10 Ways to Brighten A Video on iPhone, Android and PC

10 Ways to Brighten A Video on iPhone, Android and PC

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By Emily Ann | Sep 17,2018 17:41 pm

Are you looking for a way to brighten your videos on iPhone, Android and PC? Well, in this article we will introduce you to 10 ways to brighten A Video on iPhone, Android and PC easily. We understand that a times you might shoot a video on your phone and it becomes dark and you need a video brightener to adjust brightness of your videos. Without saying much, let us begin look at video brightener software in 2018 that is ideal for your PC.

Part 1. The Best Video Brightener Software in 2018

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is the best video brightener software in 2018 that is compatible with Mac and Windows PC. This video brightener is built with basic controls that allow you to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and hue of your videos as well as photos. Furthermore, it has advanced colour tuning options that enables you achieve the brightness of your videos. Other than that, you can also trim, split, merge, rotate, cut and flip videos using Filmora Video Editor. What is more amazing about this software is that it is built with a great user interface and other editing options highlighted below.

how to brighten a video

What Make This Video Brightener Software Outstanding:

  • It can also edit your audios by trimming, splitting, muting, detaching audio from videos, adjusting volume and using equalizer.
  • It also comes with a free music library that allows you to add background music to your projects.
  • With Filmora Video Editor, you will can also add effects, filters, texts, titles, transitions, elements and motions on your videos.
  • It is built with a stand-alone action cam editing options that enables you adjust speed effect, colour effects and fix & correction.
  • It is also integrated with a preview window that allows you view changes as you edit.

[Guide] How to Brighten A Video, And Add Video Light Filter

At this point, we can look at how to add brightness to video using Filmora Video Editor a video brightener software.

Step 1. Open Filmora Video Editor

Open the application once you have installed it on your computer and begin uploading a video that you want to add brightness. On the home screen, click on "Import" and then select "Import Media Files" to be able to select a video from your computer. Uploading the video by clicking on "Open" button.

import video files

Step 2. Brighten A Video

Now, drag the video that you have uploaded to the video timeline. Next, right click on the video and click on "Edit" option. From there you will see a new window with an option to adjust brightness of your video.

To adjust brightness, head to brightness options and drag the cursor to the right. You will see the changes being applied to the video on the preview screen. Save the changes by clicking on "OK"

how to make a video brighter

Another way on how to adjust brightness to videos is using video light filter. Click on "Filters" button and then select the video light filter from the list on the top left such as black and white, nightlife or Lomography. Drag the chosen filter to the filter timeline at the bottom of the video timeline and the video light filter will be added automatically.

apply filters to video

Step 3. Export Video

Lastly, click on "Export" and choose either to export video to the desired format, to a device, to an online site or burn it to a DVD. From there, save the video as desired and click on "Export" button. That is it.

export the video

Part 2. Top 7 Apps to Brighten A Video on iPhone and Android

In the above section, we looked at how one can brighten a video on PC using Filmora Video Editor. So, what if you want to app to lighten video on Android or iPhone without having to transfer media files to PC? Well, it is simple. If you visit Google Play store or Apple App store you will find a couple of video brightness that match your needs. However, for some people they might not know which app to go for hence, we have reviewed seven apps to lighten video on phone. From there, you can decide which one to download to your respective phone.

1. Video Editor-Editing Studio (iOS Supported)

Video Editor-Editing Studio

This video editor by Deming Jin is an iOS app to lighten videos on iPhone and iPads. It is built with basic options like brightness, contrast, saturation, highlight exposure and shadows that you can apply to your iOS videos. Other than that, this video editor is built with 80 effects, free background music library, over 50 transitions and ability to record your voice. Also, if you have videos that you want to merge, trim, and adjust the speed of your videos. Once you have edited your videos, you can use this app to share your brightened videos to Vine and Instagram. As for iOS compatibility, it is compatible with iOS 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and to the latest 12.0.

• It has basic video editing functions.
• It enables one to share videos to social sharing sites easily.
• It allows you to play videos in reverse.

• You have purchase to enjoy all of its editing options
• It lacks audio editing option such as fade in and fade out.

2. Video Editor Movie Edit.ing (iOS Supported)

Video Editor Movie Edit.ing

You can also Video Editor Movie Edit.ing app to brighten a video on iPhone. This video editor is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above be it an iPhone, an iPod or and an iPad. When it comes to editing functionalities, this lightening video app can adjust a videos brightness, crop, trim, rotate, and copy videos. You can also use it to add titles and texts, add music from your own library, add filters and stickers. Furthermore, Video Editor Movie Edit.ing app you can adjust the speed of your videos using the slow-motion function.

• It has a great user interface.
• It is interface is multilingual.
• It supports most of basic editing functionalities.

• It is a heavyweight that occupies 186mb of your phone memory.
• It is not free.

3. FLMX Video Editor (iOS Supported)

FLMX Video Editor

FLMX video editor is another app to lighten video on iPhone. This video editor brightens ups videos and allows you to customize them by trimming, splitting, merging and adding background music to your videos. FLMX Video Editor software also allows you to add filters, effects and u unique films to your videos. Using this app to lighten videos is very easy since you just need to upload the video and start editing. To install the FLMX Video editor on your iPhone you should be using running iOS 11.1 and above.

• FLMX Video Editor allows you to share videos to social sites like Facebook and Instagram.
• It contains a number of effects and filters that you can use to enhance videos.
• It supports videos and photos of different formats.

• To remove ads on the app and get more filters you need to purchase the app.

4. Magisto Video Editor (Android and iOS Supported)


Magisto Video Editor is also an app to brighten videos on Android and iPhone. This video editor supports both iOS and Android devices. For Android phones, you should be using Android 5.0 and above whereas for iPhone you should be using iOS 10.0 and above. According to Magisto website, this video editor is powered by A.I to locate the best part of your footage and makes it easier to edit videos and photos. With this edit video brightness app, you can adjust brightness of the video, combine videos, split videos, stabilize videos and auto crop videos.

• Magisto Video Editor allows you to share videos to social sites and blogs.
• It allows you to create videos within three simple steps.

• Magisto professional features are not free.

5. AndroVid - Video Editor (Android Supported)


On Android phone, you can use AndroVid Video Editor app to lighten video on your phone easily. AndroVid Video Editor is an easy to use app with some of its features being able to trim videos, play videos in reverse, brighten videos and join videos. Besides that, this editing app allows you to rotate videos, add effects and adjust the speed of the videos. Unlike other video editors, this video Lightner app allows you to convert video files to formats like GIF, 3GP, MPG, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV and VOB formats. To add on, this app supports Android 4.1 to the latest Android 8.0.

• It is also a slideshow movie maker.
• It can share edited projects to Facebook and YouTube.
• It supports editing of images.

• It contains a lot of distractive ads.

6. VideoShop Video Editor (Android Supported)


VideoShop Video Editor is also an Android video lightener app that allows you to add effects, add music, merge videos and change the speed of videos. It is also a video resizer, video trimmer, video cutter and much more. VideoShop Video Editor supports Android 4.3 and above.

• It is integrated with a lot of video editing features.
• It allows you to share your videos to social media sites and Email directly.

• It cannot upload videos to YouTube.

7. KineMaster Pro Video Editor (Android Supported)


The last app to lighten videos on Android that you can use is KineMaster Pro Video Editor. It can brighten up videos, adjust videos volume, add effects, add transitions, blur and mosaic. The beauty with KineMaster you can preview editing of video and audios in real time. To install this app on Android phone you need to be using Android 4.1 and above.

• It allows adjusting brightness, saturation, and hue.
• It can share videos to social sharing site and cloud storages

• It is slow when editing longer videos.

Part 3. 2 Free Ways on How to Brighten A Video Online

Other than using desktop video brightener, you can also rely on online video brighteners. They are a couple of online video light filter but in this section, we are only going to focus on two online video brighteners.

1. Kizoa Movie Maker

Kizoa Movie Maker

Kizoa Movie Maker is a reliable online video brightener. This online tool is featured with a movie maker that enables you to change colour effect of your videos hence adjusting its brightness. You can also add effects, motions and transitions to your photos and images. Kizoa Movie Maker also allows you to upload videos and audios from your computer or you can directly download them from Facebook.

• It has simple to understand user interface.
• It allows you to add GIFs to videos.
• You can also add background music to your videos.

• You need to create an account to save your edited project.

2. LunaPic Video Editor

LunaPic Video Editor

LunaPic Video Editor is an online video brightener that its website might seem old-fashioned but it has a couple of editing features that you might need. It allows you to adjust level of brightness, colours, saturation, tint, focus, hue and sharpness among others. Other than that, LunaPic Video Editor allow you to different files from computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Imgur. Also, this software allows you to import multiple images for editing. The process of editing is also simple and fast.

• It has different effects that you can apply to your videos.
• It is also built with Filters to enhance brightness of your video.
• You can also edit files by rotating, resizing, tilt-shift and blur background

• It takes long to upload large videos.


From all the mentioned ten methods that enable you edit video brightness of your video, Filmora Video Editor stands out to be the best video brightener. It has a simple user interface and the process of editing video brightness is straightforward. Other than that, it supports different video formats from your computer, download them online or upload them from your phone. Also, with Filmora Video Editor you will be able to export your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Try this software today.

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