Are you searching for photo video maker online software that allows you to make a video with photos and music on the Internet? There are many online photo video makers which are useful tools for people who want to make videos form photos online. Save your time now. You can take a look at the top 9 free online video maker I have collected for you. Choose the one that’s right for you. All the software I introduced is able to help you create a video with photos and music.

Part 1. The Best Desktop Software to Make Videos with Photos and Music

Filmora Video Editor is able to help you make videos with pictures and music. There are also multiple stunning effects for you to apply to your photo music video. You can download the free trial version below to see how easy it is to make a video with photos and music via Filmora Video Editor.

  • It supports almost all popuplar video, audio and photo formats.
  • It also has a music library, providin music for telling a story with songs and photos.
  • It also let users freely edit imported photos and audios.
  • Fully compatible with the latest macOS and Windows system.

Filmora Video Editor 

Simple steps to make a video from photos and pictures:

Using Filmora Video Editor to make a video from photos and pictures is pretty simple:

Step 1. Import the photos you need to put on the video and the song you want to play in the background of the video.
Step 2. Drag them to the timeline and sort the order, and then apply some stunning effects.
Step 3. Export the video, either for saving on your computer or uploading to YouTube directly (there is a YouTube access in Filmora Video Editor).

Part 2. Top 9 Online Video Maker to Make Videos with Photos and Music

photo video maker online

#1. Kizoa

Kizoa is another amazing online photos video maker that many people like to use form time to time because it is very user friendly. A main feature of this photo and video maker is that it can be used online to make video form photo and will save your work for you with an account. It can also make collages. This software is rate 7/10 by users. To use it you can check the link here:

online video maker with photos and music

#2. PhotoSnack

PhotoSnack is a very useful online video maker and can be used on a lot of platform like windows and mac. The main features of PhotoSnack is that it is mobile friendly, fast, professional, very easy to use and elegant as well. The ratings for this online photo and video maker is 8/10 which is very impressive. This is the link to where it can be used:

online video maker with photos

#3. PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach is a very unique photo video maker that can be accessed from anywhere in the world because it is online. The main features of PhotoPeach is that you can share whatever you do with your photos to social media sites, you can embed videos or whatever you want it’s your choice. You can also sign up with Facebook to use it and many users rate this online photo video maker 6/10. It can be viewed or used form the link:

free online video maker with music and pictures

#4. is a fun and interesting online video maker to keep up with social media by posting you favourite photos and videos online, it can create and post them for you and a main feature is that it is very user friendly. It has a ratings of 7/20. To start making your videos with use

make video online free pictures music

#5. Roxio PhotoShow

If you want a very powerful and fast online photo video maker tool that does not need any purchase then use Roxio PhotoShow. Roxio PhotoShow is user friendly, free and just amazing. Its main features are that is has a lot of cool stickers and pictures that are free to use and you can save your work for later. It has a rating of 8/10 and can be accessed from:

online video maker with photos and music free

#6. TripAdvisorTripWow

When thinking about online photo video software the first thing that comes to mind for most users is TripAdvisorTripWow. Its main features are that it if user friendly and can be used on Mac, PC and mobile devices. A lot of people use it on a daily basis. It has a rating of 5/10 but does the work well for most people. It can be found here:

make a video online with pictures and music

#7. Animoto

This online photo video software is quite unusual and trendy it allows you to visit popular sites and use content from them in your slideshow or whatever you are making. The main features are that it allows you to add videos or photos and also customize your style. If you want to watch before publishing you can as well. This software has a ratings of 6/10 and can be accessed at:

online video maker from photos

#8. PicoVico

PicoVico is an amazing online slideshow creator and online video maker, and you can use it on your pc, tablet or smartphone too. The main features are that it allows you to add photos and text that can turn into video. You can then download the video to your device or PC or share it to YouTube or Facebook which is very convenient for most people. An online tool like this gets a rating of 7/10. The link to this online app is:

photo video online

#9. 1-23-slideshow

Many people think that they cannot find an ideal online video maker for their photo video making that gets the job done in the click of a button, but this software 123 slideshow is the answer. It gets everything done in 123 clicks as the name suggests. The main features are that you can create flash slideshows or images within seconds. You also have a lot of transition effects to choose form. This app is rated 5.5/10 and can be found at:

There are a lot of advantages of using online photo video maker as well disadvantages. Here are the list. Take a look at them:


  • It is easy to use;
  • No need to purchase software which will cost money;
  • You can do it form a lot of devices (Mac, Pc, Mobile);
  • After you are done you can publish to social media;
  • These online photo video maker are user friendly;


  • You might need a fast internet connection or it will be slow;
  • Some advanced features might not be available with online photo video maker;
  • You might lose your work sometime if there is a power cut or computer crash;
  • Free software is not always good to use, there can be hidden advertisements;

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