[Tutorial] Video Cropper: How to Crop A Video without Quality Losing

How to crop a video in Windows 10, 8 or 7? Take it easy, you can find an ideal solution in thi post. Now, read it to learn how to crop a video on Windows or Mac easily.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:26

How to crop a video for Instagram or sharing with friends? It is a good idea to delete unnecessary parts of your video and draw your viewer's attention to the element or point you want them to focus on. But the question here is how do you crop video?

It is quite easy to crop, trim, or cut a video, especially when you find the right video cropper software as your assistant. In this post, you're going to learn how to crop videos on Windows 10, 8, or 7 step by step. If you're a Mac user and looking for the tutorial about how to crop video on Mac, you can click here.

Generally speaking, there are lots of video crop editor can help you solve the issue. For example, you can crop a video in iMovie, Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, etc. But the facts have proved that not all of you can handle these programs well because tools like Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc. require users to have a certain video editing basis.

Thus, I'd like to take a tool called Filmora Video Editor for all beginners and semi-professionals. This program requires no professional skills and ensure users can handle it ASAP.

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Now, let's get started...

Filmora Video Editor - The Easiest Way to Crop Video on Windows 10

best video cropper for windows

Filmora Video Editor is one of the best ways to make sure that the video is cropped as per the needs and demands of the user. The program allows users to import media files from different sources, and apply various editing effects to your target video, including cropping, trimming, splitting, merging, green screen, split screen, PIP, etc.

  • Support all basic video editing features such as splitting, rotation, trimming, cropping, and so on.
  • The advanced features of the program include reverse play, color tuning, scene detect and the list goes on.
  • There are more than 200 features that can be used to make the videos look more professional.
  • There are a very large number of formats that can be used to export the video. The videos can easily be uploaded to social media platforms.
  • Making creative videos has never been as easy as it is with this program and therefore this program is highly praised by professionals.

Tutorial: How to Crop Videos on Windows 10/8/7?

The process which is related to the video cropping on windows 10 is really simple and easy. The program has all the necessary tools which can be used to get the work done with ease. It can be regarded as the best video cropper for PC.

Step 1: Install and launch Filmora Video Editor

If you haven't install Filmora Video Editor on your computer. Download the .exe file of the program from the download button above and install it. Once it is done launch the program to access the main interface. Then, open a new project to start the cropping.

launch video crop editor

Step 2: Import video to the program

There are 3 different ways for you to import media files into the program for editing, you can select one of them according to your own needs: 1) Hit "Import Media Files Here"; 2) Hit "Import" button; 3) Drag-n-drop the video files.

When the video file is loaded, you need to drag and drop it to the timeline for editing.

import videos for cropping

Step 3: Crop video

Right-click the video in the timeline and select "Crop and Zoom". It will lead to a new window.

open video cropping window

Take a look at the frame ratio i.e. 16:9 or 4:3. Drag the frame to adjust it. The frame can also be selected manually and freely. Once the job has been finished press OK.

If you want to apply more effects to your video in Filmora Video Editor, you can follow the below tutorials:

- [Simple Guide] How to Edit A Video Completely

- Video Color Correction: How to Color Correct Video

Step 4: Save and export video

Click "Export" when you finish all the editing. In the output window, make sure that the desired format is selected. The destination folder can also be selected. Once the export settings are done press the export button to export or save the video to the desired format.

export cropped video to pc

How to Crop Video in Windows Movie Maker?

The Windows Movie Maker is also a good choice that can be used to make sure that the video is cropped with ease and satisfaction. The process which is associated with the question has been mentioned as under.

Step 1: Once the program has been launched press the import media button at the top of the program. Right-click on the video and select add to timeline. Alternatively, the video can also be dragged and dropped on the timeline.

Step 2: On the main tab click split on the part you want to crop. Right-click on the part you want to crop and select remove. It will let the entire video remove and only the cropped part remains.

Step 3: Save the project once the cropping has been done. It also finishes the process in full.

Troubleshooting on Cropping Video in Windows Movie Maker

There are certain issues which are faced when windows movie maker is used as the only resource to crop the video. Some of the issues are as follows:

#1. While editing the video using the program. The video on the timeline disappears.

It is a common problem with users. Close the program and discard the changes to start a fresh one. Try again and it will put an end to the issue.

#2. To crop mp4 video on Windows, the size of the video does not fit the window, and the video is distorted.

Change the output format once the change has been done and in most cases, the issue gets resolved completely.

#3. Audio issues occur when MOV files are edited using Windows Movie Maker. Most of the issues are resolution related which is frustrating.

MOV format has problems as it is not fully compatible with movie maker. Report the issues to Microsoft and they will get back to you.

#4. Once the video has been edited the audio does not sync with the clip.

Moviemaker supports a very limited number of formats. MS upgrades the format range in each new edition. The only way to make sure that the issue is resolved is to wait for the next release.

#5. Windows Movie Maker says that the file is not compatible at all

Movie maker supports a very limited number of formats. MS upgrades the format range in each new edition. The only way to make sure that the issue is resolved is to wait for the next release.


Done! Do you know how to crop a video on Windows now?

I'm sure you have gotten it, right? So, if you haven't take a trial on the Filmora Video Editor, just click the below icon to experience by yourself. If you have experienced it, let's explore the Effect store to get more amazing effects for creating an awesome video.

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