The 12 Best Meme Pages on Facebook You Can't-Miss

If you are looking for Facebook meme pages, look here! This article will show you the 12 best meme pages on Facebook and tips on how to make the funniest meme on Facebook.
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Memes have been a funny and cool trend for a few years on every social media platform. Memes express humor and make people happy. It is a way of communicating with people funnily and expressing opinions in a creative way without offending anybody directly. The term meme was originally used in 1976 and was meant to describe the cultural trends that were gaining popularity. But today's memes include humorous images, textual content, and videos.

The best places to find funny memes are of course the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are different pages in these respective social Media which only focuses on memes and these pages have a lot of fan followers.

So, do you know which is the best meme page on Facebook?

Fortunately, we have listed the 12 most popular Facebook meme pages in this article for you, and some tips on how to make a meme on Facebook.

Now, let's get started.

The 12 Best Meme Pages on Facebook You Should Know

Memes are one of the most viral content on a social media platform like Facebook and people keep on sharing it a lot. Thee memes are created in almost all areas of life and are enjoyed equally by all age groups.

There are a variety of meme pages on Facebook like 9GAG, Funny or Die, NBA Memes, etc. with above a million followers which indicate memes are enjoyed by a lot of people. Let us have a look at some of the most interesting meme pages on Facebook.

#1. 9GAG - 42.1 Million Followers

facebook memes

9GAG is one of the most popular meme pages with about 42 million followers. They have a mobile application and pages in almost all social media platforms. This page has funny memes in image, gif and video formats. The audience of this page is usually young people who enjoy the latest trend humor very much.

#2. NBA Memes - 4.35 Million Followers

facebook memes accounts

NBA Memes is not owned by the NBA but posts hilarious content related to basketball. Their memes usually target the USA based league’s events, team, and fans. Most of the memes revolve around the players. NBA memes allow the basketball fans to have a fun time watching the bloopers, latest trades, and highlights.

#3. Memes - 19.7 Million Followers

funny facebook memes

Memes was launched in the year 2012 and have a fan following of about 19 million. This page claims to be the world’s official source for memes. The memes shared on this page are related to the daily life of the individuals, which is why people find it funnier, as they can compare the memes to the things happening in their life.

#4. College Humor - 9.94 Million Followers

funny facebook memes

College Humor was created by two high school friends with the aim of delivering funny content related to school and college life. It is the official page of College Humor Media on Facebook. They have about 9.9 million followers and their meme is about curious facts, awkward situations, roast, and funny life tips. The hilarious sketches they create and upload in their page has a separate fan base.

#5. Funny or Die - 15,8 Million Followers

best meme pages on facebook

Funny or Die is a Facebook page with 15 million followers from all over the world. They publish both user-generated content as well as their own exclusively created memes. Many celebrities and comedians like Zach Galifianakis share their comedy content on the official website of Funny or die. The famous Will Ferrell is one of their board members which is why there is no argument about the quality of the content.

#6. LADbible - 39,6 Million Followers

best facebook meme pages

LADbible came into existence since 2012 and has been at the forefront of entertaining content like memes since then. Their content includes everything from memes to news, and posts that depict the culture and society. The Facebook page has about 39 million followers and they keep the fans entertained by posting a mix of contents including memes, fun posts, viral videos, and facts.

#7. Sarcasm - 41,3 Million Followers

best facebook meme page

Sarcasm is a Facebook platform with about 41 million followers. The page was created to share some funny content with people but within no time they became very popular and even created an accompanying webpage. The type of content they share includes memes, viral videos, and fun content.

#8. Student problems - 10 Million Followers

best meme facebook page

Student problems is a UK based meme account with a fan following of 10 million. The memes and posts they publish are focused on attending universities and colleges, which is why students are very attracted to this page. The stress of assignments, deadlines, the last-minute work, and the pressure of parents are the main topics that Student problems manage to display in a humorous way through memes.

#9. Dude - 5K Followers

facebook meme page

Dude was created in 2013 and shares memes on all topics of life. This page was created by people and due to its wide popularity on Facebook, they have also managed to create a mobile app specifically for memes. The app itself works like a social media with a meme feed and option to follow people.

#10. NFL Memes - 4,30 Million Followers

facebook funny meme account

As the name indicates, theNFL Memes Facebook page consists of memes exclusively related to the NFL (National Football League). It was launched in 2012 and has about 4.3 million followers. The page was equally accepted by people on Instagram and Twitter as well. Commentary on highlights, making fun of players and teams, etc. are the main content of NFL Memes.

#11. Car Memes - 2,39 Million Followers

facebook meme accounts

Car Memes is a Facebook page that posts memes that are enjoyed by car enthusiasts and typical drivers. It has about 2.3 million followers and the memes are mainly focused on bad drivers, rules, affording a car, etc.

#12. Classical Art Memes - 5,49 Million Followers

funny meme page on facebook

Classical Art Memes is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Famous portraits including Mona Lisa are displayed in a funny manner. This page has about 5.4 million followers. The main focus of this page is on matters like the cost of painting, the meaning of the painting in a funny way, and how different people view different paintings.

How to Make a Meme on Facebook Using Filmora Video Editor - The Best Meme Maker

Filmora Video Editor is the best meme generator on desktop. You might be familiar with the Filmora Video editor which is one of the best video editing applications in the market. But Filmora’s features are not limited just to video editing, a lot of people including ‘pro memers’ use to create memes. Some of the features apt for making a perfect making in Filmora are:

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best meme maker

Filmora Video Editor

  • Place text anywhere and also a lot of font and color options
  • Capability to create memes in image, video and gif formats
  • Completely free and no subscription charges for using the app
  • Direct export to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram...

How to Make the Funniest Meme Using Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is one of the amazing applications that can be used for meme-making for beginners as well as pros. It helps to creates memes in image, video as well as in gif formats. Its videos editing features and easy to use interface can help you to create attractive memes in a short time.

Here we will show you how to create a funny meme using Filmora, for Facebook.

Step 1: Download and install the Filmora application on your PC. Tap on New Project and select the required aspect ratio. Import the file to the editor.

launch video for creating meme

Step 2: Add texts to the meme. There are a lot of font options, 1000+ effects, and other features provided by Filmore to make your meme more attractive. If it’s a video meme, you can add attractive music to the video.

add text to the meme

Step 3: See a preview of your work and save it your desktop in the required format.

export and save the new created meme

Once the meme is saved, upload it to Facebook and enjoy the comments.

[Q&A] How to Post a Meme on Facebook?

There are different ways in which a meme can be uploaded to your Facebook account. You can either upload it as a status, as a comment on a selected post or use it to send a private or group message. Let’s see how a meme can be posted as a status.

Step1: Log in your FB account and tap on the Update status box on the top.

Step 2: Tap on the image icon at the bottom of the box and chose the meme you wish to upload from the file explorer. Tap on Open after selecting the meme. You can also add some text while uploading the meme if you wish

Step 3: You can tap on the + icon that will be displayed once the first meme is uploaded, to add more memes.

Step 4: Tap on the Post blue tab and the meme will be shared on your Facebook account.

[Q&A] Can You Have a Joint Facebook Account?

No. Facebook does not allow people to have joint accounts or merge two accounts. A person can only create a single account with one email id.

Browsing through funny memes is one of the hobbies of most people on social media platforms like Facebook these days and we have listed some of the best meme pages you might enjoy. Creating a meme that is enjoyable by everyone is an art and requires a certain level of skills and talent. Filmora is one of the best apps you can use to combine these skills and talent and create an attractive meme.

Let us know what you think about our suggestions in the comment box below. Also, leave a message if you know about the funnier meme accounts of Facebook. Thank you.

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