Hottest 10 Camera Lens Filters in the Market

Which is the best camera filters to use for photography? and how to choose a suitable lens filter for your camera? You can find the answer in this post.
Emily Ann updated on 2022-05-05 10:48:19

"Which is the best camera filter to use for photography?"
"How to choose a proper camera lens filter?"

Camera lens filter can serve on different purpose, which depends on the filter type that you would like to use. With filter on camera lens, you can enhance your pictures without doing difficult past production. When choosing a camera lens, you should consider your lens size, primary purpose and subject matter. Here in this article, we will introduce you to top 10 hottest camera lens filters that you can apply for your camera to enhance your photography in any condition. Scroll down and learn more about the camera lens filters.

Part 1. Best 10 Camera Lens Filters in the Market

1. Altura Photo UV Ultra-Violent Filter for Camera Lenses 58mm

Altura Photo UV Ultra-Violent Filter

The Altura Photo UV Ultra-Violent Filter for Camera Lenses 58mm is a highly recommended UV filter for your camera that it can be used on a large number of popular camera lens models. It can be a versatile and reliable UV filter so that you can enjoy the function and top-notch services of the filter. This lens filter lets you remove the haze away from the scenic photos. So it can be used on the areas of high altitudes and snow in a decent way. This camera lens is budget-friendly and it is an ideal choice for any photographers.

Pros:You have 100% satisfaction customer service guarantee. It is well compatible with 58mm camera lens.

Cons:It is not that excellent UV lens filter when comparing with others.


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2. Tiffen 77mm UV Filter for Camera Lenses

Tiffen filter camera

Tiffen 77mm UV Filter for Camera Lenses can be an ideal UV filter to fit your photographing activity. UV Filter for Camera Lenses 77mm is your perfect choice for creating beautiful pictures with amazing filter. The diameter of 77mm can well fit any camera lens in 77mm, which are mainly with wide range of camera lens. With this filter, you can reduce the bluish in pictures.

Pros:It is 77mm for wide range of camera lens. And it helps you to reduce the bluish of the image.

Cons:It might not work well in the nigh hours.


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3. HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter

HOBBYTIGER filter camera

HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter is a camera lens filter that is particularly designed for DJI Mavic PRO. This filter gadget contains CPL filter and helps you to reduce light reflections while shooting. With this feature, you are able to increase the saturation and contrast of your pictures. This UV filter can work well on avoiding UV light to come into your camera lens and reducing the blurring. Another feature of this filter is that it is very lightweight and you can install it on your lens easily.

Pros:It is special for DJI Mavic Pro and helps you to remove the UV light and blurring.

Cons:Since it reduces the cost of the material, it comes with lightweight. So the quality will be a challenge.

Price:$12.99 for 4 pack

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4. Breakthrough Photography 82mm X4 UV filter for Camera Lenses

Breakthrough Photography 82mm X2 UV filter

Breakthrough Photography is another recommended filter for 82mm camera lens. It features well on helping you to remove the vignetting easily when you capture images. The unique design of this filter is that it comes with x2 3.5mm ultra-thin slim double threaded traction frame. And another important feature is the sharp AGC glass. All this features make the filter a reliable and durable camera lens filter. This filter enables a double laser and thread, which is integrated with the lettering in the X2 traction frame.

Pros:It is integrated with double thread and laser. And you can use it to remove the vignetting easily.

Cons:There are double threads with this filter while you might find hard to remove the exterior thread.

Price:$109 for 4 of set

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5. Hoya HMC UV Digital Slim Frame Multi-Coated Glass Filter,52mm

Hoya HMC UV Digital filter

This Hoya HMC UV digital slim frame multi-coated glass filter can fit 52mm camera lens. It helps you to eliminate ultraviolet UV lighting with this glass filter for camera lens. You will be clever enough to choose this filter as photography tool investment. You can protect your camera lens from moisture, dust, and scratches. This Hoya camera filter enables the feature of light transmission over 97% and produce well balance color and sharp contrast.

Pros:It is well for light transmission and help you to produce sharp contrast and perfect balance color.

Cons:It might have noticeable spots on the filter.


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6. Amazon Basics 67mm UV Protection Filter for Camera Lens

Amazon Basics camera filter

This recommended filter is a Amazon bases UV filter for camera lens in 67mm. It is a reliable lens filter and can work perfectly with any camera lens in the same size. This UV filter features to prevent from UV light when shooting. It is a versatile camera lens filter and suitable for every day photography use. With this filter, you can keep your camera lens save and avoiding dirt, dust or scratches. The significant feature is that it lets you to enhance your images by reducing the ultraviolet lights.

Pros:It can well protect your camera lens and helps you to reduce the ultraviolet lights while shooting.

Cons:This filter may cause distorted images, which will reduce the quality of the images.


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7. 52mm X1 UV Filter Breakthrough Photography for Camera Lenses

52mm X1 UV Filter

This is a camera lens UV filter for breakthrough photography. It feature four layers and make the state of the art in photography. The 52mm UV filter can work with any camera lens with 52mm. And it applies uniformly MRC that is perfect to reducing UV lights. With this filter for camera lens, you can take quality images with less flare and ghosting. This UV filter has two layers on both sides of optical disk with MRC4 construction.

Pros:This UV filter can help you to eliminate vignetting when you take images. And it is MRC4 construction.

Cons:When you wipe the filter, the coating will peel off easily.


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8. 77mm X1 Circular Polarizer

77mm X1 Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizer filter for camera lens is ultra slim, which is compatible with wide range of camera lens in 77 mm and it only weight of 1.6 ounces. Circular Polarizer filter is well designed from sharp optical glass with the advanced Japan technology. This filter can strongly endure any weather and environment. The unique feature of this filter is that it comes with 8 layers coating. This camera lens filter is lightweight, slim and easy to attach.

Pros:This filter has 8 layers coating that can help you to prevent your camera lens from ghosting and flaring.

Cons:It only can work for large camera lens.


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9. Breakthrough Photography 95mm X4 UV filter for Camera Lenses

95mm X4 UV filter for Camera

This is a smart filter for camera lens that features large size in 95mm. The breakthrough photography UV filter can be a GoPro camera filter as well. It helps you to improve the quality of your images while you are shooting pictures. This UV filter is well-known as the sharpest filter for camera lens for it is made from Schott superwhite B270 optical glass. And it is specially designed with an ultra-slim double traction frame.

Pros:This UV filter is traction design and named as sharpest UV filter.

Cons:It is hard to maintain the filter and prevent it from breaking down.

Price:$149.00 for 4 pieces

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10. Professional 58MM UV CPL FLD Filters

58MM UV CPL FLD filter camera

This UV CPL FLD Filters for camera lens is a professional photography filter kit specially for Canon camera. You will have many benefits if you purchase this filter for your camera lens. This pack has more than 10 pieces of photography accessories including color filters. You can have 6 color filters for illustration, and tulip lens hood, a lens cap, carrying pouch, rubber lens hood, and a mini flexible tripod.

Pros:It contains many photography accessories in this filter pack.

Cons:The color filter is lack of choice.


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[Update] You may also be interested in video filter apps, you can find them in the article below:

• 10 Awesome Video Filter Apps on App Store and Google Play

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Filmora Video Editor

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  • There are a large number of video effects like texts, transitions, overlays, elements, split screen, and more.
  • It provides you with free audio tracks in any type to fit your video theme. And you can edit the audio separately.
  • You are able to edit videos shot by your cameras, phones, or the videos downloaded from online video sites.
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Part 2. Useful Camera Lens Filters Guide for Beginners

There are so many choices on filter for camera lens. So how to choose the best and correct filter for your camera or choose the GoPro camera filter? In the following guide, we will share tips and tricks on camera lens filters guide for beginners.

Step 1. You have to confirm the primary purpose of choosing a filter

The first purpose will be to protect the lens and improve clarity. If so, a UV filter with the correct size will be the best choice. If you want to improve the saturation and reduce the glare, just try a CPL filter. For extending the exposure time, you need to use a ND filter. While you want to change the white balance, you can use cooling and warming filter.

Step 2. Consider on the subject mater

The CPL filter is good to shoot landscape and nature. And we recommend you to use ND to shoot bodies of water. While the warming and cooling filter is best for capturing area with special lighting.

Step 3. Pick the right size filter for the camera lens

The most important thing is to check the size of your camera lens. If the size of the filter is different from the size of your camera lens, you can apply a filter adapter.


You can find top 10 hottest filters for camera lens and GoPro camera filters in this article. Take your shooting purpose, subject matter and camera lens size into consideration to pick up the proper camera lens filter and have a good photography experience.

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