How to Combine Small Videos into One

How to Combine Small Videos into One

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By Elva | Jan 02,2018 15:49 pm

Technology has gone a long way in helping us do a lot of things right and fast. With the help of technology, even when something is impossible we think it should definitely be possible. Such as an act of combining small or short video clips together to make one big file. Nowadays, video is everywhere. The combination of video clips is very essential when editing video. Among different video editors that are available now, Filmora video editor stands out with it perfect and stand out user usability.

Tutorial on How to Combine Short Videos into One

If you are in need of amazing and flawless high-quality videos with faster rate of creation, what you need is Filmora Video Editor. To combine two small videos into one without losing it quality, carefully follow the user guide below.

Step 1: Install and launch the program

After successfully downloading Filmora Video Editor, install and then launch the software. Enter “Full Feature Mode” to start combine short video clips.

Step 2: Import video clips to the program

To import small video files or clips to the program, just click "Import Media Files Here" to browse the files from local and select the files that you want to combine. Or simple drag and drop it on the software and automatically, you would see the videos start uploading.

Step 3: Merge small videos into one

After importing all the small video clips, simple drag them to the timeline according to the order you want and enter the next step.

Step 4: Add transitions between videos

So far so good in your quest on how to combine small video files. We now want to add transitions. Doing so helps make the joined videos appear as though they are an intact movie. It also ensures the change from one clip to the next is swift. To do this, visit the Transition tab and pull the transition that you wish to the joining point between two clips. The program allows you to right click any transition and applying it to all or applying randomly.

Step 5: Save or Export video

Whenever you are through with editing your files and making the video as you desire, one last thing you can do it just save the combined video. Filmora Video Editor has varieties of video export. It means you can save to video to local in a certain format, or save it to the format that is suitable for a certain device. What's more, you can directly upload the combined video to social media like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is very easy to combine small video files into bigger one, with its spread video editing options, you can be rest assured that settling for filmora is not a bad option as it seem. With its cool and efficient user interface that makes editing easy and straight forward you are guaranteed of getting a premium quality video after concluding your edits.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor

  • Media Importation: Filmora Video Editor supports for a lot of common video file extension example includes: MKE, VOB, MPEG and MP4. Any user of filmora video editor doesn’t have to look other software to sort audio and photo editing since this app is versatile enough for the similar tasks.
  • Effects and Transitions Editing is more interesting when you have different option of how to make your video better and also attractive, Filmora video editor has a wide range of photo effect and filter available to you.
  • Export of files: After successfully edited your video and feels that you do not require any further editing, you can export your videos with different available formats and also local storages if you will be watching on mobile devices.

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