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The Best Video Editor for Gaming

The Best Video Editor for Gaming

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By Elva | Jun 20,2018 17:45 pm

Looking for the best video editor for gaming? Look no further! Here we explore the most efficient gaming video editing software. That is Filmora Video Editor, the most valuable addition to the list of most reliable and professional video editor software programs. It comes with a bunch of distinct features that make this tool even more efficient and useful. For an example, it allows you to easily customize and personalize your gaming video. Reveal more details about this incredible gaming video editor for gamers in the following section.

The Best Video Editing Software for Gaming

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (and Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is an outstanding video editing software for gaming features both standard and advanced editing tools. This gaming video editing software is widely considered to be the most efficient video editor for customizing gaming video clips. You can create an amazing video clip with this software by adding special effects, layouts, and filters. This gaming editing software also includes classic intro/credit templates, transitions (to flawlessly exchange from one particular scene to another), great sound effects, and much more too. Plus, it has support for various file formats and it guarantees to produce high-quality gaming video files.

add cool effects to your videos

Why Choose Filmora Video Editing Software for Gamers

  • Video color correction feature allows you to adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness.
  • Green screen feature makes it possible to easily replace the background.
  • Face off makes your video funny and exciting, by adding fun faces.
  • This gaming video editor is absolutely easy to use & the functionalities and features are pretty simple to apply.

Tutorial on How to Edit Gaming Videos with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch the Video Game Editor

You are required to download and install the latest version of this game video editor to your laptop/PC where you want to edit the videos. Once the installation is done, quickly launch the program. Select "FULL FEATURE MODE" from the main window.

choose mode

Step 2. Import Videos to the Game Video Editor

To import a video that you want to customize, highlight the media file in your file explorer and then drag & drop that file to the program. The video clip will be quickly imported in the timeline.

import video files

Step 3. Edit Gaming Videos

In order to edit your gaming videos with Filmora Video Editor, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

• Trim, Split, Crop, or Rotate: To trim the undesired portion of your gaming video, all you will need to drag your mouse pointer to trim it. To rotate or flip the video, simply click on the Rotate button. To split and crop a video, use the scissors and cropping icon.

• Add Effects and Filters: This video editor comes with more than two hundreds of special effects and filters that can make your gaming video compelling and interesting. For an example, you can use Motion Graphics, Animated Titles, Personalized Titles and Texts, and Special Effects.

• Add PIP Effect:You can use the PIP Effect in order to overlay more than one video clip together.

add effects to the separate frames

Step 4. Export the Video

Go to the "Export" menu, navigate to Format tab, click on Formats drop-down list, choose any specific video format, and click on Create button to save & export your final gaming video.

export the video

These are the steps to edit your gaming video on Windows and Mac, it is easy, right? In addition to the several features mentioned above, Filmora Video Editor also has many other editing features. It supports adding cool effects to your gaming videos and share them to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo directly. It is right time to start making your own perfect videos now.

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