Best Green Screen for Videos: Which Green Screen Background is Right for You?

Where to buy a Green Screen? Buy Green Screen Amazon? How much does a Green Screen cost? No worry, all answers are in this article.
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- How much does a green screen cost?

- What is the best green screen material?

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If you like to create cinematic video by yourself, then you must have a green screen backdrop, right? Why?

Well, with a good-quality green screen background, you can record a video in the front of the green screen backdrop, then using a Green Screen video editor to replace the green screen background to other backgrounds as you like, including classic, cinematic, or hollywood video backgrounds.

Sounds great and can't wait to purchase a green screen backdrops to start your 1st awesome video?

Wait! If you're a beginner in video creating or editing, then you'd better to learn someting about how to pick up a good quality green screen background, and where to buy it. And this post is going to show you the top 7 Amazon green screen item and how to choose a green screen backdrop by yourself.

The advanced tips?

Well, a professional yet reliable Green Screen Video Software is also here to help you edit or make a green screen video within few simple clicks.

Now, let's get started...

How to Choose A Green Screen Backdrop Background

1. Material

A good green screen backdrop background should be made of a material that is durable and does not waste considerable time while cleaning. It is also good to option to go for reusable materials like muslin green backdrops.

green screen buy

2. Reflective Media

Reflective media plays a crucial role in the general appearance of the backdrops. By having a good reflecmedia Chromatte projection, you are certain to have a good intensity control and thus be able to shoot amazing videos.

green screen light

3. Cost

It is always good to ask yourself how much a green screens cost before just rushing to purchase. Depending on your studio, you can get a good green screen backdrop without necessarily going for the expensive option.

4. Portability

Some green screen backdrops are portable while others are quite heavy or complicated to carry around. If the nature of your work involves a lot of movements, it is better to have a portable backdrop. Most portable backdrop are lightweight and comes with a carrier bag.

green screen kit

Top 7 Green Screen Amazon Sellers for Your Reference

#1. LimoStudio 9*15 ft Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Background

green screen amazon

This is an amazing green screen product with seamless and weaving surface suitable for quality green screen editing. The nylon made product is lightweight and is definitely easy to carry around. To prevent tears, this product has been crimped along its edges and thus is durable. When you feel the product is dirty, you can simply wash it using the machine and get it back on track.

Price: $29.99


  • This green screen Amazon product is washable.
  • This green screen amazon product is light in weight and thus easy to carry around.


  • None

#2. ePhoto 10*20 Large Chromakey Chroma Key Green Screen

green screen kit amazon

This best buy green screen background backdrop is a top pick product that is suitable for portraits, studios, and photography among others. The several accessories that accompany makes it super easy to create professional result. The lights can be easily adjusted to give a desired lighting for better video shooting background.

Price: $169.99


  • This product comes with plenty of good accessories.
  • The lights can be adjusted for a desired background lighting.


  • The product is a bit weighty.

#3. Happyjoy 5*10 feet Photo Backdrop Green

green screen buy

This amazing saturated high key green colour muslin backdrop available in green screen Amazon is ideal for a vast range of sizes. The backdrop features top grade cotton with the stitched edges that makes the entire appearance captivating. During transportation, the muslin material is prone to wrinkling but can simply get restored by ironing. However, you need to be careful because only steam iron and gentle pressing is allowed.

Price: $15.99


  • The product is easy to set up.
  • This product is durable and machine washable.


  • The muslin material is prone to wrinkling.

#4. LimoStudio, AGG1338, Photo 6 X 9 feet

green screen for sale

This is also a great backdrop background green screen on Amazon featuring polyester material. The premium fabricated material features a non-glossy surface, an ingredient for perfect green screen shoot. The material itself is lightweight and hence can be carried around with ease.

Price: $20.99


  • This is a wrinkle-resistant product.
  • The product is durable.


  • Maximum load of 5lbs.

#5. StudioFX 10*10 Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop

green screen material amazon

This green screen kit in Amazon is made up of heavy cotton with fully stitched edges. It is locked by up to 4-layered edge to prevent tearing. The product has a seamless and weaving surface and thus great videos can be shot.

Price: $24.99


  • This product is quite safe and environmental friendly.
  • The product is durable and machine washable.
  • The product is ideal for variety of users.


  • None.

#6. LimoStudio 9 X 13ft Green Fabricated Chromakey Backdrop Screen

amazon green screen

This is a standout well-designed green screen backdrop background which does quite well for video and picture editing. The amazing reflective and non-glossy surface is quite ideal for professional green screen editing. The backdrop features a backdrop made of a lightweight and wrinkle resistant premium fabricated material. Anytime you wish to reuse this amazing product, just dust it off and you ready to go.

Price: $31.99.


  • The product can always be reused by simply dusting it off.
  • The product is wrinkle resistant and thus always produce amazing green screen video/photo.
  • The material is durable and appealing.


  • Some users complain that wrinkling is bound to happen after some time owing to the very thin fabric.

#7. Elgato Green Screen

green screen amazon

Where to buy a green screen? Look here. Elgato Green Screen is an up to par green screen background backdrop made of material of high quality. The product can be disassembled quickly and fit into a casing which can then be carried with ease. You can simply filp open the aluminum case, lift te handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock your canvas in place.

Price: $159.99


  • Pop-up tech to easily handle the height.
  • Stash and dash design allows you to pack up it as quickly as you set up.


  • The product is not cheap.

Green Screen Software - How to Make or Edit A Green Screen Video Easily?

Looking for a splendid software to apply green screen? If you are stuck and disturbed, just let your worries grind to a halt because the good news is here. Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is your ideal solution. This top pick video editor is a powerful green screen editing software ideal for diverse categories of users. The stylish program is enriched with an array of up to par features capable of dangling a carrot in front of virtually all users. The multitude of users across the globe are definitely not amiss by going to bed with this amazing program. The wonderful video editing experience speaks volume on the design tailored for the end-user.

green screen video editor

What Make This Green Screen Video Editor Software Outstanding:

  • The program supports editing of high-quality videos. You can edit videos of up to 4k resolution as well as GIF supporter.
  • The program has a timeline that brings home the entire editing process and thus all categories of users hardly come across navigation challenges.
  • Filmora Video Editor provides a platform for users to export their edited videos to social sites or import from such sites for editing.
  • The program offers several editing functionalities ranging from basic to advanced options which generally help in polishing up the visual appearance.
  • This program supports a wide pool of media file formats and hence users would not get cold feet on the file compatibility.

[Tutorial] Steps to Create Green Screen Video with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import Videos

Run Filmora Video Editor and click the "Import Media Files Here" button on the primary window. Choose the respective video files and click "Open" to upload to the media library. Once successfully imported, simply drag the video clip to the timeline and add the green screen clip to the PIP track.

import video files

Step 2. Make Green Screen Videos

Right Click on the clip and select "Green Screen" to open a pop-up window. In this window, you can complete the green screen creating process.

green screen

Tick the "Make parts of the clip Transparent" option and slide to adjust the colour intensity as per your need. You can select more settings but is not mandatory. Click "OK" once satisfied.

how to use green screen

Step 3. Export the Green Screen Video

Navigate to "Export" tab and subsequently choose "Create a Video" to open the Output window. Choose the desired output format, save location and name. Click "Export".

export the video

Done! Green Screen is not as difficult as you think, right?

There are plenty of green screen backdrop backgrounds provided here for shooting amazing professional green screen videos. Just curate the best deals in Amazon and Walmart and get yourself ready for awesome green screen video editing.

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