If you want to create slideshows on your Mac easily, you will need to make sure that you have installed the best application for that purpose. There are some Macs that usually come with iDVD which can be used for creating slideshows. But just in your case, your Mac does not have iDVD, or "iDVD Slideshow Not Working" or you prefer using another application, you should consider using iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac.

Part 1: Create Slideshow with iDVD Alternative

The best iDVD alternative that you should consider using to create slideshows is iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac (or iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Windows). It is equipped with a lot of features that you can use to turn the memorable stories of your life into amazing video slideshows. It has professional and colorful templates and supports different types of input and output formats. You can use it to make movies in minutes and share them to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other sites.

Key Features Of iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac:

  • It is packed with a lot of templates that you will find useful when creating slideshows.
  • It has tons of wonderful effects that you can use to personalize your slideshows.
  • It allows you to add video clips, images and audio recordings.
  • You can either store the slideshows you will create or share them with your friends.

slideshow maker for windows 10 

Create Slideshow with iDVD Alternative

Step 1 Download, Install and Launch iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

First of all, you need to download the installation file of this application from the iSkysoft website and install it on your computer. The installation is as easy as dragging it to the Applications folder. After that, launch it.

launch iskysoft slideshow maker for mac

Step 2 Import The Pictures and Videos That You Want To Turn Into A Slideshow

This program uses Media Browser to import audios, pictures and videos very easily to your project. To turn it on or off, you simply need to click on the Media Browser icon. Once the media has been added to the storyboard, simply drag and drop it to a specific slide in order to arrange it. The program also has editing buttons that are very easy to access. You simply need to right click on a photo or video and choose the option you want.

import media files to the slideshow

Step 3 Change Styles and Themes

When you import files to the program, they will be assigned random styles and themes automatically. To change them, choose the style that you want and then drag it to the desired photo or video to replace it. You can also change background style and duration of clips if necessary.

set slideshow styles

Step 4 Edit The Videos or Pictures You Uploaded

To edit a photo or video, simply double click on it and then click on the “Edit” button. Make the changes that you want and then click on Return to save them or click Restore to discard them.

edit slideshow

Step 5 Add Music

You can easily add music to your slideshow by right clicking on a photo or video. After doing that, locate the audio file that you want on your Mac and then upload it to the slideshow. You can also add Voiceover to the slideshow by clicking on the voiceover button that is found under the preview button.

create slideshow

Step 6 Create Slideshow

After you have edited the slideshow and included the themes and effects that you want, simply click on Return to start creating it. You will need to specify where the output file will be saved on your Mac.

Part 2: How to Create Slideshow with iDVD

Step 1

Open iDVD and then choose “Create a New Project”.

open iDVD Slideshow Maker

Step 2

Name your project and then specify where you want to store it. Check the Widescreen (16:9) option in the same dialog box.

create idvd slideshow

Step 3

Your new project will be opened with a default theme. To change it, go to the “Themes” tab.

create idvd slideshow

Step 4

After that, navigate to the bottom left corner of the windows and then click the plus (+) icon and choose “Add Slideshow”.

create idvd slideshow4

Step 5

After that, navigate to the bottom left corner of the windows and then click the plus (+) icon and choose “Add Slideshow”.

create slideshow

Step 6

After that, go the Photos tab and then navigate to your photos to choose the ones that you would like to include in your slideshow.

create slideshow

Step 7

Drag and drop them into the slide show.

Step 8

After that, to go the bottom right corner of the window and then click on Transition to choose the transition style you want and then click on Slide Duration and specify the time you want the picture to take to appear. If you have an audio track, you can select “Fit to Audio”.

create slideshow

Step 9

Go to the Media tab and then click on music and then drag and drop the music files of your choice into the slideshow above the photos.

create slideshow

Step 10

Once you have done that, click on the Return button to go back to the DVD menu. Change the title of the DVD menu by going to File and then Save As.

Part 3: Create Slideshow with iDVD Not Working Issues and Solutions

1. "Error during rendering/encoding of the menus/slideshows"

When you get this error, you will need to make sure that title music is on when you are burning slideshows with iDVD.

2. "The media is not the right type for the requested operation"

When you get this error, it is because you are using a DVD+R disk instead of a DVD-R. Most Macs use DVD-R exclusively.

3. DVD burn failed

When this happens, it could be because the DVD disc you are using is damaged or is too high speed. You will need to try burning with a different DVD disc.

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