Best GIF Website : Top 13 Websites to Get Animated GIFs & Memes

Explore 13 popular websites to get access to premium Gifs to make your conversations more interesting. Use Filmora X to make your own Gifs today!
Elva updated on 2022-05-27 17:29:53

Gifs have become an integral part of texting, haven't they?

Gifs have revolutionized texting all together and have made texting more interesting. There can be Gifs for every little occasion. Replying to a message with a Gif is a funny and a more creative way.

Want to learn how to download the best creative animated Gifs? Well then, you're at the right place! Today we'll look at the best ways to get the most premium animated Gifs! Hang on with us till the end and get access to popular Gifs, which you could use to flaunt in front of your friends!

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Part 1: Top 13 Websites to Download Animated GIFs

1. Giphy

Giphy is one of the most popular Gif websites. It has several Gifs for every occasion. Using the Giphy App, you can find the most trending Gifs and use them in your texts!

To download a Gif, you needn't mandatorily sign up. However, by signing up and logging in, you can make your favorites list and save all your favorite Gifs in one place!


2. Gifer

Gifer is another Gif maker website that you must try at least once if you're a Gif fanatic. You can find several Gifs on Gifer, which you can download and use!

You can select the expression of the Gif and download a Gif suiting any situation! You need to sign up for downloading Gifs from Gifer. Doing so will give you access to the most popular Gifs!



Animated is a must-try website for any Gif fanatic. Upon visiting the website, you will find several Gifs for each different situation. You'll find several categories to choose from! It would help if you gave it a try.

All the Gifs found on this website are free to download, and you can download them to your device without necessarily signing up!


4. Reaction Gifs

Wanna try something new? Well then, reaction Gifs is the right place for you! Reaction Gifs is the right place for you to download a few popular Gifs.

The website offers you a search option, where you can find perfect Gifs for every little situation! You needn't sign up for reaction Gifs. You can download any GIF from this website at absolutely no cost!

reaction gifs

5. Imgflip

Interested in creating memes and downloading popular Gifs? Then, Imgflip is the right website that makes Gifs to head to. Here you will find several meme templates and numerous funny, angry Gifs perfect for every occasion!

It's the ideal website for all the content creators and memers out there. To use and access all the website features, you need to sign up on Imgflip.


6. GIFbin

Gifbin is another top Gif website for all the GIF freaks! Here, you can access a wide variety of Gifs. You can also add music from any YouTube video to the GIF by entering the URL of the video on the website.

Moreover, you needn't sign up for downloading the Gifs from this website. You can access them for free!


7. Reddit

Reddit is a popular multi-purpose App. You can find several things on Reddit. Reddit also has a section wherein you can find several Gifs.

To access any feature from Reddit, signing up is mandatory, and hence, you need to sign up to access the most popular Gifs on Reddit.

To download new and trendy Gifs, you need to join any community wherein people input different Gifs created by them. From such communities, you can download new Gifs!


8. Gfycat

Wanna download featured trending Gifs?

Gyfcat is the perfect website to do so! Here you'll find several types of Gifs that are trending in the past few hours. You can download these popular Gifs from the website free of cost without signing up.


9. Tumblr

Tumblr, you'd have come across the name at least once. Tumblr is one of the largest community of Gif makers. Here, you can find several different kinds of popular Gifs. These trendy Gifs are super cool to send to your friends!

However, if you want to download Gifs from Tumblr, you need to sign up on the website. Once you've signed in, then you can download all the Gifs from the website for free!


10. MotionElements

MotionElements is a comprehensive platform for downloading stock media Gifs. You can find an array of motion Gifs on this website, popular Gifs, and several effects.

However, you need to sign up on this website to gain access to these Gifs and pay a small amount. Only then will you be able to access the features of MotionElements.


11. Awesome Gifs

Looking forward to downloading funny, hilarious, and expressive Gifs?

Welcome to awesome Gifs, a whole new world of Gifs. Here, you'll find a catalog of Gifs. You can also upload Gifs made by you on this website. It is the right place for you to find premium Gifs free of cost without signing up!

awesome gifs

12. Hulu's The Perfect GIF

Hulu has been a popular name in the world of online streaming platforms for years now. As Gifs have become trendy, Hulu launched its GIF search engine powered by Tumblr in recent times. The Hulu Gifs come with the hashtag "#hulu". On this search engine, you can find premium Gifs.

However, you must be a Hulu member to access all these Gifs. Hence it is necessary to sign up.

hulu the perfect gif

13. What Should We Call Me

The Gifs found on this website are as creative as the name itself. Here, you can find Gifs for every situation along with a suitable caption. Tumblr also powers this website.

However, it isn't the same as Tumblr. You needn't sign up onto the website to download Gifs from this Gif maker website. You can do it free of cost without having to sign up.

what should we call me

Part 2: Most Popular Types of GIF Downloads

1. Thank you Gifs

Want to say thank you to someone in a creative way?

Well then, thank you Gifs are the best way to do so. It'll help you express gratitude in an unorthodox and more relaxed way!

thank you gif

2. Good morning / afternoon / night Gif

Texting could become boring and monotonous with plain "good mornings" and "goodnights".

Want to make your conversation more interesting?

Use unique Gifs instead of just explicit texts. You can use Gifs to wish your loved ones a good morning / afternoon / night. This will make the conversation more enjoyable and help the conversation go on for a longer duration!

good morning gif

3. Happy birthday Gif

"Happy birthday, have a great one" sounds like a forced and formal birthday wish, doesn't it?

How would a cool Gif be instead?

It'd look more informal, and the wish wouldn't seem like a forced one. Next time while wishing a long lost friend, use a cute looking Gif to make your wish stand out!

happy birthday gif

4. Love & kiss Gifs

Busy texting your special one?

Are the texts getting boring and monotonous?

You must try using the most popular Gifs of all time to express your love and emotions for your loved one! This will invoke the dying interest in the conversation and will make it Intriguing like never before!

love and kiss gif

5. Emotional Gif

Are you mad at a friend?

Are you sad?

Are you happy?

Unable to express your feelings through texts? Why not use Gifs instead?

Express your inner thoughts using Gifs and convey your message creatively!

emotional gif

6. Funny GIF

Trying to uplift the mood of your disappointed friend who's coming out of trauma?

Well then, you can choose from a range of funny Gifs. You could send several hilarious Gifs to a friend and bring up a smile on their face!

funny gif


We've now seen 13 popular Gif websites from where you can download premium and popular Gifs. However, from all these free Gif websites, you can only download Gifs available on these websites. However, with Filmora Video Editor, you can create your popular Gif. Using the editing tools available on Filmora X, you can create your GIF and upload it. Once your Gif becomes trendy, you'll indeed become a famous content creator. For this, you need Filmora X, the best way to edit and make Gifs!

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