Best Photo Video Maker for Mac and Windows PC

Best Photo Video Maker for Mac and Windows PC

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By Elva | Jun 19,2018 17:37 pm

A photo video maker allows you to combine multiple pictures into a video, of course, as well add a background song. By doing this, a story is told completely. And you can upload it to video sharing sites, like YouTube to share with friends, family and net friends everywhere if network is connected. Or keep in smartphone, tablets or computer to play whenever you want. There are many online photo video makers for you to make video from photos and desktop ones available, but I still think that a desktop one is easy-to-use. Here I’d like to recommend you the best Photo Video Maker for Mac and Windows PC – Filmora Video Editor.

Best Photo Video Maker to Create Videos from Photos

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is video editing software that with the feature to make videos with pictures and songs. It supports the most widely used image formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, ICO. You can import any picture in these mentioned formats to the software, combing them into a video. Besides, you can attach a song to the video, making the video more stunning. If you like, you can select cool effects to apply to the video as well. Here are the main features of this picture video maker:

photo video maker with song for pc

Key Features of Filmora Photo Video Maker

  • Filmora Video Editor allows you to import images and combine images to video to make your own movie.
  • You can add, manage and edit images easily. You can also enhance your image by editing and applying filters, transitions, overlays, PIP, and more other effects.
  • You can rotate the image and adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, tint, and more.

How to Use the Photo Video Maker to Make Videos with Pictures

Filmora Video Editor is pretty easy-to-use for everyone, even people who don’t know much technique. You just need to import the media files > apply basic editing > apply effects > then export the video. Below are the detailed guides for how to use the photo video maker to make videos with pictures.

Step 1: Import video clips to the project window

With your mouse, drag the desired file to the edition interface, or use the "Import" option to add your own files into the program from your library. As I have mentioned, multiple photo formats are supported. Feel free to import your photos. If you plan to add a background song to the video, import the music as well.

photo video maker for pc

Step 2: Drop photos to timeline

In the media area, drag and drop photos to the timeline. Please note that you’re supposed to range the order of the photos first, then drop them to the timeline one-by-one. As for the background music, drag and drop it to the music area in Timeline.

video maker app for pc

Step 3: Split photo video

You can split the video according to your needs or the different scenes of the photos as well as the background music. Just drag the line to the place where you want to split, then click the split icon in the toolbar.

photo to video maker for pc

Step 4: Trim photo video

Select the file you want, and then adjust the yellow limits at any of the ends to select where the video starts and end. You can undo this by dragging the yellow bars back to their original position.

photo video editor for pc

Step 5: Crop photo video

Double-click the file and switch into the “Cropping” interface in edition window. Here you can edit the size, and the orientation of the video you want.

photo to video editor for pc

Step 6: Merge photo videos

Choose the desired file and place it with your mouse in front or behind the file you want it to merge with or drag the desired files into the timeline, and then remove the limits between them, hence making it a single video.

Step 7: Apply effect to photo video

Overlays and filters are in the left side of the main window. Click it, then choose the right one and drag it to the timeline to apply the effect. You can also click the Power tools to enable the special effect setting up window: tilt-shift, mosaic, faceoff, etc…

photo and video editor for pc

Step 8: Add transition to photo video

Select the "Transitions" option on the left side of the window; there you can select a transition effect that you can apply in between two clips.

pc photo video maker

Step 9: Export the video

When everything is done, click the Export button on the lower part of the window to export the edited video. There are multiple options for the video export according to its usage. You can directly upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. by entering your account information or save it computer, tablets or smartphones for playing.

video maker with photos and music and effects for pc

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