Top 6 Free Movie Editors You Can't Miss

It seems that movie editing would be so magic! Here are the top 6 free movie editing software you should not miss!
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:28

Free movie editor embrace simplicity that makes video editing an easy task even for amateurs. It is a nice addition to your entertainment deck. You can trim, rotate, add emoticons, or anything that makes your video amazing. You can create home video, whacky videos or even edit existing videos on your computer. You just have to be creative to get the best out of free movie editing software. Most paid movie editors come with bloated functions that make them complicated and easy to use. Movie editing should be basic and fun!

Top 6 Movie Editor Free Download for Mac and Windows

#1. Filmora Video Editor (Mac OS and Windows)

Filmora Video Editor is the best movie editing software I'd like to recommend to you. There are so many amazing hand-picked features in it for users to make standing out videos. It has multiple motion graphics and background music for you to add to your videos. You could always find something great in the software and the elements inside will keep being updated. For example, when Halloween came last year, then horror motion graphics, background music, filters and overlays were added to the software for users to create creepy movies. Now this free movie editor allow users to stabilize videos and play videos in reverse.

  • New features are added continually;
  • Outstanding texts and titles effects that other movie editors can't compare with;
  • Built-in effect store and music library;
  • Special features like PIP(Picture in Picture) and Green screen make it the best movie editor in the market;
  • The trial version can use all the features, but the final movie will has watermark.

#2. Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker is one of the best movie editing software out there. It comes embedded in the Windows OS as part of the Windows Essential packages. The software is designed with video editing amateurs in mind. This movie maker editor has a very simple user interface that is very simple to navigate. Videos clips and photos are added using 'drag and drop' function. The videos are photos are immediately displayed on the order they are added. The videos can be edited easily and soundtracks, credits and captions added easily. It is a major component of the Windows OS and it is more than certain that it will part of Windows 10.

  • It is simple to use.
  • The edit videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and other sites.
  • It possible save videos in different video formats such MP4, AVI and MPEG.
  • It has limited number of functions.
  • It is only available for Windows OS only.

Download Windows Movie Maker >>

#3. Lightworks (Mac OS and Windows)

Lightworks is the most advanced in free movie editor. It has real editing power and comes with the biggest set of features. It comes with smart trimming tools, strong multicam support, and real-time effects. The software has been used to produce Hollywood movies such as Batman and Mission Impossible. You can edit movie videos with a resolution of up to 4K.

  • A modern looking UI with better export controls.
  • Better content management.
  • It is completely free of charge.
  • It is complicated editing tool for beginners and needs plenty of time to learn all functionality and it will be long before you can do anything with it.

Download Lightworks>>

#4. WeVideo (Windows, Unix and Mac OS)

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor movie maker that has a top-notch free-to-use version even though it comes with a number of limitations. Users get 5GB of cloud storage and ability to publish videos of 5 minutes length every month on Facebook, YouTube and other six sites. It is easy to upload videos on WeVideo as you can grab clips on different social media sites. This is a feature that is not possible with desktop programs. It is easy to add files and add special effects. Editing videos is a simple task and does not require prior experience in movie editing.

  • It is very simple to use as the controls are straight-forward.
  • It is easy to add videos from other sites.
  • No need to install the software.
  • Limit of five-minutes of video allowed to be uploaded per month.
  • Offline editing is not possible.

Download WeVideo>>

#5. Avidemux (Windows OS)

Avidemux is an open source movie video editor that can be used to join clips, cut them and apply a number of useful filters such adding a logo, flip, crop, resize, sharpen, rotate, tweak brightness, remove noise and change video contrast. It may sound very basic but it comes with many options and controls that ensures that you videos comes out just the way you want it. It has an online Wiki that has great tutorials on how one can get the best out of this free video editor.

  • Simple UI for easy video editing.
  • Availability of learning resources on online wiki.
  • Limited editing functionality.
  • Video cannot be uploaded directly to social media sites.

Download Avidemux >>

#6. MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6 (Mac OS and Windows)

MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6 has a download of just 327KB that might make you brush it off at the first glance. First impression can be deceiving as you can use this software to cut, trim, copy and paste parts of your footage. You even get an option to rotate your footage. It has an export dialog that enables you to open the edit movie on a different program. It can also open multiple video formats.

  • Small install size which saves on disk space.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Export dialog option which is better than most commercial products.
  • Lack of learning resources.
  • Some Video formats are not supported such AVI, MKV and FLV.

Download MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6>>

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