Top 10 Funny Halloween Games for Adults

Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:28

Halloween eve is less than a month away and everybody is sending invitations to their parties. Do you plan to throw a Halloween party? If the answer is yes, you will need to add some extra fun making it different than other Halloween Party. Normally, A Halloween party will include costumes, carved pumpkins, scary movies and lot of booze. To make it different from normal Halloween party, you can add some funny games. These games can either be the normal kids' games but with some extra fun for adults or completely different games. Yes, Halloween is equally important for the Adults, so, before you select your games, you should take some things in consideration such as your budget, number of people in the party and the time of your party. Most of the time, Adults spend their Halloween during evening, so, the games mentioned below are indoors.

alloween games for adults

1. Bobbling for Apple, Adult Version

Bobbling for Apple is one of the most famous and old games which you would have been playing during childhood. Now, you have become an adult and you should spice the things a little bit. Normally, in bobbling for Apple, A bucket is filled with water and Apples. The participants have to pick up the Apples using their teeth. But in the adult version, you can fill the bucket with the Alcohol and on the bottom of every Apple write down a number from 1 to 5. So, every time an Apple is picked by a participant, he will have to take the same number of shots written under the Apple.

Rating: 8/10

fun games for adults

2. Murder Mystery

Just like Bobbing for Apple, Murder Mystery is one of the oldest game for Adults. It doesn't include beer or anything but it has a bag full of suspense. The gameplay is pretty much easy and you must have 6-28 participants to play this game. Now, the concept is very simple, one of the participants from party is playing a murder while the rest of members will have to determine who he is? Everyone will have to investigate the matter. Moreover, you can also divide all participants into two groups; one is the group of murders and the other one is the group of investigators. Depending upon clues, the investigators will have to come up with the reasons for murder.

Rating: 8/10

halloween party games for adults

3. Guess Candies

It's simple, elegant and probably the easiest game. This game is not only perfect for the Adults but you can also play it with the kids. A jar is filled with the candies and all the participants will have to guess the number of candies in that specific jar. One who will give the closest answer will get the jar. If there are more than one winner of the jar, you can use a lucky draw to determine the winner of the game. You can also use a pumpkin instead of a jar for candies, but that would be a little difficult for guests to guess. While in a clear plastic jar, anyone can have the wild guess.

Rating: 7/10

adult halloween games

4. Chalk Outlines

This is a fun game for a large group of people, if you have ten to twenty guests, you will surely love to have this game. All you need for this gameplay is paper, chalk and some volunteers. First of All, paste the paper against the wall. The size of paper should be large enough to room more than three outlines of young adults. Now, ask for the volunteers to stand against the paper. Using a chalk, draw the outline of the volunteers. After doing that, show the outlines to the participants and ask them which chalk line belong to which member.

Rating: 8/10

adult halloween party games

5. Movie Drinking Game

One of the most difficult task on Halloween Eve is selecting a perfect horror movie. But this game will even make it more exciting. You can drink while watching the movie but there should be some rules for that. For example: A person will have to drink if he or she closes his/her eyes or scream. Moreover, you can add a little fun in this game such as whenever there will be a scream in the movie, a horrifying scene, a murder or appearance of the villain, everyone will have to drink at that point. This game is mostly suitable for the college adults who want to have some fun.

Rating: 7/10

adult christmas party games

6. Finish My Story

If you are the one organizing the party, you are the main head of this game. Although it will require a lot of time depending upon the number of participants. While sending an invitation for the Halloween party, write down the start of a horror story. Make sure that the story you write on invitation card is different for everyone. Now, participant will have to come up with the ending of the story. At the end of the party, everyone will have to tell the complete story. This game doesn't require any money but it will take a lot of time.

Rating: 9/10

party games adults

7. Name the Monster

The event is Halloween eve and everyone has tried to dress like either a superhero or a villain. This game will surely increase the beauty of the party. Everyone who enters the door will be labelled on the back side. There will be one specific monster name for everyone. Participants can't ask each for the exact name but they will have to guess it by their own. The whole time for the party is the time available for anyone to guess their name. To make it a little more fun, you can also add some clue for every person.

Rating: 8/10

 party game ideas for adults

8. Scream Contest

Everyone screams in a different way, some screams are loud, some are low, some are funny and some are even terrifying. Who has the best and worst scream that is what makes this game. This game is not suitable to play in every party. If the party is somewhere in the woods or you don't have a crowded neighborhood, you should try this game. The host will ask every member to scream as loud as possible. The result will be different from what you will be expecting. You can have different categories such as loudest, dumbest, lowest, cheesiest, funniest and most hysterical screams.

Rating: 7/10

party game ideas for adults

9. Carve the Pumpkin

This is one creative game which will help you while organizing the party. You can also play this game even before starting the party. The gameplay is pretty simple, you will hand over a pumpkin to everyone present and will ask them to carve it using their own mind. So, this game will save you a lot of time and you will not have to do this task. But during a party, you can also play this game. The resultant pumpkin will displayed at the party. So, this game is only your creativity vs other's.

Rating: 7/10

party game ideas for adults

10. Scary Movie Trivia

Play Move trivia on Halloween Even but the genre of the movies should be horror. All you have to do is give some clues about the movie and the participants will have to guess the name of the movie. This is the best game for all those who are fans of horror movies. Apart from that you get to know that how much everyone knows about horror movies.

Rating: 8/10

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