Top 7 Free Online Stop Motion Makers in 2023

Stop Motion Video Maker makes it easier to make a stop motion video by yourself. This post is going to show you 7 advanced yet free stop motion online makers for your reference.
Elva updated on 2022-12-22 17:37:18

What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion is a series of pictures taken serially while adjusting an object slightly then merging the resulting photos to create a video. This kinds of video become more and more popular in recent years due to the popularity of social media, and I have to admit that a carefully prepared stop motion animation always can gains a great welcome in the FB, Twitter or Instagram.

Then, what software can I use to make stop motion?

If you're looking for a simple way to make stop motion movies (like me), you've been the right place. This post will introduce 7 advanced yet free online stop motion makers for your reference.

You can compare them and pick up one to make stop mtion video online by yourself.

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Now, let's get started...

7 Best Online Stop Motion Maker in 2020 [Free]

1. Kapwing

best online motion video maker

Kapwing is a tool that allows you to make your own stop motion video online. It does so by taking some frames out of the video. With this tool, you can turn your everyday shot into a compelling cool stop-motion clip that you can share online. The best thing is that this is just possible in just three clicks.

This tool offers this functionality in two forms, you can either create a make your own stop motion video online from a bunch of photos or from another raw video.

• Allows you to make your own stop motion video online from both image and video.
• Very easy to use.
• Allows converting from URL when converting from video.

• Requires a steady network situation and connot work while you're offline.

2. Stop Motion Animator

free stop motion maker

Stop-motion animator is a simple chrome extension to make your own stop motion video online using a webcam. The created stop motions are saved in the popular WebM format. Other features of the tool include the ability to add a soundtrack and ability to extend previously created soundtracks.

The process of getting the tools is easy, you just need to head over to Chrome Web Store, search for Stop Motion Animator and install it. After this, the tool can be accessed by going to Menu > More tools > Extensions.

• Free and open source.
• Ability to extend previously recorded stop motion videos.

• Need to install chrome extension.

3. ImageToVideo

stop motion animation

This is another tool that allows you to make your own stop motion video online by combining images and transform them into a stop-motion video. These images should be captured in quick succession and adjusting the object slightly every time.

The tool also allows you to add a soundtrack to act as background music which is quite cool. Unfortunately, this tool supports up to 30 images but for beginner users, this should suffice.

• Free to use with no ads.
• Supports adding a soundtrack for music.

• Supports up to 30 images only.

4. Pholody

stop motion movie maker

Pholody is a free online stop motion maker. Although the tool was built to create slideshows, you can use it to make your own stop motion video online from the still photos you had taken earlier. The website also provides a bunch of templates including birthday, Mother's Day, Merry Christmas among other.

If you also want to add a background music, then there is also an option for that. The tool works by dragging around the photos to determine at what point the should begin showing. Having the photos overlapping seems to work better for stop motion video.

• Free to use without any advertisements.
• Very easy to use, just a couple of drag and drops.
• Provides a couple of templates to give your stop motion video some life.

• Built to be used for slideshows not stop motion video.

5. MP3Cares' photo to video tool

online stop motion maker

Although MP3Care usually works around MP3 files, it provides a tool to make your own stop motion video online by combining up to 20 images. After selecting images, you decide the time interval between images. Ideally for stop motion this should be around 0seconds but the tool only allows a minimum of 5 seconds.

• Supports tiff image format.
• Supports rearranging images to appropriate order.

• Supports only up to 20 images.
• Shows advertisements in the website.

6. Culture Street

online stop motion software

Culture Street is a website that enables you to make your own stop motion video online of different websites provided by the tool. You essentially choose scenery of interest, and from it, create a stop-motion animation. This tool also has the capability to rotate and resize the different objects in the scene and when done take a picture of the scene to insert a keyframe.

• Comes with basic scene manipulation tools like rotation and scaling.

• Limited in capability as can only use scenes provided.

7. Photo Snack

how to do stop motion effect online

With a bit of creativity, anyone can make your own stop motion video online using their own photos by taking advantage of this tool. You also have the option to add some music to act as background music. Other than local uploads, the tool also supports uploading photos from Facebook, Instagram and even google photos.

• Free to use.
• Allows uploading photos from Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos on top of the usual uploading from local computer.
• Ability to add background music to stop motion video.

• No as easy as some tools in this list.


Traditionally, stop-motion videos could only be created using high-end DSLR cameras, but now you can capture your still photos using a normal camera and turn them into a stop-motion video using suitable software.

In the above page,

I have recommended 7 advanced online stop-motion creators each with both pros and cons, but you know, online video maker have a high requirement of the network situation and most of them are suitable for a novie or beginner.

So, if you wanna to create a stop-motion video with amazing effects, I'd like to recommend you to have a try on the desktop video editing software like Filmora Video Editor. With it, you can enjoy the basic and advanced video editing tools, 1000+ video effects, etc. without restrictions.

stop motion maker

Filmora Video Editor

  • It is built with basic editing options for videos, audio and images such as brightness, contrast, saturation, trim, crop, split, merge and delete..
  • With it, you will be able to add titles, captions, filters, effects, overlays, transitions and elements.
  • It allows you to add background music to match the theme and mood of your video.
  • You can record PC screen activities and also capture quality audios from the microphone.

Let's check how to use the Filmora Video Editor to edit videos on PC easily.

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