101 YouTube Vlog Ideas in 2023

This article lists 101 YouTube vlog ideas for vloggers like you. Scroll down to make more attractive vlogs and get yourself more subscribers.

Are you out of content and can't find any new YouTube vlog ideas on what to do on your next video? When times like these come by and you’re looking for inspiration...don’t worry! We have everything covered up here for you, from vlog ideas to theme packs that you can always use to make your vlog outstanding!

Note: Need inspiration for your next vlog? Check out the already-made vlog templates to get some ideas.

Part 1. 101 Trending Vlog Ideas to Grow YouTube Channel

So, what to vlog about on youtube? You want to grow your channel but are kind of blank? That’s okay!! We have listed out +100 ideas to vlog about on YouTube to ensure your brain sparked with imagination!

Easy vlog ideas

1. Bucket list

We all have a list either in our heads or physically of where we want to go and what experiences we want to have. Why not share your bucket list with the world?

2. Draw my life

Draw my life? If you’re a vlogger and used to share your experiences with the world, why not share a summary of your life? We all love sharing our experiences with people, so why not? Check this out for inspiration.

3. Story Time

Share any interesting story that keeps your audience engaged; make sure to keep it mysterious and create a script first rather than telling it in freestyle! We all love to hear stories! Check this out for inspiration.

4. DIY Vlogs

DIYs are the best when we’re bored and want to do something productive. Choose any DIY product and make it yourself. If it's successful, share it. If it's not, share it anyways as a DIY fail!

diy vlog idea

5. Special Talent

Do you have an exceptional talent? May it be painting, calligraphy, or even pen spinning? Share it with your audience and make it engaging!!

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6. Slow motion videos

Do you like making slow-mo videos of the rain or any race car passing by? Why not show it to the world? Shoot some amazing nature slow-mo videos and get your audience dazzled!

7. My Favorite city/place/hobby etc.

Share something personal with your audience by sharing your favorite city, place, restaurant, or hobby! It can literally be anything!! Check this out for inspiration.

Tech vlogs

8. Photo editing tips

Do you want to teach people your photo editing skills? Or just share a few tips and tricks you use to make your photos look amazing? Make a photo editing tips and tricks vlog! Check this out for inspiration.

9. Video editing tips

You’re a vlogger; you definitely must be some tips when editing your videos. Share them with your audience! Check this out for inspiration.

10. Gaming vlogs

Love playing games? Make gaming vlogs and get more entertained!

gaming vlog idea

11. Behind-the-scenes

You must have watched behind-the-scenes videos of your favorite YouTube channels. Why not make a behind-the-scenes video of how you shoot your vlogs! Give some inspiration to your audience!

12. Unboxing videos

We all love those ASMR unboxing videos! Ordered something techy? Make an unboxing video on it and give your reviews!

13. Why you should get these gadgets?

Ever got a gadget and it turned out to be so amazing you thought everyone should have it? Make a list of gadgets everyone must have and share it with the world!

Personal vlogs

14. A day in the life of

Share your day with the world! Either make a vlog of your day or even make a vlog of someone you know, maybe a doctor or teacher! People love to know the daily lives of people! Check this out for inspiration.

15. Life goals

Why not share your life goals with your audience? In some cases, this does give us the motivation to do better! Check this out for inspiration.

16. Guess what happened vlogs

Got any good news? A story to tell? Something exciting that you want to excite with someone? Tell your audience! Interacting with your audience is a great way to increase your engagement!

17. Q/A session

Ever got comments from your audience wanting to know more about you! Start a Q/A session in which you answer their questions! They surely want to know you more!

18. My life story

Like draw my life, you can even share your life story by telling it to the audience, not sharing any graphics but actually telling them about it! Hearing it from you by seeing you on the screen will be a great way of interacting with your audience!

19. Why did I start vlogging?

Many people want to vlog but aren’t sure what their motivation is; if you’re a vlogger and know why you started in the first place, make a video and let your audience know! Share a few tips and tricks as well!

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Personal Grooming vlogs

20. Learn Public Speaking

Many individuals want to share their ideas and talk with people but are too afraid to speak up. Share your public speaking skills with them, share what stopped your anxiousness or why are you confident in public speaking, and encourage them to do so too! Check this out for inspiration.

exerpublic speech vlog idea

21. How to not care what people think

One of the major reasons people are afraid of public speaking is that they are afraid of being judged. Why not tell people why and how not to care what people think? Because that’s one of the major hurdles, no? Check this out for inspiration.

22. My major life lessons

We all have so many major lessons we have learned in our lives, whether it be doing the right thing, working smart and not smart, or not getting too caught up over something. Share your knowledge with the world!

23. Manage your life

There are so many people out there who are just trying to get their life together and would do wonders if they did! If you have ways on how someone can manage their life, do share it!

24. Do’s and Don’ts of life/your experience

We all make mistakes in our lives, even when talking to friends, we share our experiences and give advice as well; if you have some of the do’s and don’ts of life, share them with your audience!

25. Manage your finances

Ah, money! Managing finances has been one of the biggest hurdles in our lives, know a few tips and tricks to save money? Share them!

26. How to make your dream a reality

Share success stories of individuals who managed to make their dream a reality!

27. Self-discipline tips and tricks

One who can discipline themselves and train like so can conquer mountains!

Beauty Vlogs/fashion Vlogs

28. How I do my makeup?

Share with the world how you do your daily makeup or what you like to wear daily! Check this out for inspiration.

29. The best skincare products out there

Share your skin type and your skincare products for people to understand better what to try and what not to! Check this out for inspiration.

30. Why you should start using these products

This is just like a product review; share your makeup and skincare products! But make sure to share your skin type as well; not everything works on everyone!

31. The best seasonal outfits

Share your seasonal outfits and own your fashion!

makeup vlog idea

32. Know your outfit

Many individuals want to learn how to carry themselves best, share a few tips and tricks!

33. Wardrobe tour

You don’t have to have an amazing wardrobe collection, just share your thoughts and favorite pieces of clothes!

34. Fashion hacks

Who buys dozens of outfits when you can use outfits in different ways! Share your fashion hacks!

35. Home remedies/tips

Do you wash your hair using special ingredients? Do you use home remedies for your skin or make-up? Tell your audience about it!

36. Unboxing videos

Who doesn’t love unboxing new makeup or skincare products?

Funny Vlogs

37. Reaction videos

Reaction videos are amazing if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep your entertained! Check this out for inspiration.

38. Bloopers – behind the scenes

Show your audience what it feels like to sit in front of the camera and not try to laugh, how hard it is to make a serious video without your family/friends teasing you? Check this out for inspiration.

39. Pranking my friends/family

We bet your mind exploded with ideas to prank your friends and family! Make a vlog of it!

40. Epic fail moments

Ever caught your family/friends falling or randomly capturing moments that were epic failures? Make a compilation video!

Cute Vlogs

41. Animal vlogs

A day to the vet? Cute animal compilations? Animal fails? And what not! Check this out for inspiration.

cute animal vlog idea

42. Baby vlogs

YouTube has so many cute baby vlogs! Although babies are a huge responsibility, babies are always overloaded with cuteness! Check this out for inspiration.

43. Cute things I got at the dollar store

Do you love cute things and randomly buy cute stuff? Show your cute collection to the world!

Engaging/Routine Vlogs

44. Study with me

All you have to do is set up your camera and study! And then upload it! Check this out for inspiration.

45. Clean the house with me

There are so many ASMR cleaning house videos out there! Sure gives motivation! Check this out for inspiration.

46. Cook with me

Making a meal? Record it and share your unique recipe!!

47. Morning/night routine

You don’t have to have a proper morning or night routine for this! Just show how your morning or night time is!

Tour Vlogs

48. Room tour

Give your audience a room tour! Remember, none of it has to be perfect; you don’t have to put in a lot of effort! Keep it natural! Check this out for inspiration.

49. House tour

Show your house to your audience! (If your parents give permission-) or if you live alone, go ahead! Just make sure not to provide any cues with on the exact address. Check this out for inspiration.

50. School/university tour

There are so many individuals out there who love school/university tours!;

51. Where I work – Tour

Show your workplace!

52. What’s in my purse

Make a vlog on your daily essentials by showing your purse!

Travel vlogs

53. What to take with you?

Make a video of essentials to take when traveling, give tips to your audience! Check this out for inspiration.

54. Vacation vlogs

YouTube is full of travel vlogs! Share your experience! Check this out for inspiration.

travel vlog idea

55. My best/worst experience

Share what you loved or hated most on your vacation!

56. Traveling tips to keep in mind

Give tips to your audience so they can make the best out of their journey!

57. Share your unique experience

Did you encounter anything unusual? Or any experience that you’ll never forget? Share it with your audience!

Informational videos

58. Book/Movie Review

Any book you recently read or movie you saw that you want your audience to know? Check this out for inspiration.

59. Life inspirations

Share your life inspirations or your journey. People need inspiration! Check this out for inspiration.

60. Motivational videos

We all need motivation at some point in our lives, don’t we?

61. How to- videos

YouTube is full of how-to videos! It is one of the most trending niches!

62. Tutoring videos

Why not make a few tutoring videos! Teach your favorite subject!

63. Places/restaurants reviews

Share your favorite restaurants with your audience!

Family/Friends Vlog

64. Birthday surprise

Does this one even need details? Make a vlog for your friends/family member’s surprise birthday! Check this out for inspiration.

birthday vlog idea

65. Meeting long-distance friend

Are you deciding on meeting your long-distance friend after a long time? Why not make a vlog on these precious moments! Check this out for inspiration.

66. Meet my family

Introduce your family to your YouTube family!

67. A day out with friends/family

Make a vlog on a day out with friends/family! Share these precious moments!

68. How to annoy your siblings/friends

Did your mind jump directly to ideas about how you can annoy your friends/siblings? Record it!

69. Friends/siblings/parents prank ideas

And did your mind jump directly again to ideas about how you can prank your friends/siblings!

70. Trends/challenges

There are so many trends and challenges!! Try them with your friends/family and make a vlog!

Couple Vlogs

71. Wedding anniversary vlog

Wedding anniversary coming up? Thinking of celebrating it fully? Make a vlog. You can even hire someone to make one for you! Check this out for inspiration.

wedding vlog idea

72. Quiz vlogs – how well do you know your partner?

How about you and your partner play games! Quizzes are a fun way to know how well you know each other! Check this out for inspiration.

73. Where you should go on vacations?

Make a list of places you and your partner would recommend your YouTube family to go to!

74. Relationship advices

At some point in our lives, we certainly need relationship advice. We all go through a rough patch. How about you share how you manage yourselves and work things out?

75. Best couple movies to watch for date night

Share the best movies you have listed out to watch for your date night!

76. Gift ideas for your partner

Any special occasion coming up? Make a shopping vlog!

77. Birthday surprise

Planning a surprise birthday for your partner? Make a video!

78. Photoshoot ideas

How about you share photoshoot ideas for couples? It would be so romantic!

Vlogs with vloggers

79. Vloggers meet up

Do you know any vloggers near your area? Invite them over! How often has it been that vloggers in one city have a get-together! Check this out for inspiration.

80. Collaborations

Collaborations are a great way to improve your engagement! Check this out for inspiration.

81. Vlogging experience and tips

Share your experience as a vlogger!

82. Social experiments

There are so many YouTube videos on social experiments! Try it!

83. Giveaways

Giveaway challenges skyrocket your engagement; if you want to increase your engagement, make sure to make a great giveaway!

84. Challenge vlogs with vloggers

Why not make trendy challenge vlogs? It would be so fun!

Organization and Cleaning videos

85. How to organize your supplies/room/kitchen etc.

The organization has a world of its own; share your thoughts on it!

86. Organization tips and tricks

Give tips, tricks, and hacks on organization!

87. ASMR videos

ASMR is trendy and satisfying, but you’ll need a good microphone to capture that ASMR! It’s the new in and therapeutic!

88. Organize your bag

Make a vlog of how you organize your bag! Or your daily essentials when you go out!

89. Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering and organizing vlogs are trendy! Get some work done!

90. Konmari method

KonMari Method has been extremely popular for a few years as the author shares a step-by-step decluttering and cleaning method! Many YouTubers have followed it and ended with excellent results!

Fitness Vlogs

91. Gym workout

Share your gym workout with your YouTube family!

92. Exercise routine

Do you have a morning or evening exercise routine? Share it!

exercise vlog idea

93. Diet plans

Having diet plans changes the whole fitness routine!

94. Healthy eating

Healthy eating is an investment for the long run!

95. Health/fitness tips

Give tips and tricks!

Children Vlogs

96. Painting with children

Why not make a video of children painting? How cute would that be!

97. Magic tricks

Reactions of children when you show them a magic trick; children's reactions are just so amazing!! Teach them magic tricks!

98. Lunch ideas

Share how you pack your kid’s lunchboxes!

99. Morning/night routine with kids

Do you have a nice morning/night routine with your children? Share it you’re your YouTube family!

100. Study tips

There are numerous students out there looking for study tips! Ending procrastination, how to deal with academic stress, and what not! Share your experience!

Seasonal vlogs

101. Summer/winter essentials

Make vlogs of your summer/winter essentials! Make every moment count!

How about you make a vlog on what fun activities they can do on a hot or cold day!

Part 2. Unique Vlog Templates that Help You Get Thousands of Views

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keroean entertainment pack

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wedding pack

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travel pack

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jogger pack

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