15 Secrets of Instagram Memes Accounts You Don't Want to Miss

Are you looking for Instagram memes accounts to find some funny Instagram memes? We here listed 15 best meme pages on Instagram and 5 methods to create Instagram memes.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:52:34

What is the most popular meme page on Instagram?

How to post memes on Instagram?

With memes becoming more and more popular every day, many Instagram users want to know what the most popular Instagram memes accounts are and how to start a meme account of their own.

If you’re also curious about Instagram meme pages, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Instagram meme accounts that you can follow to fill your feed with funny content. Also, we’ve put together the golden rules you should follow to start your meme page and grow it over time.

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Now, let's get started.

The 10 Best Meme Accounts on Instagram You Should Know

Even though meme accounts on Instagram have their fair share of haters, it’s safe to say that the majority of users like memes. That’s the reason why the Instagram feed is flooded with cute cats and kid’s pictures. In saying that, we present you the 10 best meme pages on Instagram you must follow to laugh your guts out.

#1: Memezar - 19.7 Million Followers

instagram memes

Memezaris a memes account that’s popular for posting funny videos/pictures multiple times a day. In fact, the page is updated almost every minute with fresh content that you can share with your friends and family members. Like every other meme account, Memezar also has a private account, which means you’ll have to request access before you can see its content. However, don’t worry as the page accepts “follow requests” within a couple of minutes.

#2: FuckJerry - 15.5 Million Followers

instagram memes accounts

FuckJerry is one of the oldest and best Instagram meme pages right now. FuckJerry was started back in 2012, a time when memes weren’t as popular as they’re today. Despite being so old, FuckJerry never disappoints in publishing fresh and extremely funny content. With daily multiple uploads, you can stay assured that FuckJerry will provide you with enough funny dosage every day.

#3: FunnyMemes - 6.9 Million Followers

funny instagram memes

With 6.9 million global followers, FunnyMemes is the place where you’ll only find funny videos. The page doesn’t post any images so you can expect extremely funny and diverse content on FunnyMemes. Like any other meme page on Instagram, FunnyMemes keeps its page up-to-date with fresh and funny content. The best part is FunnyMemes isn’t private which means you can even see its content without following the page.

#4: Memes - 6.6 Million Followers

best meme accounts on instagram

Memes, which also goes by its production name Memes.com, is probably one of the best Instagram meme accounts. With 15.8 million active followers on Instagram, Memes.com recently decided to join the Instagram community and target its audience. Right now, Memes is an open account, which means you won’t have to wait for your request to be accepted before accessing its funny content. If you own a product, you can also collaborate with Memes for brand promotion and gain the required exposure for your brand.

#5: Sarcasm_Only - 14.9 Million Followers

best meme pages on instagram

Sarcasm_Only is a popular Instagram meme account with 14.9 Million followers. Unlike other meme pages, Sarcasm_Only primarily targets the female audience. The page posts content that talks about different situations faced by girls daily. However, this conventional content also has a touch of humor, which is the primary reason behind the page’s extensive popularity in the world.

#6: Daquan - 15.2 Million Followers

best instagram meme accounts

As its bio reads, Daquan literally posts the funniest content from across the world. Started back in 2014, Daquan has garnered the title of the most popular meme page for millennials in a relatively short period. The page primarily targets millennials and posts content that revolves around their lifestyle. And, the best part is you can also collaborate with Daquan to post your content and get the required exposure for it.

#7: EpicFunnyPage - 17.2 Million Followers

best instagram meme pages

EpicFunnyPage is a meme account on Instagram that’s widely popular for posting funny videos on kids and animals. From kids signing with their parents to dogs playing “fetch”, you can find a wide variety of content on EpicFunnyPage. However, EpicFunnyPage is a private account so you’ll have to first send a follow request to watch their funny videos.

#8: TheFatJewish - 10.9 Million Followers

best meme instagram accounts

Unlike other meme accounts on our list, TheFatJewish is more popular for the man who runs it. Josh Ostrovsky started this account back in 2009 and since then it has been making people laugh with content that mainly revolves around Josh’s own life. Although, you’ll find plenty of other funny videos as well, which will give you the perfect dose of laughter.

#9: LMAO - 9 Million Followers

instagram meme account

If you’re a 90’s kid, you might be familiar with the term LMAO. Well, it’s safe to say that this page delivers what it promises. With 9 Million Instagram followers, LMAO is a popular page where you can find dozens of funny Instagram memes daily. The majority of these memes are often relatable for many people, which gives it the perfect blend of humor and emotional touch. Follow LMAO if you want your Instagram feed to be loaded with an unlimited supply of funny clips.

#10: LadBible - 9.4 Million Followers

best instagram meme account

As the name implies, LadBible is an Instagram page where you can find topics that young lads usually relate with. From drinking to gaming to “bro-code”, LadBible has a habit of publishing content for its target audience, which is funny as well as highly relatable. However, between this male-specific content, you can also find chunks of other popular funny memes on LadBible.

Top 5 Best Dank Meme Accounts on Instagram You Can't-Miss

All the above-mentioned Instagram memes account to post a wide variety of content. However, there are many Instagram pages that are specifically tailored to publish dank memes.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, dank memes are the memes that have an ironic expression and are specifically created to mock the ongoing Internet trends. So, if you’re looking for such memes, here’s a list of 5 best dank meme accounts on Instagram that post dank memes.

#1. Kevin Flynn - 4.4 Million Followers

best dank meme accounts on instagram

Kevin Flynn, also known as the White Popular Humor, is an Instagram handle that’ll make you laugh with some old-school memes. Kevin Flynn’s bio reads “The Best Memer Alive” and that couldn’t be more true. Unlike many meme pages on Instagram, Kevin Flynn posts content that’s unique, fresh, and more importantly extremely funny.

#2. Sarcasm_Only - 14.9 Million Followers

dark memes

As we mentioned earlier, Sarcasm_Only is a popular Instagram meme page that mainly targets ladies. However, it’s no secret that the page is also popular for roasting current Internet trends and giving the followers a reason to laugh. If you’re looking for the best dank meme account on Instagram, there’s nothing that comes close to Sarcasm_Only.

#3. 7thGrader.s - 4.3 Million Followers

dark humor memes

7thGrader.s is an Instagram handle that publishes content for kids and teenagers. From high school fights to first crush, there are different types of funny clips/images posted on 7thGrader.s that are extremely relatable for many people. And, if you’re a millennial, these memes will allow you to relive your high-school days by going down the memory lane.

#4. Kale Salad - 3.9 Million Followers

best dark memes account

Kale Salad is among the best dank meme accounts on Instagram, mainly due to its popularity among teenagers. Although the page has an extremely diverse audience, it mainly publishes memes that are relatable for many teenagers. And since Kale Salad is an open account, you can access the entire content without following the page itself.

#5. HoodClips - 11.3 Million Followers

dark meme accounts

Back in 2019, HoodClips was voted as the funniest page on Instagram. The page features several types of funny content. However, the majority of the content revolves around the African-American culture and you’ll find daily new memes that relate to the culture itself.

5 Tips on How to Create Instagram Memes

So, now that you know different Instagram memes accounts, it’s time to answer the more important question, i.e., how to post memes on Instagram and how to grow a meme page on the platform? If you’ve been planning to start your meme page, here are a few tips that’ll help you sail in the right direction.

1. How to Create Attractive Instagram Memes?

First things first; you’ll need to create captivating Instagram memes that can engage users. To do so, you can utilize different online tools that are specifically tailored to create Instagram memes. You can click here to find the best meme creator online for you.

While creating memes, however, make sure to pick a topic that’s trending on the Internet otherwise your memes will fade away in the clutter of Instagram feeds. To get your content the desired exposure, it is important to compete with Instagram’s algorithm and keep your content trending.

2. How to Post Instagram Memes?

Posting Instagram memes isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you want to grow your channel and gain millions of followers, it is imperative to follow a dedicated strategy while posting memes. Here are a few tips that’ll help you post memes the right way and grow your channel with minimal efforts.

• Be consistent with your posting schedule. If you’ve chosen to post 20 memes per day, make sure that you hit this mark at the end of each day.

• Don’t just copy and paste memes from other accounts. This will make your page a copy-cat and you won’t be able to increase your follower count. Try to be creative and bring a unique style to your memes.

• To become one of the best meme pages on Instagram, you’ll have to keep your account public initially. This way people would be able to go through your feed and decide if they want to follow your account or not.

3. How Much Money do Meme Accounts Make?

When it comes to revenue, different meme pages on Instagram make a different amount of money. Usually, it depends on the number of followers and the page’s popularity. For instance, FuckJerry charges $30,000 for every sponsored post.

4. What is the Difference Between a Meme and a GIF?

GIF is a media format that plays a looping animation. Memes, on the other hand, can be anything including images, videos, GIFs, etc. that are viral on the Internet.

5. How do I Get Meme Followers on Instagram?

To get more followers on your Instagram meme account, you’ll have to act smart. First of all, make sure to post content regularly. Secondly, you should post content that’s currently trending on the Internet.


That’s everything you need to know about the best meme pages on Instagram. So, go through the above-mentioned list and follow the meme pages that you like the most. And, if you’re planning to start your own Instagram meme account, follow the right tips so that you can also make your account popular on the platform. Let us know which attracted you the most or if you have any meme account that we missed!

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