10 Best Adobe After Effects Alternatvie

In this article you will find 10 best Adobe After Effects alternatives you need to know and try out!
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“I wonder if there is an After Effects alternative I can use that guarantees equally incredible video enhancement simply, quickly, and cheaply?”

Of course, there are plenty of Adobe After Effects alternatives you can use that are pretty affordable, and you won’t need a YouTube tutorial to learn how to use them. In case you are wondering what in the universe is After Effects, relax and read on. Now, in the world of videography, more often than not, one is required to edit and improve the overall outlook of their videos recorded on a phone or digital camera. To do so, you need After Effects. It is an unmatched technically-advanced motion software used for creating and editing video files. It is trendy in the market, hence if you an aspiring videographer or are interested in graphic design, read along.

Below are the ten best Adobe After Effects alternatives you need to know and try out!

10 Best Adobe After Effects Alternative

1. Filmora Video Editor

First on our list is the Filmora Video Editor (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) that is excellent After Effects alternative for Mac as well as Windows operating system. It is a brilliant tool for compositing and editing video clips designed with an intuitive user interface. It has up-to-date editing modes and better control like key-framing over clips.

adobe after effects alternative


• It performs tasks fast, has proxy files, and a changeable preview function that contributes to your productivity.

• It allows you to rectify the most common camera problems, including camera shake and fisheye.

• You can alter the aesthetic of a video clip with just one click.

• It has room for direct sharing of stories online.

• It lets you arrange media files in video tracks of 100.

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

2. Nuke

alternative to after effects

The second best After Effects alternative for Mac and Windows users is Nuke. It is prevalant and used in editing many Hollywood movies such as Avatar, Tron: Legacy, Transformers, and The Lord of The Rings. It is also highly utilized by animators since it is an adaptable, efficient, and highly featured video tool.

Price: $1629 quarterly or $4758 for the lifetime plan


• Nuke comes designed with vector paint tools, color correction, rotoscope, and much more.

• It makes it possible to work with images that have multiple opacity and color.

• It lets you monitor and make necessary alterations to objects precisely and fast.

• It articulately takes care of Lens’ distortion.

• It supports previewing change in 3D.

3. Apple Motion

apple motion

Apple Motion is an After Effects alternative for Mac computers only. It makes it easier for its user to create amazing 2D and 3D animations, personalize fancy titles, transitions, and effects for Final Cut Pro, which happens to be an Apple software too. What makes Apple Motion a unique video tool is that it gets you immediate feedback on your work without rendition.

Price: $299.99


• It has High Dynamic Range graphics.

• It lets you drag and drop clips to create animations with a choice of up to 200 filters.

• It allows you to customize hue, brightness, and saturation with improved color wheels.

• It supports the importing of 360-degree media and developing 360-degree titles, generators, and effects.

4. Natron


The fifth on our list is an After Effects open-source alternative that is also free to use. Natron can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is perfect for graphic design enthusiasts as it allows you to personalize the functions and the user interface, giving you more control over the software. Moreover, it is capable of generating numerous layers of masks, mattes, and shapes used in creating effects.

Price: Free


• It has a mighty and brilliant sheet editor.

• It has an excellent 2D and planner tracker.

• It developed with GPU and rendering ability.

• It accommodates a myriad of free and open-source OpenFX plugins.

• It supports the most popular image formats, including PNG, JPG, SVG, and PSD.

5. Blender


Blender is an Adobe After Effects alternative for free that is also open-source software. It is a cross-platform video tool designed specifically for creating animation effects. It is suitable for developing motion tracking, visual effects, thrilling 3D applications, or video games. You can customize Blender using its API for Python script.

Price: Free


• It is ideal for making incredible renders.

• It allows you to alter animation pose editor.

• It is capable of rendering to multi-layer OpenEXR files.

• Allows you to merge 2d and 3D images smoothly.

• It has onion skinning support for animation.

• It lets its users personalize interface layout as well as shortcuts.

6. Wax


Sixth in the list is Wax, which is another After Effects alternative for free for Windows users exclusively. It is instead a lightweight software that you can use single-handedly or as a plugin for other software like Sony Vegas. When you use Plugin Adapter, you have a variety of Wax plugins to select from like DirectX, Windows Movie Maker presets, or Virtual Dub filters.

Price: Free


• It allows for the creation of 2d and 3D video effects.

• It is an ideal plugin for Premiere.

• It lets the user utilize graphics acceleration for processing.

7. Autodesk Smoke

autodesk smoke

Autodesk Smoke is pretty expensive with quite a challenging user interface. You will have to put aside some minutes just to get acquitted with the software’s platform. Otherwise, it is an excellent video enhancer that lets you work on your clip on the timeline. It makes jaw-dropping 3D text effects.

Price: $1545 per year


• It lets you scale your workflow using automated processes.

• It allows creating smart particle effects like water, snow, fire, and spray.

• It has a polygon subdivision surface that lets you develop organic and parametric objects.

• It provides selection and styling tools that make it easy to manipulate hair and fur directly in viewports.

8. Hitfilm


Hitfilm is an Adobe After Effects alternative that’s free for use. It is a feature-packaged VFX software that takes care of editing and compositing tasks exhaustively and simply. Designed with a lot of preset effects, it enables its users to create state-of-the-art videos effortlessly.

Price: Free


• It has more than 820 VFX and presets.

• It accommodates mostly used media formats.

• It supports audio visualization.

• It comes with surface studio effects that let you create animated texture.

9. Fusion 16


Fusion 16 is an excellent animation software designed with visual effects, VR, motion graphics, and 3D functionality. It makes it easier for the user to develop the impact by joining different kinds of photograph processing software. It is available for download on Windows and Linux platforms.

Price: Free or $299


• It accommodated popular Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

• It designed to analyze live-action shots and integrate them into 3D camera movement.

• It is capable of automatically identifying the tracking details of an image.

• It has better performance thanks to extra GPU acceleration.

10. Continuum


Last but not least, on our list of best Adobe After Effects alternative is the Continuum software. This software is a plugin development by Boris FX. It lets you streamline workflow using up-to 17 different creative effects. Its cinema 4D integration makes it stand out.

Price: Free


• It lets you incorporate spotlights and moody rays on-stage performances.

• It enhances classical look in films with the help of the film style unit.

• There is a variety of choices for use in color correction and matching.

• It helps achieve advanced visual effects (VFX).

• It comes with plenty of presets to begin a project.


So, have you made your pick on the best Adobe After Effects alternative you would like to give a try?
Now, if you are a first time or potential graphic-designer cum videographer, it is advisable to start with user-friendly apps like Filmora9 Video Editor.
Go ahead and click on the links provided to download the app of your choice immediately. Enjoy.

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later
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