Best YouTube Voice Changer: How to Change Your Voice in YouTube Videos

A full guide on changing voice in the video for YouTube. Add recommend best 8 YouTube voice changer for you.
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Do you want to change the natural voices in your published YouTube videos? A video voice transformer is an excellent method to change the sound in a video, improve sound quality, and make your recordings more fun and innovative. Voice Changer is a gadget that permits you to change the tone or add twisting to your voice. Plus, if you are a vlogger doing tricks, hacks, instructional exercises, and some more, yet you disapprove of your voice like a sensitive throat and running nose, yet at the same time, you need to make a video. Indeed, contingent upon the number of recordings you make, you may need to do a great deal of voiceover work, which is possible with voice changer software YouTube available in the market.

Have you ever wanted to change or enhance your voice when making a YouTube video? Voice transformer presents to us loads of fun. Likewise, it's beneficial. It can assist you with masking your personality. It's a smart thought to trick your loved ones by concealing your voice. Except if you have an office loaded with individuals ready to share their voices, you'll either need to enlist voice ability to do this or let your PC do it. Voice-evolving Software, regularly utilized in online computer games, can change any voice into another voice in a flash. You need to use one of these below explained YouTube video voice changers to create a soundtrack to add to your YouTube recordings.

Part 1: Change Video Voice with The Best YouTube Voice Changer

In compliance with the above-stated importance of voice changer, a voice transformer is a revolutionary tool that can change the pitch of the speaker’s voice, utilize a male or female voice, apply vocal impacts and ensure the client's character. This section chooses the best voice transformers for you to pick the one you find best for your YouTube channel and get to know how to change your voice on YouTube videos.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is the primary passage in the rundown of voice enhancing toolkits. There ought to be no secret toward what it's intended to do with your agent since this software uncovers the first thing that it changes the discourse. This masterpiece software is a standout amongst other video and YouTube voice changers for tenderfoots with simple to-utilize yet powerful enough video and sound altering software tools.

With Filmora Video Editor, you can make sounds quicker or slower, include diverse sound impacts, and significantly more! Download this product for Windows or Mac and follow our detailed instructional steps.

basic editing

Here are a few features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Filmora Video Editor comes up with a perfect recorder which records and fare to swift rendered output files without glitches.
  • The recorder also comes with a delay button empowered so you can take breaks.
  • This software fills in as a music/sound player and can play different sound records over your receiver.
  • Utilizing the Filmora Video Editor is simple. It just takes a solitary slider to change your voice pitch and give your voice a new disposition and profundity to it.
  • In case you're devoted to thinking of a remarkable voice, you can indeed play around with this one and surprise your loved ones with Filmora voice editing capabilities.
Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

The Step-by-step Guide to Change the Voices of a Video in Filmora Video Editor:

Filmora Video Editor is undoubtedly the one with the best natural abilities for your voice changing and enhancements. Here we have explained how you can use this enrich toolkit to edit your audio tracks of your videos:

Adding Voice and Media Files

The foremost step involved in adding your files and videos to this professional video editing platform. To do so, follow the lead below:

• Open the Filmora Video Editor from your desktop and create a new project:

create new project

• Now in the front interface, head towards the Import button to add your desired audio files into this software:

import audio files

• You can also opt for prestigious soundtracks of this software built-in library by going into the Audio menu as follow:

add music

Audio Editing Tool

You can do plenty of altering to your audio file added to this software. All you need to do is drag and drop your file to the timeline and follow the steps below to make your desired adjustments:

• You can split your audio track if it’s naturally embedded with your video by opting for the Split option after the right-click on your file as follow:

split audio

• You can trim your specific audio file to the particular tenure and make it unique audio just by using the cutter slider right within the timeline:

trim audio

• With Filmora Video Editor, you can also adjust the track height and volume so easily and handily just by clicking into the Audio properties within the timeline as follows:

adjust audio

Voice Changing Function

Here’s the kicker with Filmora Video Editor as with its separate audio enhancer toolkit, you can quickly bring change to your voice just by selecting the voice file which you’ve added into your timeline by following the steps below:

• You can effectively do fade in and fade out to your audio file by changing the following sections in the audio editor:

fade in or out audio

• To change the speed and pitch of your audio file, you can do it easily by sliding the slider in the Pitch and Speed section of the audio editor as follow:

change audio speed

• You can also use the intelligent audio denoise feature of the Filmora Video Editor, which will enhance the audio file with noise-free capability.

denoise audio

• With Filmora Video Editor, you can use the Audio Mixer, which mixes up multiple tracks of your own choice and bring it a new sound to your typical audio tracks, as follow:

audio mixer

Export Enhanced Audio File

As soon as you’re done with the powerful audio altering of Filmora Video Editor, export the output file to your desired location by following easy steps:

• Hit the Export button directly at the top of the software interface, which opens up the enriched features Export window as follows:

export media

• You can do necessary enhancements to your final file such as Bitrate of Audio as follow:

format settings

• You can also share the file directly to your audience on YouTube by clicking on YouTube as follow:

share to youtube

2. AthTek Voice Changer

youtube voice changer

AthTek's free voice transformer for Windows is an elementary program that will permit you to change your voice pitch and speed in a sound account. Essentially, clients are allowed to change their voices to anything going from a little child to an old individual and everything in the middle of including childish voices and others.

Online / Software: Software

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Progressed voice-learning calculations for best quality sound.
• Full combination with web-based games and visit programs.
• Transform sound documents or record your transformed voice to a record.

3. Audacity

youtube video voice changer

Audacity is free, and that implies that it is a mainstream decision for those hoping to change the voice in their recordings. Boldness has a severe scope of predefined devices, allowing you to alter previously recorded documents, catch sounds through the appended receiver, or even digital broadcasts or stream music. It bolsters an expansive scope of sound arrangements for both sending out and bringing in, in addition to a noteworthy measure of implicit impacts.

Online / Software: Software

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Include your own sounds impacts and foundations.
• Progressed vocal lot channels for boundless tweaking.
• A vast library of free voice and audio effect packs.

4. Voxal Voice Changer

youtube voice changer software

Voxal Voice Changer is currently one of the most developed voice-changing platforms. It has acquired a wide range of sound effects, such as robots, young ladies, kids, outsiders, etc. With Voxal Voice Changer, you can jump directly into the voice change and make your own to sound like another person.

Online / Software: Software

Price: Commercial License $19.99 & Individual License $16.97.

Key Features:

• Voxal Voice Changer likewise applies impacts to different sounds.
• Voxal Voice Changer works with Discord without any problems at all.
• One of the chief characteristics of Voxal is the UI, which is amicable and makes utilizing the program a breeze.

5. Voice Changer HD

youtube voice changer app

Voice Changer HD can change your voice and make it fun, tuning in as your adjusted discourse voice. You can record your voice or sounds, apply the impacts you need, and offer it with companions. Added a catch to share your changed voice on social media platforms straightforwardly.

Online / Software: Application

Price: Free

Key Features:

• This iOS application incorporates 25 diverse preset voices.
• The application is for recording adjusted voices, not altering existing sound documents.
• Simple to-utilize, primary editing simplistic interface.

6. Skype Voice Changer

how to change your voice in youtube videos

Skype Voice Changer accompanies a few simples to utilize, fun impacts to adjust your voice differently. This software permits you to see each effect to hear what it seems like before starting your call. It likewise lets you replay pre-recorded sounds to the individual you're conversing with and record your discussions.

Online / Software: Software

Price: $29.95 Full License.

Key Features:

• The impacts that come incorporated with Skype Voice Changer are extraordinary at changing how your voice sounds.
• The preliminary version of this software will permit you to spare the initial 30 seconds of your call to WAV.
• This software permits you to replay pre-recorded audio effects for the other individual to hear.

7. AV Voice Changer Diamond

how to change voice for youtube video

AV Voice Changer incorporates preset voices you can redo. Or then again, you can alter your voice recording without utilizing any preset impacts. This product is a very point by point voice modifying and changing program for Windows. You can adjust existing sound documents, alter your voice progressively in an assortment of texting and internet gaming stages, and even record your voice inside the program.

Online / Software: Software

Price: $99.95 Full License.

Key Features:

• AV Voice Changer has its pitch-tone controls with an expert element of sound player and recorder.
• You can change your voice progressively with this product.
• AV Voice Changer accompanies its preset voice settings, which you can rapidly utilize.


how to change voice in video for youtube is an incredible foundation of voice control programming that works both continuously and from accounts, permitting you to do nearly anything with your voice. The most recent release in the voice transformer arrangement offers a full array of cutting-edge highlights to help you take your voice-altering to the following level.

Online / Software: Online

Price: Free

Key Features:

• This online platform is suitable for primary level voice enhancing as it has a straightforward interface.
• You can easily use this simplistic platform for your voice-altering purposes.
• You can pick any of the best suitable avatar voices available at the interface of this platform intuitively.


Voice transformer is in excess in this modern era that makes a trick call and does anything ordinary with your voice notes. It's likewise an essential piece of video creation. From these voice changer apps for YouTube videos, pick a voice transformer, and trick your companions. These are the most well-known and influential voice changing projects that you can discover and the straightforward free ways to change voice in recordings. You can finish the voice changing through some work area video altering programming like Filmora9 or with the online video transformer toolkits.

Regardless of whether you are awkward with how to change voice for a YouTube video, or need to imagine you're another person in a call, or perhaps need to know how you may have seemed like if your voice was slightly more profound or lighter. There are some great applications out there. You can take it significantly further and try Filmora Video Editor just if you think about what it may have been similar to. On the off chance, with this powerful and intuitive video and voice editor, you ought to have all you require to go out in the YouTube industry and begin making excellent voiceover content for YouTube and other platforms of your own choice effectively.

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later
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