Free 3D LUTs Download: 10 Sites to Download Tons of Free Cinematic Luts Pack

What are cinematic LUTs and how to download 3D LUTs? In this article, you'll know how to directly download 15+ Filmora 3D Luts and 10 3D Luts downloading resources.
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To produce a quality film, you should have the ability to edit a video like a pro. Obviously, this is a high level for lots of users, so 3D LUTs comes into the market. When you want to edit your own videos, you might want to add a 3D LUT to the video.

But what is cinematic 3D LUTs?

Generally speaking, 3D LUTs pack can help its users to calculate the correction of color and preview how an image will be shown on another display device. And users also like to apply the 3D LUTs to a video to get an attractive mix of colors with 1 simple click. Then, the question is coming - where to download free 3D LUTs pack and apply them to video?

Don't worry, you can find answers in this post. This article will be discussing how to use 3D LUTs on videos and 10 free sites to download 3D LUTs effects.

Now, let's get started...

Part 1: Filmora Video Editor: 15+ Built-in Free 3D LUTs Pack for Your Reference

filmora 3d lut download

To add 3D LUTs to your videos, using Filmora Video Editor (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is highly recommended. Filmore X's 3D LUTs is designed to take the color cast of a video and move it to a new level entirely. For instance, every single video has its own particular color to depict a certain detail such as love; however, with 3D LUTs, you can change the look of the video completely.

This program provide users with 15+ different 3D LUTs pack as the built-in template. That means you can directly apply them to your video and preview the effects without any other complex operations.

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

Features of the Filmora X 3D LUTs Editor

  • Noise Removal

Noise is usually generated from the environment and it makes it difficult to record videos with high-quality audios. This functionality in Filmora Video Editor not only gets rid of almost all of the background noise but can also cover the background noise with the music of your choice.

  • Picture in Picture

This functionality helps to superimpose smaller videos on a background video clip which gives you the ability to simultaneously display two or more video clips on the screen. This technique is widely used for the production of videos on social media.

  • Audio Mixer

This function allows you to add multiple audio tracks to your timeline which is quite useful for videos that may want to include sound effects or music. The audio mixer is streamlined for users so as to adjust audio settings to ensure that all sounds included can be heard properly without clipping.

  • Audio Separation

This feature allows you to split many audio files into small different parts. It is specially designed with an intuitive interface and allows you to trim and edit your audio files as you like. Also, you can separate the audio and video track in a video clip just to get the music clip only.

For more editing skills, please go to the here to learn in details >>

How to Apply 3D LUTs to Videos in Filmora Video Editor on PC/Mac?

Step 1: Import Files

Directly click "Import Media Files Here" to load the video, image or audio files into the program for editing. Then, drag and drop the video into the timeline.

launch video editor

Step 2: Open Advanced Color Tuning and Apply 3D LUTs

Click on "Advanced Color Tuning" to get access to the details which allows you to apply the special effects. Now, you only need to choose the effect you want to add. The A/B option is located at the right corner of the Filmora Video Editor and it gives the option to compare the effect before its final application.

[Attention] If your video needed be edited like split, cut, combine, audio detach, etc., you'd better do it before applying 3D LUTs effects. Below are some tutorials for your reference:

- How to Edit A Video Like A Pro [Full Guide]

- How to Split A Large Video into Parts

- How to Make A Split Screen Video

find  and apply 3d luts to video

Step 3: Export Video

When the video is ready, you can click "Export" to choose an output video format to save the edtied video. Or you can directly upload it to YouTube or Viemo for sharing with your friends as you like.

upload edited video to youtube

Part 2: 10 Free Sites to Download 3D LUTs Packs

Here are 10 great sites for downloading 3D LUTs, if you wanna get more 3D LUTs pack, just go through the below sites:

1. Frank Glencairn

This first website on our list is a great place to download 3D LUTs, especially for vintage users. It allows users to adjust colors perfectly to their own taste especially with an intense blend of red, green and blue colors.

2. is an amazing website that works for downloading 3D LUTs as it makes reliable and already used LUTs available for download. These readily available 3D LUTs effects guarantee professionalism in your video creation.

3. Motion VFX

MotionVFX offers you five free 3D LUTs which are readily available for use. Though there are premium packs included, image processing is more efficient with the use of all packs included.

4. Ground Control Color

If you are looking for a good website where you can get free 3D LUTs, Ground Control Color is another great option, as the LUTs included are separated into camera-specific and stylish ones.

5. Juan Melara

Juan Melara is a site that gives you four free LUTs to choose from. They are easy to use and can help with the easy editing of your videos.

6. Iwltbap

Iwltbap offers you 145 LUTs to choose from, of which seven of them are free to use. You will have access to options like Aspen and Sedona.

7. Color Grading Central

On this next site, you are given tutorials and stylistic presets. Also, there is a free live workshop where you can learn the art of color grading.

8. DeLUTs

The DeLUTs website is a good choice for users who want to explore color grading LUTs to their maximum effect. It offers a wide range of options which you can add to your videos.

9. Core Melt

With Core Melt, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to color grading. There are also two free LUTs to choose from.

10. SmallHD

SmallHD gives you seven free LUTs to explore as well as free tutorials to guide you through the color grading process. The available LUTs come from popular films.


In this article, we have taken a tool called "Filmora Video Editor" to help you apply 3D LUTs to video, and 10 different sites to download free 3D LUTs resources. Is it useful for you?

Now, you can download and install Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor for Mac on your computer, then download and apply these 3D LUTs effects to videos as you like.

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

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