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[Definitive Guide] How to Trim Instagram Videos

[Definitive Guide] How to Trim Instagram Videos

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By Elva | Nov 15,2018 16:06 pm

The popularity of Instagram is showing no signs of fading away. Especially after it changed the limitation of photo and video dimension, Instagram are deemed the best social media networks by the billions of users. However, it's quite an annoying thing that Instagram isn't letting us trim the extra video clips directly.

So, how to trim videos on Instagram?

That's the question I want to talk with you. It may be little tricky for many Instagram novices and video editing beginners to find the right solutions, now I'll tell you the good news, Filmora Video Editor is the one which can help you to trim video for Instagram without any professional technical skills.

Let's see detailed features about Filmora Video Editor and the definitive guide on how to trim a video on Instagram.

Best Video Editor to Cut Instagram Videos - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is one of the best video editing programs which can be used to edit Instagram videos. Besides the basic video editing tools like cutting, rotating and cropping, this powerful video editor also provides lots of special effects for you to apply to your Instagram video.

how to trim video in instagram

Versatile features and flexible UI make Filmora Video Editor Outstanding:

  • Filmora Video Editor is a very handy program that users can easily master the video editing using this program.
  • 2 different mode (Easy Mode and Full Feature Mode) ensures that the user gets the work done as per need, desire and technical proficiency.
  • Clear interface with large amount of video editing tools and special effects well-listed.
  • Advanced video editing tools to make green screen, split screen or picture in picture video are also provided.

Tutorial on How to Trim Videos on Instagram with the Best Video Cutter

Step 1. Launch the Filmora Video Editor

Firstly download Filmora Video Editor by clicking the download button above and install it on your computer. When the program is well-installed, run it and select "Full Feature Mode" to enter the next step.

instagram trim video

Step 2. Import video from Instagram to the program

There are 2 simple ways of importing Instagram videos to the program. It can be done either by dragging and dropping the video onto the timeline or clicking "Import Media Files Here" to browse from local. By the way, Filmora Video Editor also enables you to download photos from Instagram, please choose "Download Photos from Instagram..." here.

import videos to Instagram video trimmer

Step 3. Trim the Instagram video from the beginning or from the ending part

Once the video has been imported, move the cursor to the end and beginning of the clip till it changes to "I" pointer. Then move this pointer back and forth to trim the video from beginning and end.

how to trim a video on instagram

[Optional]: Cut the Instagram video into sections

To cut the video at any point you want, you have to separate the specific portion. Drag the slider to mark the start and end points and press the "scissors" icon. Right click the video and select "Delete" to finish the process completely.

how to trim instagram videos

Step 5. Export the video

The last step is to press the "Export" button above the timeline. Select the appropriate format that you want to save the video. Press "Export" and the video will be exported to the desired location. You can also choose to upload the video to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo if you want.

export trimmed instagram video

Trim A Video for Instagram in Just A Few Minutes!

After read the steps for fixing Instagram trim video not working, you may have the urge to trim a video for Instagram immediately. Filmora Video Editor can do more than just trim videos, it is designed to help beginners and enthusiasts to edit video like a pro, for professionals, it's also a practical yet feature-rich video editor software.

Before you start trimming videos as well as adding effects to videos, you need to know more useful tips about posting photos and videos on Instagram, which will let you know the best video length, formats, size, resolution, dimension for Instagram. In this way, you can show your videos in the best way on Instagram.

Why not download Filmora Video Editor to start to post videos and attract more Instagram fans now?

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