fun. You can share your photos just like how you would when you are close by. Google just added another reason why you should be hanging out with them.


This is another no nonsense Android to iPhone video chat application that delivers just what it is supposed to. It is simple and easy to use. It supports calls, video conferencing and instant messaging to its user. It allows you to share your photos with fellow Tango users. There are times when apps like this would just earn a thumbs down because of the complicated process of signing up. Not Tango. It is literally as easy as one, two, three. They just need your name, email address and mobile number and you are good to go. Oh, not to mention, you can also share music messages through Spotify.

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