Top 5 iTunes Music App for Android

Adam Cash updated on 2022-06-13 09:57:14

iTunes is undoubtedly a must have thing for all the iPhone or iPad users. So if you switch to an Android device after a long time use of your iPhone or iPad, there is high chance that you will seek for iTunes or some iTunes like apps on your Android in order get the pleasure of iTunes.

Good news is that there are a number of decent apps which can be your iTunes music app for your Android. Here in this article, we will bring up the top 5 iTunes music app for Android so that you can pick the better suited one for your own need.

iskysoft phone transfer

1# Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is in a word can give a complete solution to the absence of iTunes for Android. It can transfer successfully all your data such the music that you have stored on your iTunes. And the process of the transfer is a matter of a few clicks. So it would not be a big deal if you want to get your favorite music back to your new Android from iTunes. Wondershare is compatible both for Windows and Mac as it has both the versions. Surprisingly, the tool works smoothly on all the platforms. In addition, it performs the transferring process very quickly. So if you have even tons of music stored on your iTunes, MobileTrans for Mac or Windows (depending on your PC) will take little time to accomplish the task of transferring.

With 3 simple easy steps, you are done transferring your music to your device. The extra feature that you will get with Phone Transfer is that you get the backup as well as restore facilities with the same software.

android central podcast

2# Android Central Podcast

Android Central Podcast is a Chromecast supported all in one podcast player that can give you the ultimate room for listening to your favorite music, videos, news and so on. The handy app can be installed and play directly from your Android device. It is definitely a nice choice in the absence of iTunes on your Android. As you have known that the app supports Chromecast, you can now listen to your music through better and louder speakers of your TV too. Android Central Podcast’s music syncing feature is very fast and reliable, so you can have all your iTunes music on your Android without really worrying much about it.

So with the tool, Android Central did really a good job for all the music lovers as the podcast player can give you an uninterrupted listening experience whenever you want.

samsung skies

3# Samsung Kies

Like Phone Transfer, Samsung kies is a data transferring software that can also transfer music from iTunes to your Samsung device that runs on Android. It has the limitation that it only supports Samsung branded mobile phone or tablet. So if you are dreaming to use Samsung kies for other than Samsung branded Android, then your dream will be broken eventually. Though the tool does not support other than Samsung, it supports both Windows and Mac, so whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you can use Samsung kies without any worry. There are a lot of great things that can be achieved with this software. Music syncing is one of the great features of this software. So you can be always updated with your music playlist if you have Samsung kies along with your Samsung Android device.

More pleasure is there as you are getting the software for free. Samsung kies may sometimes work slowly and building connection between your Android Samsung device and your PC might be interrupted too. Apart from these troubleshooting and shortcomings, the software does not support .avi files, but you know that how frequently you store media files in .avi format.


4# AirMore

AirMore is a nice option for connecting your PC to your Android without the need of any wire as it works wirelessly. So you do not need to look for any data cable while transferring your music with AirMore. Not only that, AirMore can stream your files seamlessly, so if you do not need to download any piece of music, you can even try that streaming. AirMore works through web browser, so it can transfer files like your email account or facebook messaging.

To get connected with AirMore, you will have to scan the QR code on it. So it is a very easy to connect your device with your PC without any hassle of wire. The transfer process carries on with high security as you have to approve for connecting your device and PC. As AirMore works through browser, now it supports Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

double twist

5# DoubleTwist

Listening to your favorite music from your iTunes library is no more a matter of dreaming. You can do that with DoubleTwist too. Its music syncing feature always keeps you updated with the latest music in your domain. The cover-flow view of the tool is a nicely looking thing. With DoubleTwist, you have other great features like streaming radio and podcast directory. So if you want to listen to music directly through streaming, you can do so by not downloading that with DoubleTwist. For this reason, DoubleTwist is considered to be one of the best music apps on Android. The app is free though there is an upgraded option named AirSync which allows its users to listen to music seamlessly. AirSync gives you the facility to connect wirelessly.

Finding an alternative to iTunes is really a tough job, but with any of the discussed apps, you can have a better experience for listening to your music. So if you are now using an Android and are not happy thinking that why there is no iTunes on my device, you can get a perfect solution using any of the mentioned apps.

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