MP4 to DVD: Top 15 DVD Burning Softwares to Burn MP4 Video to DVD

Here are top 15 MP4 to DVD converter for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can choose the one you like to burn MP4 to DVD for playing on any DVD players.
Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:10

If you want to convert MP4 video to DVD, you can find many MP4 to DVD converter for Mac, Windows, and Linux through the Internet. However, it is hard to choose which one is the best. To burn MP4 to DVD in high quality DVD-video disc, you need a professional DVD burning tool. No worry! Here we introduce you to top best MP4 to DVD burner for Mac and Windows, allowing you to convert MP4 to DVD in high quality.

Top 15 MP4 to DVD Burning Software for Mac and Windows

#1. DVD Creator (Mac and Windows)

mp4 to dvd burner

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac (or iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows) is a powerful MP4 to DVD burning software that allows you to burn DVD in high quality from almost all video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, AVI, MTS, TS, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MPG, etc. You can also burn home movies and videos from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Vuze, and any other web videos to DVD and Blu-ray DVD, or you can turn the videos shot by your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Cams to DVD and share with family. The wonderful MP4 to DVD converter can also help you import photos and background music to make your DVD movies more exciting!


  • Brand new user-friendly software interface.
  • Fast burning speed and 100% original quality.
  • Newly designed DVD menu and templates.
  • Edit videos and add effects, audio and others to video.
  • Equipped with Toolbox including video editor, slideshow maker, etc.

#2. Filmora Video Editor (Mac and Windows)

burn mp4 to dvd

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) is another recommended MP4 to DVD converter. You can import your MP4 video to the program and do necessary editing or apply effects. And then export the MP4 video to DVD.


  • Export video to DVD Disc in D5 and D9 with high video quality.
  • Easily trim, crop, rotate, copy, split and join video.
  • Enhance your video in aspect rate, contrast, brightness, speed, volume, etc.
  • Apply 300+ new effects and add background music to personalize your video.

#3. DVD Flick (Windows)

mp4 dvd burner for mac

DVD Flick is a MP4 to DVD converter for Windows users that needs a Pentium MMX or compatible AMD processor, or an advanced processor (a Pentium IV or later is recommended), at least 256 MB of RAM for an efficient functioning. It can handle WMV, AVI, AVS, VID, SWF, MJPEG, MPEG4, QuickTime etc. types of input files and the software itself in about 13 MB in size. And functions on Windows XP/Vista/7/2000 Professional

  • Can process multiple files at once
  • Supports subtitles and has 'configurable' menus
  • Was not updated after 2009
  • Very slow in burning

#4. DVD Burner (Windows)

mp4 dvd burner mac

It is a useful MP4 to DVD converter which will help you to convert and burn DVD movies and the file size is about 2 MB. This is a MP4 to DVD converter and from your PC it writes prepared videos to a DVD disk and that also at a good speed. All this can be played on a home DVD player which we have without any problems. Most video formats are supported which is great. The user interface is very good and easy to understand and hence many people would love to make use of this software. It will also show you how space is consumed on your DVD. You have an option of adding the title and also the burning speed which are great.

  • Burn DVD directly, or create DVD files (.ifo, .vob) on hard drive
  • High conversion and burning speed
  • Program has bugs
  • Not user friendly or user supportive

#5. Sothink DVD Movie Maker (Windows)

mp4 to dvd burning software

Sothink DVD Movie Maker convert your movie files to DVD format and burn them to disc so that the movie can be viewed on DVD players. Its interface is simple, and attractive. The software even contains some editing features also. It also support adding multiple video files in batch and supports conversion of various major formats which is great and functions in Windows 7. The size of the software is very small and is about 159 KB.

  • Easy to Use
  • Allows creating DVDs and that also from all major formats and this is at a good sppeed and has trimming option
  • Not many configuration options
  • Online help service only, No user manual

#6. Burn (Mac)

mp4 to dvd burner

Burn is a very effective and simple MP4 to DVD converter which burn audio, video and data disks and disk images to various major formats. In addition, a simple copy of a data disk can also be done. It is functioning only on Mac and has a capacity of 19.0 MB. Burn also can copy discs from one to another or use disk images to recreate the discs again.

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Different tabs for different burns

Cons: Doesn't feature much documentation or help

#7. Burn X (Mac)

mp4 to dvd burning software mac

BurnX is software which is very easy and simple to work with and provide easy burn with multiple sessions in a hybrid format for compatibility with other platforms. This software is available only for Mac OS X, and lets you burn a CD or DVD by dragging and dropping files or folders to the main window. The size of the program is about 1.1 MB.

  • Good looking interface
  • Can burn files to the maximum capacity of the disk

Cons: Has a basic activity

#8. Express Burn (Mac)

how to burn mp4 to dvd

Express burn is a CD burning program and allows to burn audio and data CDs and DVDs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and also on Windows 7, XP, Vista and 8. It is easy to burn MP4 to DVD and have simple drag and drop option. The application automatically sets the write speed based in hardware specifications of the computer and is only needs 4.5 MB hard disk space for the program to store.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Very fast

Cons: Does not support Blue Ray and LightScribe

#9. Liquid CD (Mac)

burn dvd from mp4

LiquidCD allows to burn custom hybrid discs or cue/bin files. Further, custom icons can be added to the. It covers a range of media formats. The program contains basic support for the .ccd/.img disk image format and a sound will play when the burn is completed. It supports for drag and drop on the app's dock icon. It supports Mac and has a capacity of 8.5 MB.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Burns almost all the video formats
  • No preferences
  • The program has bugs

#10. Disco (Mac)

burn mp4 to dvd disk

Disco is fast, easy to use, and converts and burns CDs as well as DVDs. This Mac DVD burning software is perfect for copying and burning home DVDs. It can be used in all Apple supported external and internal CD/DVD burners and also supports multi session function. This is working only with Mac OS.

  • unique feature to search an archive of previously burned discs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No other options
  • Cannot edit videos

#11. Zamzar (Online)

mp4 to dvd burner

Zamzar is a online MP4 to DVD converter that can be used to convert MP4 to DVD online. It allows conversion of 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, wmv formats to DVD. The URL of the site is.

#12. Office Converter (Online)

mp4 dvd burner

From Office Converter, the video files can be burned in to DVD online. It provides the conversion of AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4,MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, 3G2, M1V, M1V to DVDand many more.

There are many other online MP4 to DVD converters, however, they found to have downloaded before running. Therefore, they cannot be considered as online program.

#13. DVD (Mac, Windows)

mp4 dvd maker for mac

This is a very good MP4 to DVD burner which will make you convert the mp4 to DVD. You can also add lots of effects while doing that. Video editing options are available, which is great. You can add background music and also some transition effect to make things more appealing for the viewers making use of this tool.

#14. Video to DVD Converter

dvd maker for mac mp4

This is a very popular tool with lots of good features and is very popular. You can very easily convert your Video to DVD. It burns the video and saves it as an ISO Image file this format can be used on any home DVD player. You have an option of re-encoding the file as file. You can convert from various video formats like AVI and MPEG to DVD. This is very stable software and the conversion is of a high quality which is great.

#15. Freemake MP4 to DVD Converter

best mp4 to dvd burner

This is MP4 to DVD converter allows you to burn DVD from MP4 and other formats by conversion. Only 3 steps are needed to process the DVD burning. When launch the program and import the MP4 to the program, you can simply click "Convert" to start the conversion. It allows you to burn MP4 videos from iPhone, Android and Camcorder.

3 Steps to Convert MP4 to DVD on Mac and Windows

Step 1. Install and launch the MP4 to DVD burning tool

First install iSkysoft MP4 video to DVD converter with the help of on screen instruction. And then launch the program.

mp4 to dvd converter

Step 2. Import MP4 video to the program

Now simply drag and drop the MP4 video or videos to the program. Alternatively, you can click the "+" button to load the video files to the program.

mp4 to dvd converter

Tips: You can also edit your MP4 videos with the built-in video editing tool. And you can apply a DVD menu that fit your video theme to make your DVD special.

Step 3. Start converting MP4 to DVD

Lastly, click the big "Burn" button and select the option to burn to DVD disc or DVD file. Done! You get your MP4 videos in DVD output.

mp4 to dvd converter
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