How to Crop Video in Linux Ubuntu

How to Crop Video in Linux Ubuntu

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By Elva | Feb 28,2018 13:49 pm

Have you ever liked to cut videos into chunks or pieces? It's more likely that you found the process to be complicated and this is especially on Linux systems. You can always crop video Linux using command based tools. You will agree with me that not everyone is conversant with Linux commands.

Ubuntu is increasingly becoming one of the most popular Linux distributions. It is slowly becoming an alternative to windows operating system. This increases the need to have video editing tools and especially crop video Linux tool for Ubuntu. Now, we are going to show you how to crop video in Linux Ubuntu.

The Best Video Cropper for Linux

Filmora Video Editor is the top and most recommended video cropping tool for Linux systems. This tool is packed with great functionalities to help you perform tasks such as trimming and cropping videos.

  • Seamless Video Cropping This is one of the most important features of Filmora video editing tool for Linux users. It helps you to crop the video to the desired frame ratio and to the area of your choice.
  • Video Splitting Apart from crop video Linux, Filmora enables Linux users to split large video into smaller fragments. This is important because it helps users to have several small video clips for easy editing.
  • Video Trimming Do you have a video that have some parts that you don't need? Filmora will help you trim off those unwanted video parts easily and leave you with a clean and presentable video.
  • Video Rotating You may have a video that was captured in a horizontal manner and it appears better when viewed in a vertical manner. With Filmora video editor you can easily rotate your video by 90° both clockwise and anti-clockwise and also horizontally and vertically flipping.
  • Speed Control This is also a very important feature when it comes to video editing on Linux systems. This feature enables users to speed up and to slow down the rate at which the video plays. This is very important when editing a video because you will not miss out on fine details.

How to Crop Video in Linux

There will definitely be times when you will need to do some video cropping on Linux Ubuntu. A good example is when your video has some black bars on the edges or when you want to crop a video that is in large dimension for it to fit on the screen of smaller devices.

Using the right and the appropriate tool to crop video in Linux such as Filmora video cropping tool, the process becomes straightforward and very simple for anyone. The following are steps to follow in order to achieve the best final cropped video.

Step 1: Download and Install Filmora Video Editor

This is the very first step, to download one of the most reputable video cropping software. What you need to do is visit their website and you'll find the Filmora download link for Linux systems. After the download is successful, install the software to your system using the given installation instructions. Once it's done, launch the program and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Import Your Video to the Program

There are two ways to import videos to Filmora video editing program. You can click on the import button found on the main window and then select the video file from your computer. The other way is to simply drag and drop your video onto the User's Album and then add them to the timeline for editing.

Step 3: Crop Video

Once you add the video to the timeline for editing, you will find crop and zoom button in the menu. Click on it to access the cropping window. On cropping window, you will find three options one is to manually select a crop area, and the other two are to crop the video as per predefined aspect ratio. Most Linux users prefer using the manual selection method because its user friendly and you crop what you want. Once you're satisfied with the crop area of your video, it is now time to export and to save your video.

Step 4: Save or Export video

Click on the ‘Export’ button to save your final cropped video. Export your video to different format select 'Format' and choose the one suitable for you. Or there are many other choice for you to export the video.

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