How to Trim a Video on iPhone - 3 Solution

This article will guide you on how to trim your video easily on iPhone. Follow our step-by-step guide on using Photos App, Filmora, iMovie to trim the video.
Elva updated on 2023-05-25 11:39:52

It is a pretty evening on the beach. Your holiday is off to a perfect start as you see beautiful waves hitting the shore. You took out your iPhone and captured an epic wave. All you need to do now is trim the video to those magic moments and share it with the world. But how do you trim a video on iPhone?

In this blog, we give you three solutions that you can choose from to trim videos on your iPhone.

Solution #1: Photos app

Photos app is the default app that shows you all the photos and videos stored on your iPhone. It is like the Gallery app on Android phones.

Photos app has some in-built editing features. Let's see how to trim a video using the Photos app.

trim video in photos app

Open the Photos app on the iPhone. Choose the video you want to trim.

Click Edit. You will see a draggable clip trimmer at the beginning and the end of the video.

Drag the clip trimmer from the start to the point till which you want to trim. Now do the same for the end of the clip. Drag the end trimmer to the point you want to keep.

The section about to be trimmed will be greyed out, as you see in the image above.

Click Done to trim. Tap on "Save as new clip" to keep the original as it is and save the trimmed version as a new file.

That's it. Your video is now trimmed to perfection.

Solution #2: Filmora

Filmora is a full-fledged video editing desktop app that goes beyond just trimming a video.

Filmora provides you with a ton of other editing capabilities along with advanced features like speed adjustments, motion tracking, audio ducking and denoise etc. Filmora also has a great collection of stock media resources to take your video to the next level.

Filmora has both a Windows and a Mac version. It supports almost all commonly-used video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB, WMV, etc.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to trim an iPhone video in Filmora.

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Step 1: Import your video

Transfer your file to the desktop. Open Filmora and import the media file by choosing File - Import Media - Import Media Files. You can also use the keyboard shortcut - Ctrl + I.

import media

Step 2: Trim video

You can trim the video in two ways:

Option#1: Drag the edges

Drag the edges of the clip (start and end) to keep only the parts you want.

trim video with filmora

Option #2: Trim to playhead

Move the red playhead to a point where you want to trim and right-click on the clip.

  • The option "Trim Start to Playhead" will trim from the start of the video to the playhead.
  • The option "Trim End to Playhead" will trim from the playhead till the end of the video.

trim video to playhead

Step 3: Export video

Save the video by clicking on Export. Choose the format and location where you want to save.

export video

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Solution #3: iMovie

iMovie is another app provided by Apple on their iOS and macOS devices. Unlike the Photos app, which is like a photo gallery app for iPhone, iMovie is a proper video editing tool.

trim video in imovie

Here's how to trim a video in iMovie.

Open an iMovie project. Add the video you want to trim to the project.

Once the video shows in the timeline, tap on the video. You will now see yellow trim handles on both edges of the clip.

Drag the yellow trim handle forwards or backwards to choose the part you want to keep.

Once the desired part is selected, click Done to save the project.

Now, export the project video by clicking on the share icon. Choose the option to save the video.

The trimmed video will now be saved as a separate clip in the Photos app.

All three solutions help you to trim your video. Filmora, with its comprehensive editing features, can help even when you feel like going beyond just simple trimming.

filmora x

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