Christmas is the time of year when people around the globe get together with their families and friends. During the time, you might like to take photos and record casual videos for share and preserving the precious memories. You can take the videos of kids opening the gifts, video of beautiful lights, all guests and their views about the event, video of beautiful decorations and amazing meal that you will have on Christmas Eve. After then, to burn the videos to a DVD, share on YouTube or family website, you might need to combine these video clips into a big Christmas video. If you don’t know a tool to do it, I strongly recommend Filmora Video Editor.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor to Combine Christmas Videos

Filmora Video Editor is a popular video editing tool that let you create captivating videos with simple drag-n-drops and clicks. It contains all the features you need to make a great video. And more effects are added to the software regularly, especially for holidays, like Halloween and Christmas.

Check out the main features of Filmora Video Editor now:

  • Drag and drop video clips and photos to combine them as a big video;
  • Multiple transitions, intro/credit and sample colors make the scene shift naturally;
  • Great-looking animated titles to make the video special and stunning;
  • Hand-picked filters, overlays and motion graphics make the video standout;
  • Special effects, like green-screen, split-screen, face-off, et. Are available as well.

In the new version of Filmora Video Editor, developers have also included a beautiful Christmas resource package which will include the beautiful Christmas motion graphics, Christmas songs and even the Christmas transitions. The Christmas elements present in the Filmora Video Editor include the beautiful hat, Santa’s socks, Christmas tree and even the lights. The best part is that these elements can also be set in a motion to a particular direction.

Step by Step guide to use Filmora to combine Christmas videos

Import videos to Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import Media Files

The first step involves importing the media files to the Filmora Video Editor, you can either import the files from a folder on your computer or can use online social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Flickr to import the media files. Click on the Import button and select all the media files that you want to incorporate in a Christmas videos and click on Load to add it to the media library of Filmora.

Step 2. Move the Files to Editing Area

This is the most important step to combine different Christmas videos, first select a video file and import it to the editing area, now select another file to carefully place it next to the already present media file. If you put the second video a little down to first one, it will create the picture in picture effect. Another thing that you should keep in mind while transferring the media files is the order of the second or third video.

merge videos in Filmora Video Editor

1. Joining Different Videos using Christmas Transitions: Once the two videos are in the editing panel, you can join them using one of the beautiful transitions present in the transitions tab. Click on a transition and drag it between the two videos.

use picture-in-picture in Filmora Video Editor

2. Adding Picture-In-Picture Effect: Hold the second video and drag it to a little below to the first video, a new outline will be shown in the preview screen where you can adjust the size of the second video.

use Split Screen in Filmora Video Editor

3. Adding Split Screen Effect to Videos: Click on the split screen button and select a template for your videos. Now, select the different videos from the media library and move them to different drop zones to create a perfect split screen effect. All these videos will play simultaneously.

use Green Screen in Filmora Video Editor

Step 3. Export Christmas Videos

Once you have combined different Christmas videos, you can easily export them to devices, save on PC , upload them to YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook or burn it to DVD. Just click the “Export” and select the way you preferred to export the Christmas videos.

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