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7 Advanced & Free Green Screen Software to Make Green Screen Video [2020 Update]

7 Advanced & Free Green Screen Software to Make Green Screen Video [2020 Update]

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Jan 16,2020 • Filed to: Video Editing • Proven solutions

What is green screen software and are there any good Green Screen Video Editing softwares?

Green Screen video editing has become really common among professional video editors. This is because editing green screens let you make a video which looks more advanced and interesting to viewers. There are many video editors that can help you edit green screen, but it is not easy to pick up the best one among these options on the Internet because all of them are claiming that they can works well in green screen. However, the facts say NO.

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Today, I have picked up 7 popular green screen video editor for Windows and Mac users. Some of them are freeware while others are paid software. You can compare them and decide which one is better according to your own needs.

Now, let's get started...

Recommended Chroma Key Software - Filmora Video Editor

In the process of finding the best software that make green screen video, I found Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is arguably the best video editing software to create green screen videos in the market. it's super easy to use and also compatible with all video formats making it ideal for making green screen video with any videos.

green screen video editing software

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Various special effects including split screen, green screen, and face-off features are also available.
  • It has over 3000 video effects that allows you to be more creative using themes on love, the internet and pets
  • Great-looking animated titles can make your video stunning and special.
  • It includes advanced editing power to Mac users with reverse playback, video stabilizer and pan and zoom features.

How to Make A Green Screen Video using Filmora Video Editor?

Step 1: Add video to the program

At first, please click the "Import Media Files Here" option to import your videos (including green screen video) to this program. Instead, you can directly drag and drop them to Filmora Video Editor to save time.

launch green screen video editor

Step 2: Edit green screen video

Add videos to the timeline with drag-and-drop method and please ensure the video or image with green screen background is placed on the top of the track. Then, right-click on the green screen image or video, and choose "Green Screen".

perform green screen effects to video

When the green screen editing panel is appeared, the green screen background have been removed from the image or video. Here, you can set the video's offset, tolerance, edge thickness, feature, etc. according to your own needs.

free video backgrounds for green screen

Step 3: Export the video

Finally, you can save the Green Screen video after clicking the "Export" button. Here, you can also choose to upload the new-created green screen video to YouTube for sharing with your friends.

choose a way to export green screen video

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Top 6 Green Screen Software You Should Know [Free & Paid]

#1: iMovie

imovie green screen

Key Features:

iMovie also is a best green screen editor. It has got a number of amazing collection of tools that let you edit your videos in the perfect way. There is an iMovie Theater that will store the trailers and movies you created for you to view.

Price: $18.99 for Mac


  • It has got great templates.


  • It is only compatible with the Mac.

Learn how to make green screen video in iMovie >>

#2: Final Cut Pro

how to use green screen in final cut pro

Key Features:

The key feature of Final Cut Pro is that it has got some very powerful media organization capability which lets you browse for videos easily.

Price: $299.99


  • It is an advanced software so it contains many sophisticated features


  • It is very expensive.

Learn how to use green screen in Final Cut Pro >>

#3: Windows Movie Maker

green screen editing software

Key Features:

Windows Movie Maker is a free green screen video software that lets you edit and add effects to your videos. It has a very user-friendly interface that gives you the opportunity to edit professionally.

Price: Free


  • It is free.


  • It can only be used on Windows.

Learn how to make green screen video in Windows Movie Maker >>

#4: AVS Video Editor

free green screen video editing software

Key Features:

AVS Video Editor is another video editing software that lets you trim, cut, split, rotate or merge your video clips. You can also use it to edit green screen video.

Price: $59 for unlimited access and $39 for one year access


  • The software supports a great deal of file formats.


  • It cannot be used on a Mac.

#5: Sony Vegas Pro

how green screen works

Key Features:

Sony Vegas Pro is a professional software for advanced editing. With this editor, you can convert any file format to any other.

Price: £393.95


  • Sony Vegas Pro has got many advanced features.


  • Does not have Mac Support.

#6: Virtual Dub

free video green screen software

Key Features:

Virtual Dub is a basic video editing software that lets you add effects and perform basic functions on your videos.

Price: Free


  • Easy to use.


  • Does not have many advanced feature.


There are 7 different green screen software for your reference, which one are you ready to try first?

Or if you have any other better options want to share with us? Just leave a comment in the below section.

By the way, if you can't make a decision, you can start the green screen video journey from the editor's pick - Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor for Mac.

I'm sure this program can satisfy almost all user's green screen and other video editing needs.

Below are the free trial version for your reference.

windows booster

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