How to Trim MP3 Files with MP3 Trimmer

How to Trim MP3 Files with MP3 Trimmer

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By Elva | Apr 16,2018 11:22 am

Is there any easy way to trim MP3?

If you have a big MP3 file and you want to trim it to the exact length you want, you can use MP3 Trimmer to help you do this job easily and quickly. There is an easy way to cut songs, make mash-ups, music clips and create ringtones without downloading programs. However, you can download an MP3 trimmer such as Filmora Video Editor and get more editing features beyond just trimming.

Part 1: Best Tool to Trim MP3 - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a video editing software service built for starters who would like to spend less time understanding the basic functionalities of video editing software and focus more on their task of creating and editing videos. Filmora Video Editor is the best video editing tools to trim, split, cut, combines and convert MP3 files. If you are music enthusiastic and you have a collection of MP3 songs, there are chances you would want to edit some of them to enhance your music experience. Filmora Video Editor would be a feature-rich and user friendly and thus a novice without any professional skills would be able to manipulate your audio file any way you like.

trim mp3
  • With this software you will get to use advanced editing options such as; Split screen, Advanced Text Editing, tilt-shift, Mosaic blurring, screen recording, video stabilizer and others.
  • Filmora Video Editor is built with power Video and audio controls like; trim, cut split, merge among others.
  • Its image editor can adjust the image brightness, hue, contrast and add images to tracks as well as add images as PIP.
  • Its action cam editor has an instant cutter, colour tuning effect, speed effect and fix and correction tool.
  • This software also allows you to create background using Chroma Key (Green Screen).

How to Trim MP3 Files using Filmora MP3 Trimmer:

Step 1. Add MP3 files to MP3 Trimmer

Go to the main interface of this MP3 file trimmer, you need to import the MP3 file you want to trim. Just click “Import” option to import target file from the computer to this app, or directly drag it to the user’s album. After that, continue to drag the imported MP3 file from the album to the Timeline panel at the bottom.

mp3 trim

Step 2. Start trimming MP3 file to the length you want

In this step, you can trim the MP3 file to the specific length. Just select the audio clip by clicking it, mouser over its left or right edge to show the “double arrow” indicator, and then drag it to the length you want.

Note: This smart MP3 trimmer also provides you more editing functions, for example, split MP3 file into clips, cut off unwanted MP3 clips, adjust volume, and add fade in and out etc.

how to trim mp3

Step 3. Export a new MP3 file

To export your desired MP3 segment in a simple file, just hit the “Export” button to pop up the output window and then select the MP3 output format from the “Format” tab. From there, you can rename the file and choose the desired output option.

trim mp3 file

Part 2: Free Trim MP3 Online

#1. Audio Trimmer

how to trim an mp3 file

Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool, which lets you trim your audio files on the fly. It helps you trim audio files online without installing complex software on your device.

How to Trim MP3 with Audio Trimmer:

Step 1. Go to Audio Trimmer website and browse the MP3 file and upload.

Step 2. Mark the beginning and the end.

Step 3. After that, click on “Cut” and “Download” the files to your computer.

• It is easy to use.
• Adjustable output quality.

• Adjustable output quality.

#2. Audio Cutter

free trim mp3

Audio Cutter is a free online tool that can be used to cut audio tracks right in your browser. It is fast and stable with over 300 supported file formats. All its features are available free of charge. It is fast and stable, has fade in and fade out features, and ringtone quality presets.

How to Trim MP3 with Audio Cutter:

Step 1. Open the MP3 cut online and then click on “Open” to upload files.

Step 2. Now position the cursor to parts that you want to trim.

Step 3. Click on “Cut” and then choose the output format and save the file.

• It has several audio editing features compared to other online splitters.
• All file formats are supported.

• No player has been integrated with it.

#3. Wincreator

trim mp3 online

Wincreator is an online video trimmer site for cutting, downloading, converting videos to MP3. Its user interface is also simple thus easier to trim the audio files.

How to Trim MP3 with Wincreator:

Step 1. On the Wincreator website click on “Browse” button.

Step 2. Mark start points and end point, preview and save your video. You can make some changes when previewing if you are not satisfied with it.

Step 3. Click on “Create” to trim the file and download the file.

• Video cutting, MP3 conversion and video downloading can be all done here.
• You can preview before cutting.

• Maximum of file size is 50MB.

#4. Magicode

free trim mp3 online

This online tool for cutting MP3 files is fast and user friendly. It is great for making ringtones in three easy steps without losing their quality.

How to Trim MP3 with Magicode:

Step 1. Click on “Select Files” and select file from your computer or drag them to the website.

Step 2. Mark the beginning and the end of the audio as desired.

Step 3. Finally click on “Cut and Download” to save the trimmed MP3 file.

• It has a simple user interface.
• Speed; extremely fast.
• Has new technology based on new HTML5 standard.

• Slow process of loading file.

#5. Inettools

mp3 trim online

This free cut MP3 tool will allow you to edit and crop any MP3 file you like and it is easy and quick to use. It might also come in handy when you want to make your own mash up of MP3 files in very quick and easy steps. No special skill is required.

How to Trim MP3 with Inettools:

Step 1. Visit Inetttools website and upload MP3 file to the program window.

Step 2. After that select position the cursor to start and end point that you want to trim the files and click on “Cut” button.

Step 3. Save the file tour computer by clicking on “Download” button.

• You can fix recordings or files that are damaged.
• You can reduce the MP3 file to a smaller portable size of your choice.

• It has limited file size upload.

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