Top 20 Funny Videos on YouTube

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YouTube is the largest website in the world which holds an enormous amount of content in the form of videos. The main focus of the site is to target an audience from all over the world for multipurpose content that has been uploaded every day. Most of the people browse YouTube for entertainment and since inception the website has made sure that the best and state-of-the-art content is provided without vulgarity. Humor can be regarded as the hidden side of this website which most of the people simple ignore. Below are the top 20 funniest videos that have been uploaded to YouTube. If getting inspired by the funny videos, you can create your own YouTube videos.

#1. Dallas Funny News - Lizard Jumps on News Guy

Concentrating on the wrong amphibian can lead to fatal results and this video proves it in the best way. A critter jumping on the newscaster while he concentrates on the snake held in the other guy’s hand would make you laugh for sure.

#2. Have you ever had a dream like this

Explanation is taken to the next level by this little kid explaining in a way that the viewer gets nothing. Perhaps it is a new type of dream in the market that is to be purchased and when it comes to this video then laughter is limitless. Simply out of control.

#3. Absence of the Towels

Always remember on advice and of course it is free of charge; never forget to take your towels when going to the bathroom. Fixing some bathroom Sudoku puzzles is definitely not a difficult task but it becomes if your friend is standing outside and you come out nude just to get this piece of cloth.

#4. Ha Ha Ha Ha

Sometimes a camera captures some moments accidently which become epic once they are watched carefully. Concentration is the key to success and this video proves that all a person needs to do is to concentrate while shooting to get instant results.

#5. Best Cat Jump ever

Cats when behaving bizarrely become one of the cutest animals of the world. Jumping cats and the related videos have always fascinated the YouTube users and this one is the latest addition that is on board to make users laugh even harder.

#6. Horse Front Flip

For all those users who have not seen a horse falling or flipping from the front are recommended to watch his video for once and then try to control the laugher that would spontaneously burst for sure. Horses are intelligent but sometimes for unknown reason they act dumb and the result could be clearly seen in the video the link of which has also been provided.

#7. Jesus Christ In Richmond Park: Original Upload

Running after deer is never recommended as they are too fast to catch but the oldie in this video thinks on the contrary. The original shot right from the heart of Richmond Park will leave you speechless and will make your day even if you don’t want it to become.

#8. My daughter has chosen the Dark Side. [ORIGINAL]

For some parents the title might be of the hardest things to believe but fortunately it is true to its core. A falling toy car and an evil grin that follows has given 3 million views to this video in just 5 days of its upload which is definitely mind boggling. The main idea if caught will make sure that the viewer laughs to steatite his desire.

#9. Dramatic Cupcake Dog – Revelation

With eyes wide open the dog in this clip would make the viewer laugh. The lady holding a tray full of cup cakes is shouting awake but the dog is not ready to listen which creates a hilarious situation that cannot be ignored at all. The video went viral within few hours of its upload and the views are still counting on and on.

#10. Kevin Everett recovery update - News 12 Blooper

Bloopers are common in the world of TV and movies but sometimes these bloopers create a situation that is uncontrollable. For complete understanding this video is highly recommended as it suggests that the camera crew as well as the editing staff should be up and running during the broadcast.

#11. Andrew, You Are Not The Father

The annotation of the video will make the viewer laugh which says “I has sex with 2 men which one is the daddy”. The video is skipped to the end where it is announced by the presenter that “Andrew you are not the father” and instantly that guy turns into Michael Jackson which is a reaction which some normal person would give on becoming a father.

#12. Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds

It is one of the best bloopers that have been uploaded to YouTube till date. The presenter is talking about the death of a school boy and instantly he say Oh -----ck and then the camera instantly rolled away which shows that the cameraman turned ghetto as well.

#13. Nanaimo fire ,Stewart ave

Some videos are hilarious due to the description that has been added to make people laugh and this is one of them. A man hailing in a humorous way makes this video awesome and stunning. The description states that “Say No to Drugs” and “How do you think it got started”.

#14. Fox 5 Jet Pack FAIL

Jet pack is fatal for news reporters and this video proves it without a shadow of doubt. When the person with the jet pack said “It starts right now” standing beside Matt Johnson gets out of the way in time as the Jet pack failure caused the operator to bit the dust beneath the sea level.

#15. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

The reply of the little kid having zombie face paint will make the viewer laugh insolently. The question was that the face paint is awesome and what does the kids thinks of it. The answer was “I like turtles” which is the most epic moment in the entire 17 seconds run.

#16. Jacob keep your shirt on

This 3 seconds video will make the viewers laugh as it has no motive, no message and of course no course at all. The guy just says Jacob keep your shirt on and the reply he got in his face was a bold and pique “NO”.

#17. YouTube Poop - Gary - nigga nigga nigga

One of the most viral YouTube videos has made people laugh all over the world. The animated poop in the video rapping at a tremendous velocity and uttering just rubbish is one of the best points of the run that would make the viewers laugh for sure.

#18. Cute Kid's First Embarrassing TV Moment

Kids are cute and innocent and for some people they are a reminder of their childhood. Just shaking head as the presenter asks the questions is the cutest and hilarious moment of this video that would make viewers FEEL for the kid on camera.

#19. Gay Mount Everest

A blooper by Cyuthia Izaguirre is the point upon which the whole laughter depends. Introducing the alpinist she said that the guy is gay but then realized the mistake and covered it up b saying “Oh he is blind”. It is one of the best videos of all times.

#20. Ostrich vs. little girl on the pony

A little girl riding the pony followed by an ostrich creates a funny situation when the pony runs too fast in a fit of fear dropping the girl who then yells PAPA!!!!!!!! And Papa who was filming the scene runs to rescue her which creates an awesome situation at the end.

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